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What is the best romantic conversation you've ever written?

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Answer # 1 #

At 11:45 pm, there was a conversation.He, hey.Sorry for being late, but I am free.There was a lot of work to be done.

No, it's okay.

He said where were we?You told me that you have a crush on someone.

Yes I do.

Does he know what he is talking about?

She may be, or may not be.

Tell him clearly if there is any other girl.

Is it possible? She asked.

Anything is possible, that's what he said.

I'll let him know after a week that he's very busy.

He- hey no..I have been there for a week.

ebscfonv Kam
Answer # 2 #

I told her on the last day of college that they say you don't lose your friends at once, they drift apart on the roads of life.How are we going to stay together?She whispered, "They don't know that our roads lead to each other."

She held my hand while I was near her.We used to walk daily on the boulevard.For one last time.

Ah-Leh Waxman
Geotechnical Engineer
Answer # 3 #

Girl: I think...Boy: what?

A girl thinks that you should make a girlfriend again.

What did you think made you think so?

Girl: I want you to be happy.

Boy: okay,then will you be my girlfriend?smiling inside

You're not taking me seriously, girl.You need a girlfriend with genuine expressions of concern on her face.

Boy said he was serious.Can you be my girlfriend, smiling inside?

A girl is just friends.I want to be a girlfriend.

Boy, why can't you do that?

I don't.

Jodi Moreland
Answer # 4 #

He says you are the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.You are not yet aware of the world.He is looking at his world.

Konkona Mays

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