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What is rpu in insurance?

Asked By: Kairav Shenoy

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Archivist Erp Business Stakeholders Sap Vasai-Virar India

If your policy has an accumulated cash value, you can exercise the option to convert it to a reduced paid-up (RPU) policy. Reduced Paid-Up (RPU) – One of the contractual options that every single Whole Life policyholder has is the ability to elect the reduced paid up insurance. Insurers that offer whole life insurance usually provide three nonforfeiture options : reduced paid-up insurance, cash surrender and extended. Whole life insurance policies offer a reduced paid-up option. Reduced Paid-Up Insurance — a life insurance nonforfeiture benefit that provides paid-up insurance for a lesser amount than the cash value of a policy that has. Answered by ANURADHA SRIVASTAVA more than 6 months ago.


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