What should be done to improve tourism in Rajasthan?


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Question: What should be done to improve tourism in Rajasthan?

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Government of Rajasthan has been spending good money towards promotion of Tourist destination of its state. But still there is large scope available to improve its tourism. 

English Signboard is necessary

The problem with most tourist destination in India, most of the sign boards are either in regional language or in Hindi. It is not helpful for tourists from other country. Even people from most part of India are not capable of reading of Hindi Language. So signboard in English Language will be helpful.

Keep Away Touts around the Temple

This is not just the problem with Rajasthan temples, but it is the general biggest problem exist in the North Indian temples. Temple places are filled with touts who in the name of God, Hindi rituals trap tourist and extort money in various way. A predecided Hindi riutal job for fifty rupees ends with 5000 to 10000 rupees or even more. They have gang who are around to attack tourist who are not paying the demanded money. However I found south Indian temples are totally opposite to North Indian temples. South Indian temple are very much disciplined. 

Senior Citizen and Physically Challenged friendly spots

To my astonishment, most of the tourist spots are not at all suitable for Senior citizen and physically challenged people. Add path for smooth moving of wheel chairs. 


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