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gmg can't connect to wifi?

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Make sure you have tried resetting your router, many times this is all it takes. Make sure the GMG network has a strong signal when standing next to your home router. We need to make sure range is not an issue and the grill antennae is not damaged. Make sure you are only using the 2.4 GHz band on your dual band router.

Đơn Digga
Answer # 2 #

I have also had quite a few drams connecting the wifi.

My experience has given me a few more greys, so I feel you.

Even though I have a brand new wifi router which should have been adequate, I ended up buying a wifi network extender to get the wifi signal boosted enough to make it outside. I have an old house and the walls are thick. It's like living in a wifi dome where nothing gets outside.

It certainly does help having the extender, a lot. Weak wifi sucks anytime. Have you ever noticed how hot your phone gets trying to boost a weak signal?

If you can connect directly to the GMG local wifi, you know you're cool. If not, maybe your board on the grill isn't working correctly. There are plenty of mentions of this on various forums including the GMG one.

Next step is to see how strong your wifi is on your phone next to the grill. If it's weak, forget it, you won't be grilling from you couch inside. If it's strong, you should be okay.Mine was too weak where I wanted to use the grill, hence the need for a stronger signal. Please note that using an extender also means you need to be on a different network to what your current wifi SSID broadcasts so you need to make sure BOTH you phone and GMG can connect to the extender. (That was a PITA to get working but don't let it put you off). The goal is to be able to have a strong connection anywhere you want to be in your house (or maybe having a beer next door)

I also went the route that @urbangriller suggested. It worked the first time, then I did the firmware update. Then it wouldn't connect again to the app. I deleted the app again and it worked.

Then the wifi became iffy. The signal was too weak, I could see on my phone it was only about 20 - 30Mbps. Seems to not be enough. An old connection at full strength would have been around 52Mbps. A new router can send out a 2.4Ghtz signal around 450 ish Mbps and a 5.0Ghtz signal around 1700-1800 Ghtz.In short and forgetting the technical aspect, you want a medium to strong signal to connect the GMG to.

I tried the GMG server method and I can't get a stable connection for the life of me. But if i have a good connection the home network I can see the grill over a 4G phone network when I am offsite. Why that works, I don't know.

Phil McClellan
Chief Creative Officer
Answer # 3 #

Smart Control Steps

Green Mountain Grills give you complete control at your fingertips. Control and monitor your grill from the convenience of your couch through your home WiFi network or on-the-go remotely, with our easy to use server mode. Stay connected whenever, wherever.

To view the App Manual, Click Here

First thing's first, connect to the GMG network

Connecting to WiFi Mode:

Connecting to Server Mode:

Server Mode Tips and Tricks

Server Mode Indicator Light:

On the front of the digital control board is a small red led light (above green buttons and below Temp Display). When you connect the grill into server mode, this red LED will remain lit as long as the grill is connected to the server. If you notice the LED is no longer lit and you did not remove your grill from server mode, the grill has lost connection.

Grill Disconnects from Server Mode:

If the grill fails to connect to the server or disconnects from the server it will attempt to reconnect up to 3 times, every 90 seconds. If it fails to reconnect after 3 tries, (about 5 minutes) it will revert to WiFi mode or PtoP mode, depending on if it’s able to detect if it’s a client on your WiFi. Similarly if the grill is disconnected from WiFi mode it will attempt to reconnect up to 3 times, and revert to PtoP mode if unsuccessful.

If the grill still does not connect, it may have fallen back to Point to Point mode. If this happens, open the WiFi settings on your phone and check to see if the grill is broadcasting a network. If it is, start the connection process over. If it is not broadcasting the network, you will have to do a board reset. To reset your board, click here.

Hot Starts:

If your grill falls off Server mode and you have to reset the board, the quickest way to get back to get back up to temp is to bypass startup mode. To do this, start the grill like you normally would, and when you see it running through startup mode, hold the up button until the grill exits startup mode and displays the internal temp of the grill.


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