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Why gtr is the best?

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No One Needs That Much Power

User k31advice96 comments that "Nobody needs that much power" is always a terrible argument without qualification.

"The C10 Skyline GT-R had an absurd engine for its time. It sounds like nothing special now but keep in mind that at the time the Corvette in 1970 had maybe 64 HP/L while the S20 engine pumped out 80 HP/L. It was like the Honda F20C with how much power it extracted out of a tiny displacement. The engine was basically straight out of an R380 race car that competed directly with the very best of Porsche and then they dropped it in a Skyline and took it racing.

"That car was the C10 Skyline GT-R and it completely dominated Japan's touring car racing. And then Nissan produced a homologated version for mass production. Touring car racing at the time was not some absurd thing that had no bearing on the actual car so you can see how GT-R fans became a thing there.

"The next generation that really left an impression was the R32 GT-R. Again, the story was very much the same. The RB26DETT was purpose built for racing, the 2.6L displacement specifically chosen to give it the best chance of beating the competition. The R32 GT-R dominated touring car racing, and the production model version was almost the exact same thing with some extra luxuries. If you decided to build the engine without regard for emissions or everyday driveability it's entirely possible to get up to the 650HP that some of the race cars got to.

"I would say that the R34 GT-R received its reputation because it was the last of the inline 6 Skyline GT-Rs and because it was in Fast and the Furious. The R35 received its reputation through nurburgring lap times.

"But are these cars overrated? Yes. They are not the fastest, wildest things out there. But there is more to the Nissan GT-R than having that status."

Tracie Hopkins
Engineering Technologist