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Where does line of duty take place?

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We have three main characters, DS (later DI) Steve Arnott, DC (later DI) Kate Fleming, and Superintendent Ted Hastings. We follow these main characters throughout various intense and complicated storylines across six seasons, finding more corruption than we ever bargained for along the way.

The World Productions show has been a hit across the UK, with the number of viewers of the show dramatically increasing from 3.8 million for Season One to 15.39 million for Season Six.

The show isn't seen to be set anywhere, in particular. We get some vague clues to a Birmingham location from time to time, with area codes and maps seen on walls, but the exact location of the events within the show is never revealed. However, we do know exactly where the series was filmed.

Season One was indeed filmed in Birmingham but, interestingly, every season since then has been filmed in Northern Ireland.

Let's look together at the specific locations within Northern Ireland that made up the wonderful world of Line of Duty.

The Invest Northern Ireland Building, on Bedford Street in Belfast City Centre, was used to depict the most important building in Line of Duty: the AC-12's office.

We see this spot used in the shots of the exterior scenes of AC-12's office, in the scenes we see before our favourite characters go in to do any intense interrogation. You will recognise the balconies, stairways and foyer area of this building easily if you are a Line of Duty fan, as the location is so integral to the show and the scenes within.

Belfast's main library is used in Line of Duty to depict the Police Headquarters, where the top bosses work and where we, therefore, often see some tough moments throughout the series with Superintendent Ted Hastings pleading, arguing, disagreeing, and anything in between, with the head honchos of the police force.

The Royal Mail building in Belfast was used in the series for one very famous scene in particular: the shoot-out between DS Steve Arnott and undercover rogue policeman John Corbett in Season Five. This intense and important scene in Line of Duty was filmed beside the Royal Mail building on Tomb Street.

Speaking of shoot-outs (we couldn't forget them, not with how much they take place within our favourite series), the team behind Line of Duty filmed another infamous shoot-out with DS Steve Arnott under the bridge at Tates Avenue, a residential spot in South Belfast. Belfast residents or fans of the city will be able to spot another landmark in this Season 3 scene: Windsor Park, the home football stadium of Northern Ireland.

We've seen before in our list that the Invest NI Building is used for the exterior shots of AC-12 Headquarters in the show, but the production team of Line of Duty filmed interior shots of the HQ building in another spot, the BT Tower in Belfast City Centre.

This BT building is used for the inside office shots and interrogation shots that we see in the series, and keen watchers will be able to see some BT signs within the building from time to time.

While we are on the topic of police headquarters, another one of the filming locations used within Line of Duty is this now-vacant school in West Belfast. This is where we see Hillside Lane Police Station scenes, where Joanne Davidson works.

Line of Duty filmed in many locations across Northern Ireland, but there are a couple that seem to stand out to every viewer who watches the show, usually for how frequently we see them and for how dramatic the action that takes place in them is.

DS Steve Arnott and DI Kate Fleming love to meet up for a private chat, away from the listening ears of police headquarters, police forces, and their anti-corruption squad. They do this very frequently in an underground, graffiti-lorn subway.

This subway is, in reality, one that runs from Belfast's Albert Clock across to High Street. It is a popular underpass that gets people from the waterfront of the city into the immediate city centre.

In any Line of Duty season you watch, you will spot Kate and Steve in an underpass and, usually, this is the one where it all happens.

St. Anne's Cathedral in Belfast's central Cathedral Quarter area has been spotted by eagle-eyed fans in a couple of seasons of Line of Duty. It is used for the exterior scenes of a funeral in Season Two, and we regularly see some general outside scenes in the streets of the Cathedral Quarter.

For secret filming locations fans, there is a restaurant within Cathedral Quarter: Buba, a small, intimate restaurant that serves Mediterranean food. This is where we see DI Kate Fleming and Kelly Macdonald (playing Joanne Davidson in the sixth season) meet up for an after-work drink.

Speaking of food and drinks in the city, we also see one of our own favourite city spots used in the series: Snax 'N The City.

This food spot is popular with city office workers and the rest on Franklin Street, near Belfast City Hall. We see this used in the World Productions' filming process when DS Arnott meets an old colleague to discuss an upcoming court case.

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Answer # 2 #

However, we do know exactly where the series was filmed. Season One was indeed filmed in Birmingham but, interestingly, every season since then has been filmed in Northern Ireland. Let's look together at the specific locations within Northern Ireland that made up the wonderful world of Line of Duty.

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Answer # 3 #

Line of Duty is a British police procedural television series created by Jed Mercurio and produced by World Productions. On 26 June 2012, BBC Two began to broadcast the first series; it was its best-performing drama series in ten years with a consolidated audience of 4.1 million viewers. Broadcast of the second series began on 12 February 2014; its widespread public and critical acclaim led to the BBC commissioning a further two series. The third series began on 24 March 2016 on BBC Two; the following three series were broadcast on BBC One.

In May 2017, the BBC commissioned a sixth series. Filming began in February 2020 but stopped the following month due to the COVID-19 pandemic; it resumed in September. Filming continued until November 2020. Broadcast of the sixth series began on BBC One on 21 March 2021.

Prior to switching channels from series four onwards, Line of Duty was the most popular drama series broadcast on BBC Two and is a winner of the Royal Television Society Award and Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Drama Series. The Telegraph included it in a list of the Top 50 BBC Two shows of all time and in a list of the 80 best BBC shows of all time. In 2016, the series ranked eighth in The Independent's list of the twenty greatest police shows of all time and third in a Radio Times 2018 poll of the best British crime dramas of all time. In 2021 Line of Duty won the National Television Award for Special Recognition.

Line of Duty follows DS Steve Arnott, an authorised firearms officer who is transferred to Anti-Corruption Unit 12 (AC-12) after refusing to agree to cover up an unlawful shooting by his own team. At AC-12 Arnott is partnered with DC Kate Fleming, a highly commended undercover officer with a keen investigative instinct. They work under the supervision of Superintendent Ted Hastings, uncovering corruption within the fictional Central Police. Throughout the series, AC-12 investigate seemingly disparate cases involving seemingly corrupt police officers such as DCI Tony Gates, DI Lindsay Denton, Sergeant Danny Waldron, DI Matthew Cottan, DCI Roseanne Huntley, undercover officer DS John Corbett and DCI Joanne Davidson.

AC-12 realises the pervasive nature of corruption and the police's deep-rooted links to an organised crime group. A long-running story arc revolves around discovering the identity of "H", a corrupt person or persons of senior rank within the police force who are instrumental in running organised crime.

Line of Duty was created and written by Jed Mercurio drawing inspiration from the Metropolitan Police anti-corruption unit A10, which was set up in 1971. The first two series were produced by World Productions, on behalf of BBC Two. David Caffrey and Douglas Mackinnon directed series one. Mackinnon directed the first three episodes of series two and Daniel Nettheim directed the remaining three episodes. Mercurio produced series one and acted as executive producer for series two, with Peter Norris taking over as producer for the second series.

Although the police refused to co-operate with the programme's producers, the production team was advised anonymously by serving officers and retired police officers, and made use of anonymous police blogs.

Series one was filmed in Birmingham, including pub interiors in the Queen's Arms. The following five series were made in Northern Ireland. Although exact locations are never mentioned, maps of Birmingham appear on walls, and telephone numbers use an 0121 area code, again indicating Birmingham. The fictional 01632 phone code is also seen. Various postcodes seen on paper and screen have the Birmingham 'B' or Milton Keynes 'MK' prefix. The police forces referred to are the fictional Central Constabulary and the fictional East Midlands Constabulary. A photo gallery of exterior scenes from series two shows the 4th Street Station on Ormeau Avenue in Belfast. Many locations in Belfast have been used; the offices of Invest Northern Ireland on Bedford Street depict the exterior of AC-12's headquarters.

Kew Media (previously known as Content Media) handled international distribution of the series until its collapse in 2020.

DVD releases for Line of Duty:

Blu-ray releases for Line of Duty:

Line of Duty got a series six Blu-ray release.

Line of Duty series one to six will be released in a compilation Blu-ray box set.

In Australia, as of 2021, the first five series are available across streaming services such as Britbox, Netflix, Acorn TV and Stan, but series six is exclusive to Britbox.

In the United States, the first series was released on Hulu in August 2012, as an exclusive series, until Acorn TV picked up the streaming rights for its platform in 2018, which included the existing series and exclusive access to series five and later additions. The first three series began airing on AMC on 4 April 2020. However, licence changes in 2021 led to BritBox also obtaining the rights to the series in the United States, along with exclusive rights to series six and any future series.

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Filming for the current series began in February 2020 but faced major delays as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Sadly, filming was postponed indefinitely in early March and filming did not resume until August 2020.

Speaking about the impact of Covid on filming, Kate Fleming star Vicky McClure said: "I mean, all of a sudden the testing was there, we were put into kind of close cohorts rather than bubbles.

"So we were asked to try and still be sort of away from each other. So obviously, there's a lot of people that are involved in cast and crew and they were is a sort of a traffic light system as you went on set.

"So there was a lanyard system, so only certain members of crew were allowed on set the same time as cast, we built a set so that we have ventilation in certain .

"AC-12, the interview room, as a, for instance, is, you know, not break COVID in a glass contained box, so as much as we use the original set for other things, for the main body of it, we used a set, which was brilliant, and, you know, genuinely can't tell a difference."

She added: "The schedule was probably one of the biggest changes from an actor's perspective because it just meant that we were shooting with, different directors on the same day and different episodes on the same day. And you know, that chronological of wasn't possible because we were bound by location and safety."

Adrian Dunbar, who plays Ted Hastings in Line of Duty added: "I did find a difficult. I mean, Jed had to remind me a few times just exactly, and the director's sometimes had to kind of remind me exactly where we were because we were jumping between scenes.

"It's sometimes difficult to know how you pitch something when you're moving, between directors in between episodes, so I did find that pretty difficult it was strange, because we normally shoot in two blocks. So we have one director for the first three and another director and so you can keep the three blocks storyline."

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