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will moana have a sequel?

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Currently, there are no official plans for an animated Moana 2 movie being developed for a theatrical release. However, in January 2022, Disney did confirm that a Moana sequel series was in the works for release on Disney+.

Sandeepa J
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Disney confirmed development for a number of animated sequels in recent weeks, including titles such as Frozen 3, Zootopia 2, and even Toy Story 5.

In that same spree of announcements, megastar Dwayne Johnson announced that "a live-action reimagining of Moana is in the works" as Disney takes another stab at the hit 2016 musical. It will be produced by Johnson's Seven Bucks Productions company, and Moana voice actress Auli'i Cravalho is also on board as an executive producer.

And with so many other animated follow-up movies in the works under Disney's watch, there are already many wondering whether a sequel is in the work for Johnson's first efforts with the House of Mouse.

Currently, there are no official plans for an animated Moana 2 movie being developed for a theatrical release.

However, in January 2022, Disney did confirm that a Moana sequel series was in the works for release on Disney+. This will continue the young heroine's story under director David G. Derrick Jr., who first joined the Disney team with his work on the original Moana in 2016.

Rumors suggest that a theatrical sequel to Moana's story was scrapped in favor of Dwayne Johnson's retelling of the original movie, though this has yet to be officially confirmed by Disney.

With no indication that Moana 2 is even being officially developed, it’s pretty safe to say that this sequel won’t be one of Disney’s 2023 releases.

Animated movies take years of preparation and development, and Disney almost always announces its plans for movies long before they release. As we’re already four months into the year, the chances are slim to none that Moana 2 will make its way to theaters before the end of 2023, even leaning closer to the "none" side of that spectrum.

Currently, Walt Disney Animation Studios is gearing up for the release of Wish, which will hit theaters on November 22, 2023.

More often than not, Disney simply uses numerical titles for its animated sequels, as seen most recently with the aforementioned Frozen, Zootopia, and Toy Story movies. But should Disney decide to divert from that path for Moana 2, there are a couple of different options.

While something like "The Way of Water" could work with Moana's deep connection to the ocean, Disney is sure to avoid doubling up on a title like that after the immensely successful Avatar: The Way of Water.

One of the songs from the first movie such as "How Far I'll Go" or "We Know The Way" could help serve as an inspiration for the title, but that will all depend on what plot details will be for the sequel. At this juncture, Moana 2 would seemingly be the most likely pick for the title, although Disney could absolutely change things up once the sequel is officially on the table.

Moana pitted the titular heroine against the powerful lava-based villain Te Ka, who was eventually revealed to be the Motonui goddess Te Fiti as Maui returned her heart. Now that the island has found peace once more and Maui is off on his next quest, there are more than a few possibilities for who could be the next villain in Moana 2.

Disney could introduce another mythical being similar to Te Fiti, either with ties to Maui or hidden in a location that Moana explores on her wayfinding trek. The sequel could also take things to a more ground-level narrative and have the antagonists be an invading tribe of warriors or even another country invading Motonui's land after hearing about the nation's resurgence.

This movie will also likely be set a few years after the original Moana in terms of timeline, giving the Motonuian chief's daughter plenty of other challenges to handle as she grows into an adult.

Considering the way 2016’s Moana ended, it would be a shock not to see Auli'i Cravalho's heroine reunite with Dwayne Johnson’s “shapeshifter, demigod of the wind and sea, and hero of men,” Maui. The Rock’s powerful hero was the headlining name in the original movie, and as he’s already producing and starring in the live-action movie, his inclusion in Moana 2 is almost a guarantee.

At the end of the first movie, Maui was seen soaring alongside Moana and her people above the ocean in his giant hawk form as Moana showed her people the ways of the wayfinder.

While he may not be with the young leader of Motonui at the start of a possible sequel, their paths will almost certainly cross once her next journey is underway.

Along with Moana's own character development in the first film, Dwayne Johnson's Maui went on his own journey of self-discovery as he found his magical fish hook and regained his powers. Much of the story even saw him change personally too, going from leaving Moana in the dust on his abandoned island to supporting her fully in the battle against Te Ka.

Barring any wild surprises and taking away a couple of small skirmishes, fans are expecting the relationship between Maui and Moana will be solid for their next meeting. One exception to that idea could be if Moana feels that Maui abandoned her if there's an extended separation between them, but seeing them bond at the end of the first movie seemed to set them up for a solid bond moving forward.

Ernestine Burkley
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