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Can i see my credit card number online discover?

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Answer # 1 #

"We've provided cardmembers with a simple tool for online shopping and account management functions," said Colleen Zambole, vice president of e-commerce at the Discover Financial unit of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co.

The card, launched today, is stored as an icon on a PC's desktop. It's powered by Trintech Group PLC's PayGate NetIssuer technology. Consumer information is protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. That information is further protected because cardholders must enter personal identification numbers when they use the DeskShop virtual card.

According to Zambole, the virtual credit card offers several benefits. First, it saves time by eliminating the need to complete every merchant's payment page. For example, an online shopper only has to fill in the DeskShop information form once. Then he can drag and drop the card, which contains the stored information, to an online merchant's check-out page, where the card will complete the check-out form.

In addition, customers can access the Discover Card Account Center through Discover DeskShop to check their transactions, get real-time account information and pay their bills online.

Zambole said Discover is targeting its 1 million cardmembers who already shop online, as well as its 47 million cardmembers who shop at brick-and-mortar stores. She said 300 merchants have signed up to accept the virtual credit card.

In order to use the DeskShop virtual credit card, people must register at Discover's Web site, then download the DeskShop software, which installs Discover Card icons onto the user's computer. These icons serve as shortcuts for starting the Discover DeskShop virtual credit card.

Merchants don't need any special software in order to accept the DeskShop virtual credit card, said John McGuire, CEO of Trintech, which is based in California and Ireland.

"This doesn't require a merchant to do anything," he said. "We wanted this to be zero-touch for the merchants.

While the ultimate goal of the virtual credit card is to make online shopping easier, analysts said the downloading process, which takes about six clicks and four minutes to complete, might discourage some people, especially first-time online buyers.

"The more steps a consumer has to go through, the less likely they are to stick around for all of the download," said Emily Meehan, an e-commerce analyst at The Yankee Group in Boston. "What compels them is what they get at the end. This type of approach might be great for frequent online shoppers who want the convenience of not having to fill out forms every time," said Meehan. But Internet newbies "may not be willing to stick around (for the entire download)," she added. "The company should probably be targeting frequent shoppers."

Laurie Orlov, an e-commerce analyst at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Mass., also said she doesn't think most people will be patient enough to download the software.

"Consumers are not inclined to download software," said Orlov. "If it only takes one click to do it, maybe. But if it takes a series of clicks and they have to click this and click that and then click their heels together three times, they'll forget why they got there in the first place."

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Answer # 2 #

Your Discover credit card account number is the same as your Discover credit card number on the front of your card. If your physical card is not available, you can find your account number by logging in to your online Discover account, or by finding your latest paper statement.

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Answer # 3 #

A credit Card Number, also known as the credit card account number, is a 16-digit (sometimes 12-19 digits) number mentioned on the front side of a credit card. It is one of the most important parts of your credit card as you can not make any online transactions using your credit card without entering this number. It tells a lot about your credit card account, including your credit card issuer, card network, etc.

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Nowadays, it is not very difficult to find your financial details even if you don’t have the physical documents or the card with you. Almost everyone uses mobile phones these days and that is what you need to get all your credit card details in minutes without any hassle. The following are some of the easiest ways to find your credit card number

Almost all credit card issuers provide internet banking facilities to their customers nowadays. If you have registered your credit card with internet banking, you can easily get all your card details, including the credit card number, by logging in to your internet banking account. You can find a 16-digit number under the ‘My Account’ section and this sixteen-digit number is your credit card number.

Credit Card Statement may or may not contain your credit card number, but you can check for it once. Some card issuers mention the complete 16-digit account number in your monthly statement, whereas others only mention the last four digits there. If you don’t have your physical card with you and you want to know your card number for some urgent transaction, you must check your monthly statement that is sent to your registered email Id every month. On the topmost corner of the first page of the statement, all your credit card account details will be given and you may also find your card number there.

If you are unable to find your card number using any other methods, you can also contact your card issuer directly. They will ask you for a few details like your registered mobile number, your name, etc, and will definitely help you with finding out your credit card number. You can just request them to find the credit card number registered with your mobile number. The bank officials will either tell you the credit card number directly or they will guide you on how you can find the same.

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Fasahat Kaleb
Answer # 4 #

A credit card number is the long set of digits displayed across the front or back of your plastic or metal credit card. It is typically 16 digits in length, often appearing in sets of four, and it is used to identify both the credit card issuer and the account holder.Credit card numbers are not randomly assigned; they’re coded to identify the issuer, the network, the account and also to validate the complete number, all in an effort to prevent theft and fraud. The credit card number must fit a complex pattern in order to work. Your credit card number consists of:

The first six numbers are used to identify the industry and/or credit card issuer. And the first digit is known as the Major Industry Identifier (MII). Here are some popular MIIs and what they represent:

1: Airlines

2: Airlines and Financial

3: Travel and Entertainment (including American Express)

4: Banking and Financial (Visa)

5: Banking and Financial (MasterCard)

6: Merchandising and Banking (Discover)

7: Petroleum

8: Health Care and Communications

9: Government

These are referred to as the card’s Issuer Identification Number (IIN), or Bank Identification Number (BIN), and further indicate which credit card company it originates from and clarifies to which card network it belongs.

Following the numbers that identify the issuer are the numbers that identify the account holder. Each issuer has one trillion possible numerical configurations with which to create account numbers and different credit cards use slightly different numbering systems.

The seventh and all remaining digits in a card number, except for the last, identify that card’s individual account. Your account number may have as few as nine or as many as 12 digits.

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