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What is the best way to extend the battery life on my phone?

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Answer # 1 #

Don't install battery saver, battery optimizer, or any other app that will kill the battery life instead of saving it.Don't use auto brightness feature if your phone battery isn't great.

Don't use USb charging to your laptop because it will affect the battery life, and always plug in the supplied charger for the mobile.

Don't use the phone until the battery is below 10%.

Helena Hussein
Answer # 2 #

The basicsThe screen is one of the most energy hungry parts of a phone.

Keep screen luminosity either to a minimum comfortable or in an automatic setting to allow the phone to adjust its luminance according to the environment light conditions.I have a phone that is set to auto.

There's a screen timeout.I have a Shut down the screen screen timeout setting on my phone.

Taya Pohnel
Answer # 3 #

Do the following for the most optimal usage and battery backups.

  • Don't use the auto brightness.As per need, the screen timeout should be minimum.
  • When not required, turn on the data pack, gps and auto rotation.
  • Dark total black colour wallpaper is the best.
  • The window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale can be turned off in setting.
  • The vibrator mode needs to be turned off.
  • When the phone is in low battery, it's time to change to silent mode.
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