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Who manufactures electric vehicle charging stations?

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Answer # 1 #

No other brand is as well-known as Tata Power in India when it comes to EV charging stations. One of the most well-known producers of charging stations, Tata has a network of over 1000 stations spread throughout 180 cities in 15+ states, including Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Saathi S.L.Sharma
Answer # 2 #
  • Tesla. The leading EV maker and a provider of fast charging solutions, Tesla dominated the market before it opened up its Supercharger network to other EV brands.
  • ChargePoint.
  • EVgo.
  • Wallbox.
  • Allego.
  • NaaS Technology.
  • Blink Charging.
  • ADS-TEC Energy.
Nikitin Sarika
Answer # 3 #

The Indian EV charging station market is highly fragmented as several private and public entities are setting up charging infrastructure in various locations across India. Different types of EV chargers are available in the Indian market comprising Type 1, Type 2, AC and DC, unidirectional and bidirectional charging catering to e4W (electric 4-wheeler), e3W (electric 3-wheeler), and e2W (electric 2-wheeler).

The charging infrastructure in India is underdeveloped. India has a ratio of around 135 EVs per charger available, as per a paper published at an electric vehicle conference, The EVConIndia 2022, in New Delhi. This shows a prolonged growth compared to eminent markets like China and the US which have ratios of 6 and 17 EVs per charger, respectively.

The country is making remarkable progress though. With the implementation of the FAME India Scheme, the India EV charging equipment market has gained significant momentum. Under Phase I of the FAME India Scheme, India sanctioned 520 EV Charging Stations. Out of this, 479 charging stations were installed by July 1 2022. Under Phase II, the Ministry sanctioned 2877 EV Charging Stations in 68 cities across 25 states/UTs. Out of this, 50 charging stations have already been installed as on July 1 2022.

The growing charging market has also opened up a new market of opportunities for equipment supply firms like Exicom, Delta, Okaya etc, that supply their chargers to these firms.

While Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), being a public firm, bagged most of the contracts under FAME I, other companies have also shown their presence in this early phase of the charging station market of India. We look at the top 5 largest EV charging station companies In India.

Tata Power is the biggest CPO of EV charging infrastructure in the country. Tata Power is almost single-handedly addressing range anxiety for EV owners through a pan-India EV charging infrastructure setup. The company has a presence across all the segments of the EV charging ecosystem and deploys all types of chargers – DC 001, AC, Type2, Fast DC chargers up to 50kwh, and up to 240kwh chargers for buses. Tata Power EZ Chargers’ ecosystem covers public chargers, captive chargers, bus/fleet chargers, and home chargers.

The firm plans to have more than 6500+ charging points by FY 2023. Tata Power has a robust network of more than 24,000 public and semi-public chargers spread across 300 cities, villages, and national highways. In addition, the firm boasts of over 240 electric bus charging stations and over 21,000 home chargers (for private use).

Charge Zone is one of the largest EV charging station companies in India. The CPO provides end-to-end EV charging solutions and battery swapping solutions across India. Charge Zone has created an active B2B and B2C network for EV charging stations for both fleet and retail customers. The company’s charging stations are rapid DC charging points that provide 80-100 per cent charge in 20-30 minutes and a full charge in an hour depending on the EV’s battery size.

The firm currently operates over 750 charging stations with 1400+ charging points. It serves 25 cities PAN-India. The firm is strengthening its base in the market by partnering with automobile makers such as Mahindra and Mahindra.

The company also recently completed the electrification of over 1,000km of national highways in India, by installing a network of 20 unmanned, app-driven, superfast EV charging points along the Gujarat-Maharashtra National Highway. Apart from its larger goal of electrifying 10,000 km of national and state highways over the next 3-5 years, the company also plans to have a robust network of one million EV charging points by 2030.

Ather Energy has installed over 550 Ather fast-charging grids across 56 cities in India and has become one of the largest fast-charging networks for two-wheelers. The company also has plans to install additional 820 grids to bring its total up to 1400 Grids by the end of FY23.

Interestingly, 60 per cent of current installations are in tier-II and tier-III cities. The Ather Grid app supports the vast network allowing EV owners to locate and check the availability of the nearest charging stations in real time. While largely meant for two-wheelers, the fast charging stations can also be availed by all-electric four-wheeler vehicles. Ather Energy is even offering the facility free of charge till the end of December 2022.

Charzer is a Bangalore-based startup company. Last year, the firm partnered with ADDA, a comprehensive society management system, to build charging infrastructure in apartment complexes. In two years, Charzer is aiming to install smart EV charging stations at 1,500 apartment complexes across India. After pulling that off, it may well become one of the largest EV charging station companies In India.

Charzer has a unique solution in its low-cost, compact and smart IoT-powered electric vehicle charging station – Kirana Charzer. can be hosted by small shops, restaurants, homeowners, offices, PGs and those looking to earn an additional income. It is an affordable charging station compatible with electric cars, electric scooters, and electric autos. Currently, the company boasts 850+ charging stations across 20+ cities.

Mohite Mike
Answer # 4 #


There are plenty of EV charging companies out there. Some of them are big and some of them are smaller, more niche players.

As the EV industry continues to grow and evolve, people need to be able to differentiate between the biggest players in the market.

But what defines the largest EV charging companies in the market?

The answer is surely not straightforward!

It depends on the specific criteria used to measure size.

One common approach is to look at the number of charging stations or the revenue generated by an EV charging company (we’ll present both).

Another metric could be market capitalization which shows the size and value of a company.

If a company has a large market capitalization, it is likely because the market believes it has a strong competitive position and a bright future.

All the EV charging companies below are pretty cool.

And when they are cool, people trust them.

They find pleasure in using their charging amenities or even electric cars.

Below we show the market capitalization of the biggest of the biggest.

Source: Companies Market Cap

We can see that Tesla is absolutely skyrocketing!

Tesla is a global brand and is also entering the EV charging market as an electric car manufacturer that sold 1,313,851 electric vehicles in 2022.

Indeed, Tesla Superchargers are really cool, because they supply a fast-charging experience.

So, Tesla cars can be charged in 15 – 30 min.

That only shows that they are really fast!

By the way, CharePoint is really doing well here too.

We’ll tell you why.

If you’re curious who’s the largest EV charging company out there, we got your back.

ChargePoint counts as the largest electric vehicles charging company.

This EV charging giant offers hardware (charging infrastructure) and software for EV charging, as well as running its own network of EV charging stations.

ChargePoint has 158,000 chargers delievers around the world.

That’s why we counted it as the largest in entire world!

Again… Tesla and ChargePoint.

The ChargePoint network spans as many as 15,454 locations.

ChargPoint can boast with 48,946 charging ports in whole America.

On the second place is Tesla with 27,257 charging ports.

Also, we must remember to mention these great EV charging companies doing well in the USA.

These are just a few EV charging companies that are really big in the USA.

In fact, America is getting a is a booming market for electric vehicles!

US show off the second largest network of public chargers in 2020.

It only lagged behind the Chinese charging infrastructure.

Source: Statista

China is leading the growth in global electric vehicle (EV) sales and rolling out EV charging infrastructure faster than other countries.

In China, smaller EV models are so popular that they only require a little energy to be fully charged.

Best seller: Wuling Hong Guang Mini EV

The biggest EV charging companies in China and current leaders in the market are:

These four EV charging leaders set up more than 1.2 million public EV charging piles (nearly 65 percent of the market share) in 2022.

Source: Statista

Tgood (Telaidian) owns 362,896 charging stations in China.

This way Tgood has become the biggest EV charging company in China.

The number of public charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe in 2021 is estimated to be roughly 376,000 (including Turkey).

For instance, Europe is expected to grow faster about charging stations set to become a staple on European roads.

Nearly 44,700 electric vehicle charging stations were in operation in Germany in 2020.

The number of charging stations in Norway was the highest among all European countries.

Europe is also home to very big EV charging companies.

Examples of the biggest EV charging companies in Europe include:

Source: Statista

The number of public electric vehicle charging devices in the UK has increased yearly.

Currently, there are 19,487 available chargers.

However, access to this infrastructure varies significantly across the country.

EV drivers in London are best situated to keep their electric cars rolling, where there are 63 charging devices per 100,000 people.

Second-placed Scotland is behind with 37 charging devices

(Although considering the density of London’s population, the Scottish figure is arguably more impressive).

Mainly, these giants are creating electric vehicle charging solutions in the UK:


It’s been said many times, and let’s do it again.

Electric vehicles are increasingly popular due to their lower environmental impact.

Also, electricity is cheaper than gas, and electric cars nowadays are extremely handy for shorter relations.

Companies like Tesla, ChargePoint, and EVBox are leading the way in this thrilling industry.

These companies invest heavily in research and development, expand their charging networks, and partner with other businesses.

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