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When lbw in cricket?

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The striker is out LBW if all the circumstances set out in 36.1.1 to 36.1.5 apply.

36.1.1 The bowler delivers a ball, not being a No ball

36.1.2 the ball, if it is not intercepted full-pitch, pitches in line between wicket and wicket or on the off side of the striker’s wicket

36.1.3 the ball not having previously touched his/her bat, the striker intercepts the ball, either full-pitch or after pitching, with any part of his/her person

36.1.4 the point of impact, even if above the level of the bails,

either   is between wicket and wicket

or        if the striker has made no genuine attempt to play the ball with the bat, is between wicket and wicket or outside the line of the off stump.

36.1.5 but for the interception, the ball would have hit the wicket.

36.2 Interception of the ball

36.2.1 In assessing points in 36.1.3, 36.1.4 and 36.1.5, only the first interception is to be considered.

36.2.2 In assessing point 36.1.3, if the ball makes contact with the striker’s person and bat simultaneously, this shall be considered as the ball having first touched the bat.

36.2.3 In assessing point 36.1.5, it is to be assumed that the path of the ball before interception would have continued after interception, irrespective of whether the ball might have pitched subsequently or not.

36.3 Off side of wicket

The off side of the striker’s wicket shall be determined by the striker’s batting position at the moment the ball comes into play for that delivery.  See Appendix A.13.

Deepak Leila