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What is sign language for poop?

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Answer # 1 #
Hear this out loudPauseThe sign for poop is very evocative. You make both hands into fists, holding your non-dominant hand above your dominant. Then with your thumb from your dominant hand, extend it inside the fist of your non-dominant hand. Finally, pull your dominant hand and thumb down and away from your non-dominant hand.
Diya Ben
Sociology Professor
Answer # 2 #

How to sign POOP in ASL | American Sign Language dictionary.

Saudamini Arya
Excavating Machine Operator
Answer # 3 #

American Sign Language: "poop". POOP: Hold out your left hand in a "fist handshape" with the thumb of the right hand stuck up into the um.the .er "hole" of the .

Svarg Trivedi
Telecommunications Technician

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