What is rsrp in jiofi?


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Question: What is rsrp in jiofi?

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In other words RSRP (Reference Signal Receive Power) is the average power of Resource Elements (RE) that carry cell specific Reference Signals (RS) over the entire bandwidth, so RSRP is only measured in the symbols carrying RS. Know this- Jio's band 40 network provides the best speed and minimal network latency. What is RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ and SINR - Dr Andre Fourie RSSI - Received Signal Strength. RSRP – The average power received from a single Reference signal, and Its typical range is around -44dbm (good) to -140dbm(bad). I know this because I have seen this through mobile phone but on JioFI device, I can't get any details about signals. I recently bought a JioFi 2 device.


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