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What is veal in stock?

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Veal stock is made by cooking veal bones with a small amount of veal meat, mirepoix (the French culinary term for a mixture of onions, carrots, and celery stalks), and aromatics (like bay leaves or black peppercorns) in water.

Sagi wqkg
Answer # 2 #

Recipe Veal Stock to prepare yourself. The step by step instructions will support you.

I often cook veal stock myself and tell you my tips from top gastronomy. My recipe for veal stock, veal sauce and veal jus is very similar to the Schuhbeck recipe, because I learned to cook with Alfons.

The veal stock is used as a basis for veal jus and other sauces. Try this sauce, it has an incomparable taste.

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At Alfons Schuhbeck, we used boxes of calf bones. The veal bones were first roasted and then boiled for at least nine hours, often overnight, using the roasted root vegetables, tomato paste and red wine. That was one of the first things I learned: The bones give off nine hours of taste and collagen protein.

Consists of carrots, celery, yellow beet, parsley roots, generally raw vegetable leftovers and onions with peel and garlic cuttings.

The finely chopped vegetables are fried in a large pan with a little oil and roasted. The aim is to create a dark colour which, on the one hand, enhances the roast flavour and, on the other hand, has a positive influence on the colour of the veal stock.

When the vegetables have taken a good colour from the roast, tomato puree is added and roasted as well. The tomato paste in turn brings flavour, acidity and colour to the veal stock. When roasting tomato paste, the red wine should already be ready to be deglazed. If the tomato paste is too dark, please deglaze quickly.

The veal bones must be roasted for a good 90-120 minutes at 170-180°C in an oven with hot air. Then let the bones cool down or add the veal stock with ice cubes. Be sure to have your bones sawed for preparation at home – the butcher will do that for a small tip!

The veal stock is accompanied by bay leaves, cloves, juniper berries, peppercorns, parsley stalks, thyme, rosemary and garlic. For the wine I like a Pinot Noir or a strong Rioja.

The roasted bones are placed in a large pot with the roasted base, then filled with water or broth. Then the wonderful veal stock can be made, let the stock simmer for 5-9 hours at a moderate temperature.

Bones and vegetables give off more flavour when they are put on cold and bring to the boil slowly. Therefore either let all ingredients cool down or put them on with cold water and some ice cubes and bring to the boil slowly. After about an hour you can remove the foam with a ladle.

After the long cooking process, the vegetables and the bones have given the taste to the stock. You can now pass the veal stock through a fine hair sieve. You can let the bones and the remains of the vegetables cool down and throw them away. The veal stock is now used to prepare other sauces, I write about it among other things at the roast goose or you boil the veal stock and get the best sauce in the world, a veal jus.

If your goal is veal jus, boil the previously prepared veal stock to 1/3 of the liquid. This is a good start and you can try and taste the power of this sauce. Many professional chefs reduce the veal stock up to 1/10 of the amount of veal stock. This is a very strong sauce, powerful and expensive.

You can place a passing cloth on a fine hair sieve and then pass through the veal stock. Please note: Please boil the passing cloth in boiling water beforehand to remove any detergent residue and fabric softener. Wring out the passing cloth, keep it wet and humid and smell if it smells neutral. I definitely advise against veal stock with Lenor.

I either freeze the veal stock or cook it in suitable quantities in jars. Boiling it in a jar has several advantages for me: I can give away a glass and have the veal stock ready to hand in the fridge at the same time, without having to think about thawing it.

Talia Considine

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