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Where is tag in instagram?

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Answer # 1 #

Whether you want to show who’s in your photo, give credit to a photographer in your caption, or get somebody’s attention in the comment section — things you see all the time while scrolling through the feed — tagging is how you do it. And if you don’t know how, we’ll tell ya.

That account will now be tagged in the spot you chose in your photo once it is posted or saved.

That account will now be tagged in the caption of your photo when it is posted or saved.

Irina Kalekar
Answer # 2 #
  • Before sharing a post, tap Tag people.
  • Tap someone in the photo.
  • Enter their name or username, then tap their name from the menu.
  • Tap Done in the top right.
Keli Ejogo
Party Princess
Answer # 3 #

Tap someone in the photo. Enter their name or username, then tap their name from the menu. Tap Done in the top right.

Sonali McBreazy
Answer # 4 #

Social media is supposed to be "social" and on Instagram, tagging is one of the tools you can use to make it a more collective experience.

When you tag someone on Instagram, it usually triggers a notification for the person you tag (the exception being when a private account tags someone who isn't following them.)

Here's everything you need to know to tag someone on Instagram.

There are four ways to tag (or mention) people on the Instagram mobile app for iPhone or Android.

When you tag someone in a post, it will appear on their profile, in the "Photos and videos of you" section.

1. Open your Instagram app.

2. Create a new post by tapping the plus symbol, edit the photo then tap "Next."

3. After you've finished editing your photo, tap "Next" again.

4. Fill out your post as usual, but before you publish, tap "Tag People."

5. Tap the photo where you want the tag to appear, then enter the name or username of that person and tap to select them.

6. Tap "Done" on your iPhone  or click the checkmark on your Android.

7. Tap "Share" and publish your post.

1. Open your Instagram app.

2. Toggle over to your profile and locate the post you want to tag someone in.

3. Tap the three dots above the photo or video and select "Edit."

4. Tap "Tag People" and enter their name or username, then tap to select the proper user.

Technically speaking, you can't tag people in a comment. But you can mention their username and thereby get to the same result. Here's how.

1. Tap the speech bubble icon under a post to make a comment.

2. Type out your message (if necessary) then type "@" and start entering the person's Instagram username.

3. Tap the proper username to tag them in your comment.

1. Tap the camera icon, located in the top-left side of your screen (or swipe right when viewing your feed).

2. Take a photo or video to create your story (or select one by tapping the thumbnail of your last photo in the bottom-left corner of the screen), then tap the "Aa" option in the top right corner.

3. Type "@" and then begin to enter their username and select the person you want to tag by tapping their username when it appears.

Tagging someone in your story will create a link to that person's Instagram profile.

The person you tag in your story will both get a push notification and a direct message within the app showing them a preview of your story – and be aware that you're limited to 10 of these tags per photo or video story.

Bjørn Czapsky
Turnstiles Maintainer