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when is hoyofest 2022?

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Answer # 1 #

The event series will be held in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, at local collab cafés themed after Genshin Impact, Tears of Themis and Honkai Impact 3rd in a row.

All cafés will be embellished with themed décor, creating an immersive environment filled with true-to-game details, themed music and photo zones. Special set meals and merchandise sales will also be available in the cafés, welcoming fans to gather, taste and relish the moment of joy! Any order of the set meal or merchandise will come along with exclusive themed gifts!

Please find below the schedule of each themed event, and the locations of the collab cafés as well:

Genshin Impact: 28 SEP 28 – 9 OCT

Tears of Themis: 12 OCT – 23 OCT (specific countries only)

Honkai Impact 3rd: 26 OCT – 6 NOV

Singapore: Flipper’s @ Bugis Junction

Malaysia: La Juiceria Superfoods Signature (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur)

Thailand: The KROSS (Bangkok)

Philippines: Moon Rabbit Cafe + Restaurant (Manila)

Indonesia: .TEMU (M Bloc, Jakarta)

Vietnam: EE EARTH Coffee (Hanoi)

Preparations are underway for the grand celebration. Captains, Travelers, and Attorneys stay tuned for the upcoming surprises!

For reservations and more event details, you can visit HoYo FEST 2022 Official Website.

Minerva Greenhouse
Assistant Station Master
Answer # 2 #

HoYo Fest 2022 will take place from September 28 to November 6.

Amrish Sinha