What is the one harsh reality you have witnessed?

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Mahika Nadig
Jamshedpur, India

No Idea where to begin. There are plenty of things I would like share but decided to share the following. Following image belongs to friend of mine. Her name is genena. I am saying this story almost half decade back. 

Top Indian Model

She used to be very pretty calm polite full of energy and was struggling in the industry of modeling. Then she managed to get into it. If I am not wrong she used to make one lakh plus in that period of time. She had great friend circle. I was lucky I was one of them. She used to do charity lot. Helping nature lady. Things were going smooth.

Then She met a guy who was charming kind and great personality guy. She befriended with him. Then time passed on. She was dedicated to her future career. So she was not into relationship kind thing. But that guy used to cause trouble. He was literally demanding to fall in love. She was denying lot. She always said her parents wont agree and she has career.

One day, I was there both had big argument. Thank to God this girl did not terrify. She faced him bravely. That psycho guy drunk too much and hospitalised for ten days. She got big assignments and moved to abroad.

That time people used to tell she was the responsible for this. But in reality she was not. She was decent happy girl type person. This is the harsh reality I have witnessed. Thanks.

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