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can arlo cameras be hacked?

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Arlo Technologies creates wireless security cameras that help home and business owners ensure their property is safe and protected at all times. But are the cameras themselves safe from hacking?

It is possible to hack Arlo security cameras, particularly the wireless models like the Pro 3 and 4 and the Ultra 2. This is because the device must be connected to the Wi-Fi to function. Luckily, precautions such as creating complex passwords and using two-factor authentication can help protect your system.

Security camera hacking is a significant risk that leaves your property and its inhabitants vulnerable. Read on to learn how hackers are most likely to gain access to your Arlo security cameras and what you can do to prevent this.

Arlo is an exceptional brand with some of the most popular and efficient security cameras that have received high praise, particularly the Arlo Pro 4.

In addition to their reputation, many home and business owners will opt for an Arlo camera because of one specific feature; they’re wireless. Unfortunately, the feature that is possibly most desired by consumers is also the reason why Arlo security cameras are hackable.

Because these security cameras are wireless, they must communicate with a base station connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. This is one of the easiest ways for hackers to access your camera if they can somehow get into your Wi-Fi account.

If the overall security on your Wi-Fi account is weak, such as using simple passwords and usernames, then hackers can easily exploit this and gain access to your cameras, along with other devices connected to the account.

But this isn’t the only way people can hack your Arlo cameras.

Gaining access to your Wi-Fi account is probably the easiest and most common way hackers can get into your Arlo cameras, but if this doesn’t work, there are alternatives they might try.

In modern technology, it has become extremely common for consumers to have to make separate accounts for their electronic gadgets through the supplier. Arlo is no exception.

Once you have obtained your Arlo cameras, you’ll need to set up an Arlo account before you can start using it, especially if you have a camera with Smart features so it can connect to your phone.

Because it’s your camera the hacker wants, hacking your Arlo account is the first step they will take, and sometimes, it’s even easier than tapping into your home’s Wi-Fi.

However, the process is ultimately the same. All the hacker has to do is spam your login details until they can find your account password and username to log in. The fact that the Arlo cameras are on an open-source forum makes this easier than wired options.

Once the hacker has compromised your device, they can change your account information, effectively preventing you from logging in yourself.

This approach is arguably the most dangerous, not just to your Arlo cameras but any electronics in your home and the personal information they hold.

Although your Wi-Fi is certainly a concern with hackers, if they gain access to your wireless router, not only will they be able to compromise your Arlo cameras, but anything else connected to the router as well.

In addition to guessing your router’s password, which is made easier if you’ve kept the default password, hackers can also gain access by exploiting security flaws within the router’s firmware.

It is far less common for router firmware to be updated than other devices, which means hackers can more easily exploit issues within the system. A study by The American Consumer Institute (ACI) showed that 83% of home Wi-Fi routers are vulnerable to hacking for this reason.

After the hacker has gained access, they’ll proceed to change your passwords and create other obstacles to prevent you from logging in to your account while they leech your personal information.

This tactic isn’t as common as the ones previously mentioned because it requires the hacker to have physical contact with your home router. Nevertheless, it does happen.

To achieve this, the hacker will connect to a router’s hardware serial communication bus, the Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter (UART).

The UART will give the hacker access to the router’s bootloader and operating system logs if they can successfully connect to the bus by exploiting the UART’s insufficient protection mechanism. The more outdated the system, the easier it is to hack.

They would need to physically connect to the UART port and enter the correct default credentials to access the router and, consequently, your Arlo cameras. If they do this successfully, they could alter your login information, change system settings, or disarm your cameras completely.

Not exactly. There is certainly a risk with using Arlo cameras due to their wireless construction and necessity for a base station. However, this risk is evident in nearly all security camera companies.

ADT is one of the best security companies in America, and even they had an incident not too long ago where a technician hacked hundreds of customers over several years before they were caught.

Companies like Arlo take their product’s security very seriously, which is why they have several features in place to prevent unauthorized personnel from hacking your cameras and personal information.

These features include:

These features alone will go a long way in ensuring your Arlo cameras are safe and secure from hackers, but there are some things you can do as well.

Arlo gives security camera owners a great head-start with their security features, but many cameras are hacked because the everyday person could have prevented themselves. Utilize these easy tips to make sure you don’t fall victim to hackers for simple reasons.

Possibly the most common mistake people make with passwords, in general, is that they’ll either leave the default password provided by the company, or they’ll use the same password for nearly all their devices.

You want your Arlo account, Wi-Fi account, and router to all have complex and unique passwords to deter hackers from attempting to gain access.

More likely than not, a hacker will leave your home for an easier target if they notice it is even slightly challenging for them to obtain the password for any of these devices.

The best passwords are the ones that are completely random, such as random numbers and letters. They might be difficult to remember initially, but they’ll be even more impossible for a hacker to guess or find.

Just make sure that you don’t use the same password for more than one device.

The purpose of security cameras is to make sure your property is safe, so don’t make them vulnerable by leave a one-and-done login system in place for hackers to exploit.

A great way to deter hackers is to add a two-factor, or multi-factor, authentication system to pose an additional challenge.

As we stated before, hackers will pick easy targets, and if your system has too many obstacles, they’re less likely to waste their time on it.

This system entails that after a user logs in successfully once, they then have to authenticate who they are in another way that typically involves a separate device or account.

Some common examples are verification codes sent to cell phones or confirmation links sent to emails.

To overcome this extra security measure, the hacker would either have to gain access to the second device, or they would have to hack their way into an additional account and hope it has the same login information (which, again, is why you should always have unique passwords).

Apart from guessing your username and password, hackers commonly gain access to devices by exploiting their weaknesses. These weaknesses are often a result of the device running on old software from lack of updates.

If you want to ensure your Arlo cameras are truly safe, make sure they are consistently updated and running on the latest software. You’ll want to use the precaution for your Wi-Fi and routers as well.

Some devices will allow you to use a feature that will automatically update your software whenever a new model is available.

You can also opt for notifications, either through text or email, from the company that will alert you when new software has been released that should be applied to your devices.

Although Arlo security cameras are at risk of being hacked, the odds of this occurring are slim, especially if you, as the owner, take the necessary precautions to guarantee its security.

Remember that your Arlo camera’s safety relies on the devices it is connected to as well, namely your Wi-Fi and router. Therefore, all of your precautions must also extend to them to ensure your Arlo camera can do what it was made to do, protect your home.

Abram Soffer
Answer # 2 #

Smart security cameras popularity is growing each year and people are not using them only to catch intruders or to see who visit their house but also to keep an eye on their kids, pets and even their deliveries.

Arlo cameras are one of the best devices you can find on the market and we rely on them to keep our loved ones safe, but are Arlo cameras really that secure? Can a hacker access this gadget and break our privacy and see everything that is going on inside our home?

Unfortunately, yes, the Arlo camera is still vulnerable to hacking and hackers can do so by attacking your home network, a flaw in the software that runs the device, or by accessing any of your connected gadgets then attack your camera.

In this article, I am going to show you all about the relationship between hackers and the Arlo cams and how to prevent them from accessing this sensitive device.

You’re going to use a cloud service to store your videos and events recorded by your Arlo cam and this company is doing a great job to secure these files, and here’s how:

They have the possibility to choose between many methods to use in order to hack your camera and remotely spy on you so we are going to talk about them in the following section.

Knowing when someone is entering your camera is very important so that you can intervene before it is too late and there are signs that can tell you that someone may be in your camera.

You may notice some signs with your cameras and others on your home network.

If someone succeed in accessing you camera it will be a disaster for you because he will have the freedom to do many things such as watching all what your family is doing inside your house.

He can also hear all your conversation and talk to you or have a chat with your kids, disarming the alarm and redirecting notifications will be possible.

And it will not stop here because hackers can change the username and password of your account to prevent you from accessing your gadget again, turn it ON and OFF when they want.

They can also use the camera to access other connected devices inside your home and steal all your personal data and information.

Even though the possibility of hacking your Arlo camera will still exist but the probability is low especially if you implement the right security measures as we showed you in the previous section of this article.

Turhan Wilson-Sampras
Answer # 3 #

Arlo security cameras can be hacked if they’re connected to a wireless Internet connection since these connections are rarely secure enough to keep out dedicated hackers. The best way to prevent hacking is to purchase an Arlo model that operates on a cellular network with two-factor authentication.

Wireless security camera systems can pose a potential security risk if you don’t know about the potential methods hackers may use to compromise them. Read on to learn more about Arlo camera security systems and how to keep them safe from hackers.

In 2019, there was some concern about the security of Arlo cameras since a few major vulnerabilities were discovered that could allow hackers access to control over the camera system.

Using the network’s configuration or physical access to the Arlo device, hackers could either take control of targeted Arlo cameras or access the system’s main controls. Fortunately, vendors were alerted to these security issues and subsequently patched out of the Arlo system.

It’s worth noting that both of these security risks applied only to Arlo cameras connected to a wireless network. For newer Arlo camera models that run off a dedicated cellular network, the system is much more secure.

It isn’t easy to hack an Arlo camera system even for dedicated hackers. Even with the hacking exploits above, physical access is needed for one of them. It is very hard for hackers to remotely eavesdrop or hijack your Arlo system even if it’s connected to a wireless system.

Here are a few other reasons why Arlo systems are generally considered safe from hackers:

The combination of these factors help keep Arlo’s system secure. However, they aren’t the only things that help keep your cameras secure from hackers. There are also ways you can make the system more secure through your actions.

Arlo security systems are relatively secure, but there are a few different things that home users can do to help make their Arlo system even safer from hackers.

Here are some options you have for reinforcing Arlo’s security measures:

On top of these security measures, you should also be careful about sharing your security camera’s password or your log-in credentials with anyone.

If you’re worried about your Arlo security and camera system getting hacked, a major preventative measure you can take is to go with an Arlo Pro or an Arlo Go.

Idika Tata
Infantry Officers
Answer # 4 #

So hackers may target it to access your device then change the username and password and prevent you from getting into your own cameras. Hackers need to spam your login details until they can find your account password and username and the process can be easier when you're using a simple password.

Robby Globez
Answer # 5 #

Generally, Arlo cameras are secure and won’t pose a significant security risk to your property. However, there are some vulnerabilities that a hacker can exploit if you aren’t careful with your sensitive data.

Unfortunately, no security camera is 100% safe from hackers. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your Arlo cameras aren’t an easy target. This article will discuss how criminals can hack Arlo cameras and what you can do to protect your system.

Since 2014, Arlo has been a growing security camera brand with innovative smart home products. Throughout the brand’s history, there have been several instances of a customer having their cameras hacked.

In a 2020 news report, a Russian website was found to be streaming videos from Arlo and other security cameras. The website streamed footage of security cameras for viewers to watch. Sometimes, the viewers could even control the cameras by zooming in and out!

While this is a rare situation, it’s important to note there are documented vulnerabilities to Wi-Fi cameras. A skilled hacker can access unsecured cameras remotely and access your system. Fortunately, you can make some adjustments that drastically cut the risk of hacking.

When someone thinks of a hacker, they likely imagine someone who hacks a camera using complex network techniques. However, the hacker will usually take advantage of you dropping your guard on account security. Below are some of the ways hackers can access Arlo cameras.

The most common way to hack an Arlo camera is through your personal account details. Owners typically don’t prioritize protecting sensitive data like their Arlo account’s usernames and passwords.

We all think we won’t be the victim of system hacking until it’s too late. Be mindful of where you input your login details and check who emails you. If you received an email from Arlo, confirm it’s their official email before you click any link.

An Arlo camera requires a connection to your home’s network, and skilled hackers can exploit this pathway. Once hackers access your network router, they can view sensitive system information on your Arlo cameras.

There is a wide range of methods to attack a wireless router, with some of them being:

While this isn’t directly related to Arlo systems, you should take extra steps to protect your home’s network. Not only will you protect your Arlo cameras, but the other systems in your home.

Remote network attacks are more common, but you may also be a victim of a physical network attack. A hacker may use a physical device like a signal jammer or connect to your home’s wireless router. Once they have access, they can disrupt the signal.

When hackers have physical access to a network, they can adjust account settings, disarm the cameras, or redirect mobile security notifications. Since this attack is a physical device, your best defense is making your Arlo cameras hard to access.

Do you think someone hacked into your Arlo cameras? If a criminal hacked your equipment, you should not hesitate to take action. First, you should contact Arlo support immediately to report the incident.

When a hacker gains access to your account, they will attempt to change the login information. Telling support that your account was compromised will help you prevent any changes and allow you to reset your account details.

Generally, resetting your login will keep the hacker out of your Arlo cameras again. However, it’s best to turn to Arlo for guidance on what to do in this situation. If Arlo believes your cameras have affected firmware, they may offer a replacement.

Two-factor authentification is one of the most effective ways to add an extra layer of security to your accounts. As security specialists, we recommend you enable 2FA on all accounts–including your Arlo account.

When you enable two-factor authentication, you will receive a one-time password every time you log into your account. The randomly generated passwords make it difficult for hackers to bypass your account’s security.

Arlo regularly updates their systems to patch any potential vulnerabilities. Whenever an update is pending, you should download it to keep your system secure. If you wait too long, a hacker may use the discovered exploit to enter your system.

It’s common for people to use the same password for many of their systems, so it’s easier to remember. However, a common password choice makes accessing your systems easy for criminals.

Once every few months, you should change your Arlo account’s password to enhance security. Pick a complex password that’s not easy to guess and keeps your Arlo cameras safe from hacking.

Gitanjali Mahtani