Why Albencare 200mg Suspension is used?

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Seattle, United States

Main usage of Albencare 200mg Suspension is for Treatment of Parasitic Worm infections.

Albencare 200mg Suspension

Worms negatively affect the mental and physical development of children. Children infected with worms are often underweight and have a reduced height as compared to other same-aged children. Albencare 200mg Suspension helps treat a variety of worm infections like tapeworm and roundworm. It also prevents the infection from spreading by removing inactive forms of worms through stools. Deworming decreases anemia and improves nutrition. It also Increases growth, promotes weight gain, and improves mental and physical development.

This medicine is deployed for deworming in school-going children under the initiative called the ‘National Deworming Programme’ in which a single dose of this medicine is administered to children less than 2 years of age for prevention.

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