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What is when you accidentally type?

Asked By: Mahika Nadig

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Fish Hatchery Specialist Human Resource Public Policy Segmentation Chandigarh India

With the text “When you accidentally type”, social media users are conversing about a common error when one among the many emojis is different, and are replacing the odd emoji with a photo emoting the same emotion. Hey guys thanks for you support for not being consistent, there was a major problem. So, what do you think happens when we accidentally use the hand over forehead emoji while typing haha emojis in a queue? Well, it reminds. When You Accidentally Type is a series of TikTok videos where a TikToker illustrates what a misplace emoji in a series of laughing emojis. Here are brand posts created on purpose, to depict what happens when you accidentally type the wrong emojis. Just like this new meme trend called 'when you accidentally type'.


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