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can cyborg beat superman?

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The issue with Wonder Woman is that people don't know much about her like Batman and Superman. Diana Prince has the same powers as Superman and is very strong. It's not hard to believe that she has defeated the Man of Steel in a fight, since she has been able to lift the hammer and carry the shield.

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gal Gadot says she killed creatures from other worlds. She has powers that are comparable to those of Superman.

She can make Superman's ears bleed with her bracelets, which can be seen in the Justice League Comic-Con footage. Wonder Woman is a far superior warrior than Superman, which increases her chances of victory.

J'onn J'onzz was one of the founding members of the Justice League, but his charter membership was later retconned as a result of the Flashpoint event, replacing him with Cyborg.

The Martian Manhunter has the same abilities as Superman, but he has better telepathy. One of the many debates among comic book fans is whether the Manhunter is stronger than the Superman. If the green Martian can defeat the Kryptonian, that's another.

The Man of Steel is capable of fending off the Martian Manhunter in a fight, but he is better at telepathy.

He can read the minds of his opponents but also control them. He has telekinesis that allows him to move any object with his mind.

He has all of his abilities that allow him to defeat Superman or make it difficult for him to fight back. Despite his abilities, Martian Manhunter is not without flaws; his Achilles' Heel is fire, like Superman's.

Billy Batson, also known as Captain Marvel, is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, and his comic series, which was renamed after his power, is one of the most popular in the DC Universe. DC Comics injected Captain Marvel into the DC Universe after he was created by DC rival Fawcett Comics in 1939, and he is a member of the Justice League.

The Man of Steel has many of the powers that Captain Marvel has. The key difference between the two is that Captain Marvel is able to use magic to get his powers from him, something that Superman is vulnerable to. The fight between the good Captain and the bad Superman is depicted in the Kingdom Come graphic novel by Mark and Alex.

Barry Allen is the most well-known of the bunch and has used the codename over the ages.

Barry Allen was endowed with the Speed Force and became the fastest man alive, faster than any other being in the universe, including Superman!

Being super fast may not seem like much, but what Barry does with his speed earns him a spot on the list of the most powerful Justice League members ever to exist. Barry Allen has the ability to travel at speeds faster than light, and he can generate lightning strikes, travel between dimensions, and execute an Infinite Mass Punch.

Barry Allen has a relative mass of a white dwarf star if he runs at the speed of light. If he puts all that energy into an attack, he can make a form of attack that can knock someone like Superman across the globe, if not kill him. Since his powers come from the Speed Force, he wouldn't feel like a thing.

DC's Watchmen graphic novel features Captain Atom, who was created by Alan Moore, and is an in-universe equivalent to Nathaniel Adam, who was created by DC.

Doctor Manhattan and Watchmen have been integrated into the DC Universe.

Air Force pilot Nathaniel Adam was the subject of a science experiment and he became a superhero. Captain Atom is a dominant force in the DC Universe because of his powers of flight, invulnerability, transmutation, energy manipulation, and much more. His only weakness is the fact that he uses his powers too much, which can affect his form.

Captain Atom would destroy Superman.

Captain Atom is almost unstoppable because of his use of strength, nuclear energy, and reality manipulation. He could compound red sun radiation which would weaken Superman, allowing him to finish off the Man of Steel in any way he chose.

Doctor Fate is an essence that is inhabited by multiple individuals and is not tied to any one person.

Nabu is the most powerful spirit in the universe. His abilities from him are very strong, and his blasts from him can be felt from the other side of the universe.

The Helmet of Fate is one of the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe and it's magic is beyond imagination. He once threatened to cremate the entire crew of Death's vessel if they didn't allow him to be on it. The good Doctor was allowed to travel with Death into the Regions of the Dead.

Doctor Fate was a member of the Justice League as well as the Justice Society of America. Doctor Fate could easily kill the Man of Steel if he needed to because of his weakness to magic.

Fate wouldn't need to fight.

The multiverse is a fictional construct in which infinite parallel universes exist, with variations of famous characters. DC Comics' wartime heroes were altered to fit in the new, seemingly complex timelines after the start of the Silver Age of Comics.

The publisher of the comic revealed that all of their wartime heroes would exist on Earth-Two and all of their new heroes would be on Earth-One.

One of those characters was Power Girl, also known as Kara Zor-L. She has the same powers as Superman, such as super- strength, flight, and heat vision, in a solar system that is a yellow sun.

She is a member of both the Justice League and the Justice Society. In the pre-New 52 universe, Power Girl was sometimes stronger than Superman, having been able to defeat some of Superman's enemies. We don't know if she would be able to beat her cousin in a fight, but she wouldn't make it easy for him.

Warner Bros. thanks. The king of the Seven Seas and ruler of Atlantis will be introduced to casual moviegoers in the newly formed DC Extended Universe. It isn't a joke, but it may seem like it. Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, thanks to his training and mystical powers.

Even the most durable enemies can be pierced by the destructibility of Aquaman's Trident.

Maybe it can penetrate Superman's skin as well. Superman can't out swim Aquaman in the water, but he can outswim him using his Trident.

There is a chance that the Man of Tomorrow could win if he was using his weapon from The New 52 universe, and that is why there is a chance that the fight could break out between the two. It is able to pierce the skin of Darkseid, thanks to its magic and strength.

Zatanna is one of the strongest living magicians in the DC Universe, despite not being as well known as her Golden Age counterparts. She is not a spirit which requires a host, but a human who develops extraordinary mystic abilities, so it's important to emphasize the term "living." Zatanna's powers were limited when she first joined the Justice League, but they have since grown and she is now a death-defying sorceress.

Zatanna is a descendant of a long line of powerful magicians, which makes her capable of a new type of magic. She has no ceiling on her powers, and she can beat Superman if given the chance to cast a spell, because she has been seen working alongside Enchantress, Doctor Fate, and John Constantine, thus making her a viable candidate to fight Superman. If Superman were to subdue her before that, there's nothing she can do to stop him.

Although Specter has never been a member of the Justice League, he was a charter member of the Justice Society of America, which is why we've included him on this list. The Specter gets his powers through magic. Unlike most of the characters on the list, Specter is a god. He has no limit to his strength, he can manipulate time, space and matter, and he only has a handicap because he needs a human host who can judge fairly.

He does not harm the innocent even though he is the strongest in either the DC or Marvel universe. There is no reason for Superman to argue with Spectre if he stays on the right side of good and evil. If he was fighting Superman Prime, things might not be so clear-cut, for the alternate version of the Man of Steel is able to put up a substantial fight against Specter, and is resistant to magic.

The Green Lantern Corps is the DC Universe's military force and police force, whose Lanterns use rings that give them supernatural powers, which represent their embodiment of willpower. Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Lantern, is the most well-known and cherished of the human Lanterns, and the Golden Age character Alan Scott was the first.

Hal Jordan is one of the most important heroes on the team. He is a worthy opponent to the strongest villains in the universe, including The Specter, because of his authority and powers.

Hal Jordan is a man without a ring, but he is still powerful. Hal Jordan can produce constructs that can trap, subdue, or even kill Superman, if he has the will. If they were to fight, Green Lantern and Superman would be equal.

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