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How to care indoor bamboo plant?

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Answer # 1 #

The lucky bamboo will need a container that is thin and long to allow it to stand. Adding stones to the base of the container will offer stability if you are reproducing your bamboo.

The location is a key to knowing how to care for bamboo. You will need to find a place where the bamboo can be placed. There is a place without drafts.

It is easy to care for and maintain.

It is time to explain how to care for bamboo in water. The lucky bamboo needs to feel its stem submerged in water to feel it.

We should fill 1/3 of the total once inside the pot. The quality of the water is also important, avoid using tap water.

You will be able to observe how the water is absorbed by the sun. The plant container needs to be filled regularly. You will have to change the water weekly.

The bamboo needs to be fertilized every 2 or 3 months so that it gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Liquid bamboo fertilizers are perfect for lucky bamboo in water, and can be found on the market. Bamboo is not a plant that accepts synthetic fertilizers so you should look for organic products.

We can transplant our bamboo cane. It is a plant that requires a lot of water to grow.

How to plant bamboo in water? If you want to keep the roots from getting wet, you should keep the soil well drained and look for a soil that is rich in vitamins. That could cause rot. All kinds of stones can be included around the plant to improve drainage.

We teach you how to care for a lucky bamboo in the water and how to detect health problems.

Some of the most common bamboo diseases are listed below.

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Answer # 2 #

Phyllostachys Aurea, the bamboo plant that is more popular for us, has nothing to do with Lucky bamboo. It becomes one of the most beautiful plants to decorate interiors, but what is it that it needs? How is it maintained?

Below, we present bamboo and some tips on a plant that's a good decorative resource for the home to offer a distinctive and singular image in interiors.

The shape of the plant is a straight rod that can measure between 10 cm and one meter, with some of the shoots coming out and some of the roots growing in the middle of the internodes.

It can be said that it fits in pots and planters.

The corkscrew at the top of the bamboo plant is actually a small stem that forms a spiral. The Dracaena senderiana is a very decorative plant and it's scientific name is Dracaena senderiana.

In China, it is customary to give a bamboo as a gift in the New Year in order to get good luck, because bamboo is more widespread on the Asian continent. It is a recurring gift when buying a house or opening a business.

It is one of the indoor plants that purify the air.

It's important to point out that bamboo needs to be located in a place where there is intense light, but not direct sunlight.

It can grow in both the light and shade, with an ideal temperature of between 18oC and 24oC, although it can be a problem in extreme climates. It is one of the most difficult plants to grow indoors.

The water habit is key. It must be changed every two weeks in the summer and once a week in the winter. Misting the foliage twice a week will help to remove dust.

If it is planted in the ground, you should water it when you see the dry surface. It is advisable to let the water rest so that it doesn't get chlorine.

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Answer # 3 #

The bamboo cane needs a lot of water as it is an aquatic plant. To make it look better and have a better appearance, it is better to water it with water that is free of chemicals and rain.

Keep in mind that the bamboo's roots must be completely submerged in the water, so fill the container halfway.

If you want to plant lucky bamboo in a fish tank or aquarium, you can get the vitamins from the dirty water and it will grow healthy.

The bamboo doesn't need too much sunlight, so you have to control it. Too much lighting could kill this plant or cause it to turn yellow, so don't get too much light either directly or indirectly.

If the bamboo cane is sick, it could be because the water in the cane has been contaminated.

If you apply a few drops of aquatic plant food once a month you will ensure that your bamboo gets the vitamins it needs to grow healthy.

It is better not to use soap or water when cleaning the container where you put the bamboo.

If you use moderate amounts of fertilizers, you can avoid pests, but do not go too far or it will turn yellow.

If your bamboo is made of land, make sure that the land is always humid and not excessively wet. When the top of the soil is dry, it's time to water the Lucky bamboo.

If you don't know how to plant bamboo in the ground, we'll show you how to do it.

Although it is a fairly resistant plant, it needs correct maintenance, as we have said.

The umbrella bamboo is the ideal bamboo plant to plant in pots since it does not colonize as much.

The giant bamboo is best planted in the ground. How to do it is below.

It is important to have the bamboo in a container with water so that it can survive the plantation and be hydrated. It will also wash well.

If the pot is too small, it will break the roots, so choose the size of the pot. It's important that it allow drainage, which is very important for bamboo care. You should know that it needs to be transplant between the ages of two and five.

The pot should have a universal one or one with a high amount of peat. You should make a hole in the center.

Take the bamboo out of the container and put it into the hole you made in the soil of the pot.

The bamboo cane can maintain its balance if the root is well covered. You can put branches or bamboo in the same pot.

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