Why Alka KCL Syrup is used?

Asked by: Simone Sax
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Shahida K.S.Prakash (SPLITTER HAND Negotiation, Consulting, Hris, Indesign) From: Dhanbad/India

Main usage of Alka KCL Syrup is for Treatment of Potassium deficiency.

Alka KCL Syrup

Alka KCL Syrup contains potassium, which is a very essential electrolyte for carrying out various life functions of our body. It has many benefits such as regulation of blood pressure, maintenance of water balance or pH balance in the body, conduction of nerve impulses and muscle contractions. It also helps in digestion of food and maintains normal heart rhythm or heartbeat. Its deficiency can cause issues of the kidneys, nausea, weakness, irregular heartbeat, constipation or muscle cramps. Alka KCL Syrup helps prevent these complications and enables better carrying out of life functions.

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