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What is zone refining process?

Asked By: Asmee Varghese

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B. Tech from Delhi Technological University Electrical San Francisco United States

Zone melting (or zone refining or floating-zone process or travelling melting zone) is a group of similar methods of purifying crystals, in which a narrow region of a crystal is melted, and this molten zone is moved along the crystal. In the zone refining process, the impurities are concentrated at one end of the block of metal so that the rest of the block is purified. Zone Refining This technique is based on the standard that the impurities are more soluble in. Zone refining definition is - a technique for the purification of a crystalline material and especially a metal in which a molten region travels. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements · Refining. The zone refining process of metals is based on the principle of : · excess noble character of the liquid metal than that of impurity · lower melting.


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