What is wfl in physical therapy?


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Question: What is wfl in physical therapy?

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WFL, or Within Functional Limits, means that a person's ability is outside of the normal range, but it is sufficient for activities of daily living. W/c: Wheelchair · WBAT: Weight bearing as tolerated · WC: Wheelchair · WFL: Within functional limit · WNL: Within normal limits · WW: Wheeled walker. The meaning of WFL is Within Functional Limits and other meanings are located at the bottom which take place within Physical Therapy terminology and WFL. Click here to see the top abbreviations for physical therapy. This list is not all-inclusive or a 'standard' but it gives you an idea of what is commonly being used. What does WFLs really mean? By ot1blog in Fieldwork for occupational therapy, Occupational therapy, OT, Teaching OT on.


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