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Why sol is down?

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Many people think that the Earth is hotter in the summer because it is closer to the sun. It is farther from the Sun during winter.

The idea is incorrect.

The Earth has a slight inclination and does not form a perfect circle.

The Earth is closer to the Sun during certain times of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere it is winter when Earth is closest to the Sun and summer when it is furthest away. The change in distance from Earth throughout the year does not mean a big change to the climate.

The reason for the seasons on Earth is more than one.

The Earth's axis is an imaginary pole that runs from top to bottom.

One revolution per day is how the Earth revolves around this pole. That is the reason we have day and night, and why every part of the Earth's surface has a part of it.

The axis of the Earth is not straight.

It is believed that something large hit the Earth and displaced it from its center when it was young. It's tilted a little bit instead of rotating with the right axis.

Tea is the object that collided with the Earth. A large hole was caused by it.

There was a large amount of dust and debris in the air. Over time, most scientists think that debris became the Moon.

The Earth's tilted axis always points in the same direction. Different parts of the Earth receive the direct rays of the Sun during the year.

Sometimes the North Pole is tilted with respect to the Sun around June and sometimes the South Pole is tilted with respect to the Sun around December.

The summer season in the Northern Hemisphere is in June because the Sun's rays reach that part of the Earth more directly. The South Pole tilts towards the Sun in December in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Gabriel Ospina, Mining and Petroleum Engineer, and Francisco Danilo Londoo, physics engineering student, were responses.

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