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What is the difference between Illustrator and Elements?

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Answer # 1 #

Adobe'sPhotoshop is used for image editing, Illustrator is used for the editing of vector graphics and Lightroom is used to make light and color adjustments.On Adobe's official website, you can find information about the individual programs.You can switch between the programs and work on one document in multiple programs.That is part of why the Adobe creativity suite is so great.

Hope it helps!

Vandita Bachchan
Answer # 2 #

I want to summarize the answers by a comparison.They can be compared to potatoes, sweet potatoes, french fries and noodles.

Keiko Chekhov
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Answer # 3 #

Both programs can be used for Raw conversion, but CameraRaw is the only program that can be used for Raw conversion.Camera Raw's range of controls is more limited than Lightroom's, so this creates an extra step in one's darkroom.It is designed forRaw conversion.The two programs have a lot in common, but they are not the same.The two softwares are based on the same piece of data, while the other uses a different type of data.It is possible to create images with the help of the software.It is possible to create photos or art with the help of the software.

Emmett Kaabour

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