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Why did mya marry herself?

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Answer # 1 #

Others say it's pure narcissism, but whichever way you choose to look at it, Mya decided to take part, and define marriage, her way. "It was all about self-care, self-love and getting myself back after a toxic relationship. Last year, I renewed my vows stepping into a new year.

Arnell Triesault
Answer # 2 #

The radio host went through the ceremony as part of her radio show Hughesy, Ed & Erin, admitting in a candid Instagram post that she was encouraged to take part by her daughter Eliza.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Radio host Erin Molan ‘marries herself’ in sweet ‘self-love’ ceremony.

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“I’m going to be completely honest… I didn’t want to do this… at all,” Molan began her post on Tuesday.

She said her radio team had come up with the concept of “marrying yourself”, late in 2022, because many of their listeners were also single.

“We just thought WHY wait until you’ve met the one… just marry yourself,” she wrote.

“Self love and all of that… something I’ve never really bought into that much… until now… but I’m not there yet.

“I didn’t know what was to come when I agreed… and then we lost dad…

“And one of the million things that broke my heart about that was the realisation that he’d never be able to walk me down the aisle… 😢”

Molan’s dad was former Liberal Senator Jim Molan, who died in January 2023 after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

“I’ve never dreamt of a wedding and it’s never really been that important to me,” she said.

“But the thought of even doing it for a radio segment, without him, made me feel sick… and I nearly pulled out so many times.

“I didn’t want to be emotional and ruin it for all the beautiful and excited listeners who were doing the same thing and are so far ahead of me in realising that the greatest love of all has to be the love you have for yourself.

“I was also a bit embarrassed…

“I guess I had never envisaged that I’d be a 39-year-old single mum and not married at this stage of my life.”

Molan said it was her four-year-old daughter Eliza who got her over the line.

“I told her about it and she was more excited than I’ve ever seen her… and that helped me immensely,” she said.

“I actually had a ball. I am so grateful for my radio family and the beautiful listeners who inspire me every single morning. I love you all.”

In attendance at the ceremony was co-host Dave Hughes and Chris Minns, who is now NSW premier elect.

The video shared showed Molan walked down the aisle by her daughter, wearing a bedazzled sheer white wedding dress and holding a bouquet of white roses.

Molan shared photos and videos of herself with the other brides, all wearing wedding gowns and seated at one long table.

Friends and followers of Molan took to the comments to congratulate the journalist.

Christina Perri’s ballad A Thousand Years played over the moving footage.

“You look beautiful 😍,” TV presenter Sophie Monk said.

“Very moving. Your honesty is beautiful. ❤️,” journalist Kate Langbroek said.

“I so love this! There is so much focus on romantic relationships that people forget about the relationship we have with ourselves! And with our platonic friends! Awesome work!!” one follower wrote.

Ansari Karimae
Technical Author