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When is cyl 5 banner?

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This is a page about the CYL 5 - Keepers of Faith summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you want to know about the heroes Brave Marth, Brave Eirika, Brave Marianne, and Brave Gatekeeper, or you are wondering who to pull from this banner, please read on.

The Best Summons to Pull From and Release Dates

Note: The rankings showed here are the Reroll Ratings. The units' overall ratings, including Inherit Skill, may differ.

The long-awaited Gatekeeper is a great hero to put on your Aether Raids defense maps! Not only does he buff up your allies, but he also gains access to lots of powerful effects if he is within 2 spaces of an allied structure. This means that these effects will almost always be activated on AR-D.

His B skill, named Detailed Report, restricts enemy movement and warping around Gatekeeper. This limits the strategy of the enemy raiders that are up against GK!

On the other hand, Brave Eirika is the better option if you aren't interested in playing Aether Raids competitively. She specializes in player phase offense as she can take out a wide range of foes.

Brave Marth, and Brave Marianne aren't in any way bad, but it is recommended that you prioritize getting the other units first before getting them.

Brave Marth is a good dual-phase unit that is effective as a dragon check, and Brave Marianne posssesses the ability to refresh her allies with her Special attack.

On paper, Brave Marth is looking good as a PvE unit thanks to the many buffs he has access to.

Summoners should definitely spend their Orbs here! Each of the units capture very useful niches, and they are very effective in said spots. In addition to the Free Summon, you can also Spark Summon the remaining heroes so you will never come out empty handed in this banner. Happy pulling, Summoners!

In this banner, you can Spark Summon multiple times so you are guaranteed every single hero if you have enough Orbs.

All of the focus heroes from this summon have rather useful skills that you may want another unit to inherit. See the list below for the most useful skills from this batch of units.

Brave Marth Builds and Best IVs

Brave Eirika Builds and Best IVs

Brave Marianne Builds and Best IVs

Gatekeeper Builds and Best IVs

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