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will jcpenney exchange without a receipt?

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Within 90 days after the original purchase date, purchases bought in person or on are eligible for a return or exchange with a receipt. Refunds will be given in the form of the original payment method or a JCPenney Gift Card.

You can replace your purchase or obtain a refund in the form of a store voucher if you don’t have a receipt. The amount of your return will be equivalent to the product’s lowest selling price in the previous 45 days.

Broadly, the return policy is divided into 2 categories – With or Without Sales Receipt

To simplify different complex return conditions for you, below we have explained different methods that you can opt to return your merchandise easily.

As soon as you get an idea about their general terms and conditions, nothing much is left. You can simply start your return and ask for a full refund!

You can return the product online or by visiting your local store. Analyze both the methods and compare the two to find out the best one for you.

I think this method will be the easiest and quickest way to get your money back. You just need to take your product to the nearest JCPenney store (don’t forget to take the purchase receipt with you). Find the customer desk in the store and ask for a return. Find your nearest JCPenney Store. Not applicable to furniture.

Follow the below steps and return your goods easily

Step 1: Complete the ‘return and exchange’ form on the invoice and attach it to items to be returned

Step 2: In case, you do not have the invoice, attach your details as in your name, address, phone number, and the approximate date of purchase with the item and mail it to the facility nearest you.

Step 3: Send the goods to any one of the following addresses

Step 4: You will get the refund immediately or within 2-3 business days.

The shipping charges would have to be borne by you. Also, JCPenney Return Policy doesn’t take any responsibility for goods lost in transit. For returns of special delivery or trucked items call customer care at 1-800-442-7902. The pickup arrangements would be done by the company.

Specific instructions for items being returned for reasons covered by a JCPenney or manufacturer’s warranty have been included in the package with each warranted item.

If you have additional questions or if a part is missing, call customer care at 1.800.322.1189.

Refer to the product warranty carefully before buying any item as they would be applicable in many cases such as damaged watches or return of electrical appliances.

Just like normal returns, the terms and conditions vary as per the product categories. The timelines remain the same for defective items, e.g. you have to inform customer care within 48 hours if there you received damaged furniture or electric appliance.

Shipping charges, in this case, would be borne by JCPenney only. Also, in case of return by pick up, inform the customer acre. They will ask the driver to inspect the items and validate your claim.

Just like most of the retailers, JCPenney offers credit cards to its customers. Each $1 spent using this card earns 1 point, and every 200 points earn $10 credit. It has 2 cards – Gold (with $500 annual spend) and Platinum (with $1,000 annual spend) providing varying privileges. Get Details here.

If you shop at JCPenney pretty often – Apply now.

Apart from above, the following list of items cannot be returned:

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Answer # 2 #

What if I don't have a receipt? Returns without a receipt may be eligible for a JCPenney Merchandise Return Voucher at the item's lowest selling price within the last 45 days. Some Exclusions Apply. Valid photo identification is required for all non-receipted returns or exchanges.

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Answer # 3 #
  • Gift Cards.
  • Monogrammed Items.
  • Personalized Items.
  • Altered Items.
  • Body Jewelry.
  • Perishable Foods.
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Answer # 4 #

But there are so many exceptions to the standard return policy that you really need to research each individual item. Don't stress, though. I've done the legwork for you.

Before we get into the specifics of this complicated return policy, be sure to download the KCL app to stay on top of the latest deals and shopping hacks.

Typically, you have 90 days to return your JCPenney purchase. If you make it in time for the 90-day window, your refund will be issued via your original method of payment or via gift card.

JCPenney's return policy has a laundry list of exceptions, though. Most items will actually need to be returned prior to the sweeping 90 days given in the general return policy. Make sure to research your individual item if you're making a big purchase, as you'll likely have a shorter time frame. I'm going to cover a lot of these exceptions for you further down in this article.

You can technically return JCPenney purchases after 90 days. However, you're only going to get the item's lowest selling price over the past 45 days. Refunds after 90 days are issued via store credit.

You can make JCPenney returns without a receipt, though again there are a lot of specific product exceptions we'll go over together below.

Just like returns made after 90 days, you're only going to get the item's lowest selling price over the past 45 days, and the refund will be issued via store credit.

You will need to show a valid ID to make a receiptless return per the JCPenney return policy. They'll monitor how many returns you make this way, and eventually they'll cut you off. So it's not a great idea to make it a habit.

There are some items that cannot be returned at JCPenney. All sales are final on the following items:

Select items have a shorter return time frame, and jewelry is one of them. You have 60 days to return fine jewelry and watches – and you must have your receipt. Your jewelry items cannot be worn or altered, and you must have all the original packaging.

If you purchased a jewelry box (or an armoire,) you have 30 days to make your return. If it was shipped to you directly from one of JCPenney's vendors, you only have two days after delivery to report any defects or damages. You won't be able to make your return in-store – you'll have to mail it back. You'll also be charged a 15% restocking fee.

Long story short: Be mindful of your jewelry box and armoire purchases! They could cost you if you need to make a return.

If you purchase electronics from JCPenney, you only have 30 days to make your return. You must have your receipt.

If the item's large enough that it needed to be delivered, you'll have to pay an $85 pick-up fee plus a 15% restocking fee, which is ridiculous. On top of that, you'll only have 48 hours after delivery to report any defects or damages to make your 30-day return possible.

Fitness trackers are another exception to the 90-day return policy. You only have 10 days to make these returns, and you must have your receipt.

JCPenney will not accept your return if the fitness tracker was worn or altered, and you've gotta hold onto all the original packaging when you make your return.

You have 120 days to return your JCPenney mattress. If you're returning because of defects or damages, you must report those to JCPenney within 48 hours of your mattress delivery.

If you're making an exchange, you will be charged a 15% restocking fee, but no pick-up fee. However, if you're making an all-out return for a refund, the restocking fee goes up to 20% and you'll be charged a pick-up fee of $85.

If you ordered online, you can just return ship it yourself, but those return shipping fees will be on you. JCPenney will not cover them. Mattresses are one item that cannot be returned in-store.

JCPenney's return policy for furniture is similarly cumbersome. Defects and damages must be reported within 48 hours, and then you have 30 days to make the actual return with your receipt.

You'll be charged restocking fees (15%) and pick-up fees ($85) here, too. If you ordered online and choose to return via UPS, you'll be left holding the bag on all return shipping fees.

Crazily enough, you only have two days to return fitness equipment purchased from JCPenney. Other than the return window, similar rules apply here as they did to furniture returns:

When you make your return, make sure to include all the instruction manuals and accessories.

If you want a full refund on your custom eyewear, you'll need to make your return within 24 hours.

But you can make exchanges for up to 60 days – with the exception of opened contact lenses. You cannot exchange those ever.

The following items must be returned to JCPenney within 30 days, with receipt in hand:

Believe it or not, you can! You have up to 60 days to return physical copies of your portrait package. You must have your receipt, though. If you don't have a receipt, you can make an exchange, but you won't be eligible for a refund.

Yes! You have 60 days to return Sephora products inside JCPenney. If you want your refund issued to your original method of payment, make sure to get yourself back into the store within 30 days. Between days 31 and 60, refunds are only issued via store credit.

You'll want to check out the Sephora return policy to learn which items can and can't be returned generally. And you'll also want to bear in mind where you made your purchase. If you purchased inside of a JCPenney, you can return inside a JCPenney.

But if you made a Sephora purchase at Kohl's or a freestanding Sephora store? No JCPenney returns. You'll have to take your makeup back to the chain where you made the purchase.

LaptIt really depends on what the item is. If it's something larger, you'll want to review all the exceptions listed above, accounting for restocking and pick-up fees.

But if it's just a small item, you can initiate your mail-in return by logging onto your JCPenney account. Then, click the 'Start a Return' option to initiate the process.

You can also return many online orders in-store, noting the exceptions we covered above.

They sure do! If you can return your order in-store, it's going to be cheaper for you.

But if you want to mail your return in, you'll be charged a flat return shipping fee of $8. You may end up paying much more if your item is covered in the exceptions above.

In rare instances, JCPenney will refund your original shipping fees. This only happens if:

JCPenThat depends on how you paid.

If you ordered online, your refund won't be issued until JCPenney receives and processes your return, so you'll have to build in a buffer for the time it takes to ship your purchase back to the returns processing center.

You can make returns if you placed an order through DoorDash Marketplace. But JCPenney will only issue your refund in store credit.

You'll need both receipts to make these returns – the one from JCPenney and the one from DoorDash. If you don't have these receipts, you'll still be able to make your return, but you'll only be refunded the current lowest selling price. It's in your best interest to have your receipt so you get all your money back.

They do. In order to claim it, you'll need to bring the flyer or email advertising the competitor's lower price into the store within 14 days of purchase. Then, you'll be refunded the difference.

If you ordered online, you can call customer care at 1-800-322-1189 to initiate this same process.

If you earned JCPenney rewards on your purchase, those points will be deducted from your account if you end up returning the item.

Ashwni Rajendranath
Answer # 5 #

At first glance the JCPenney return policy looks pretty awesome, but when you start to look a little closer you notice that there are MANY exceptions that shoppers need to be aware of. Not only will I break down these exceptions, but I’ll answer all your burning return policy questions and even give you an insider hack for those who lost their JCPenney receipt. I hope this information helps.

60 days.

JCPenney use to offer NO time limit on returns but recently went to a still fairly generous 60 day policy.

If you lost your JCPenney receipt, you’re NOT out of luck.

You can still return items but will have to settle for the lowest advertised price in the past 45 days.

You can’t get a cash refund and will instead receive store credit to be used on a future JCP purchase.

Be prepared to show a valid I.D. as they’ll track your return history to avoid any misuse of their fairly generous return policy.

I called JCP and asked.

I used the example of a Keurig coffee maker that I had for a week, decided I didn’t like, BUT threw away the original box.

I was told “YES”, bring it back in and they would let me return it.

See Also: The Walmart Return Policy Finally Explained In a Way You Can Understand

Yes, there are quite a few items that have a time limit on returns.

Here are the most notable.

Fine Jewelry – 60 days with a receipt. Also worth noting that watches must be unworn.

Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers – 10 days with a receipt and they must be unworn and you must have a receipt.

Body Jewelry – All sales are final.

Special Occasion Dresses – No time limit but dresses must be unworn with green return tag still on them.

Furniture/Mattresses – Must be returned within 48 hours of delivery. Call them at 1-800-442-7902 to start your return. Also note that you’ll be hit with a 15% restocking fee and $85 pick-up fee.

Electronics – The same as furniture, 48 hours from time of delivery. You’ll also be hit with the same restocking and pick-up fee.

Fitness Equipment – Same as electronics above.

Major Appliances – 48 hours from time of delivery and you MUST have your receipt. You’ll also be hit with a 15% restocking fee.

Custom Blinds & Drapes – Order must be cancelled within 24 hours of initial purchase. There is NO refund available after that since the items are custom made.

In-Home Window Treatments – You must request a refund within 3 days of original contract date.

Home Services – Includes things like flooring and counter-tops. You have 3 business days from your order date to request a refund.

Salon Items – 60 days and you must have a valid receipt.

Sephora Products – 60 Days with a receipt, if beyond 60 days you’ll get store credit. If you don’t have your receipt they may be able to “look up” your purchase if you have a Beauty Insider account.

Optical – Custom made eyewear comes with a 24 hour return policy. You can also exchange eyewear within 60 days, if not satisfied, for glasses of equal or lesser value.

Portrait – 60 days with a valid receipt.

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The short answer is DEPENDS and often falls on the discretion of the store manager.

If items are gently worn, you stand a good chance of returning the items.

If you buy a blouse, spill wine on it, then try to return it you might have a hard time returning it unless there is something wrong with the blouse that is not your fault.

The same can be said for items missing their original tags and packaging…your mileage will vary.

Yes, you don’t have to return to the store where you made the original purchase.

You can return your items to any JCPenney store in the United States.

Yes, there is indeed some stuff you CAN’T return to JCPenney and here they are.

Everything else JCP sells is returnable.

You can return items with a gift receipt BUT you can’t get cash for them.

You will have to settle for store credit or an even exchange.

Also, you’ll get the price of the item that’s listed on the actual gift receipt.

If you don’t have the gift receipt you’ll get the lowest listed price within the past 45 days.

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For items bought after October 15th, you can return them with a normal receipt or gift receipt all the way until January 15th.

No, you can only return swimsuits if they are new with the tag still attached.

Yes, absolutely.

When you buy anything from the JCPenney website, you can definitely return it to your local brick and mortar location.

This is obviously the quickest and easiest way to make a return.

If you don’t have a JCP in your area you’ll need to use the “Return & Exchange” UPS form that came with your package to process your return.

The one problem with this is that you’ll be on the hook for the $8 return delivery fee.

Ask an Associate to Look Up Your Purchase.

Apparently, according to the JCP Facebook page, you can ask an associate to use your credit card to look up your previous purchases.

I’m guessing your mileage may vary as some associates might not know how to do this…but it’s worth a shot.

If the associate looks at you kinda funny, ask if a manager can do it for you.

Ask the Reader: Have you made a return recently at JCPenney? Was it an easy process or a total pain in the butt? Let me know!

By Kyle James

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