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How to eat feta cheese?

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It's also a great product to add to salads like dakos or cook into healthy dinner dishes like the Baked Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Feta Skillet. The melon and cucumber tartare with feta cheese is a very easy recipe.

The name is Kolokithokeftedes!

In Greece, the word for this word is s Zucchini and Feta cheese fritters. A delicious and traditional bite of Greek gastronomy has conquered us at the beginning. The tender, juicy, aromatic, kolokithokeftedes have found a place of honor in our kitchen. Do you have the guts to prepare them?

You can link to the recipe.

We came across the idea in an old French recipe forum and have changed the smoked ham to Serrano ham. It is not a very attractive recipe, but we promise you that it is much richer than you think, and will make you dip a loaf of bread if you don't care.

The recipe is for zucchini gratin with serrano ham and feta cheese.

We recommend oven-roasted vegetables as a simple way to fix any dinner or meal with little effort, and in many successful combinations. This one is definitely it.

There is a recipe for baked broccoli with cherry tomato and lemon.

The idea for the dish was shared almost two years ago in a Finnish cooking blog.

The author jokes about the worldwide impact of her simple recipe that has been shared on TikTok and become an almost instant success.

Pasta with baked Feta cheese and cherry tomato.

There are some recipes that are so simple and delicious that we immediately know we will like them. This is what will happen to you with this cheese. It may seem strange to cook a cheese like Feta, but we have already tried it and we are positive that it is great.

The recipe is Breaded Feta Cheese with Pink Pepper Honey and Thyme.

The Greek Feta cheese pastries are a delicious bite that blends the soft texture of milk with the intense flavor of Feta cheese, giving rise to a dough that will impress.

They are an ideal snack for a snack or a picnic since they can be prepared in advance and are easy to transport.

Greek Feta Cupcakes is a recipe.

For many years, we have been making this cheese with vegetables and we like it more every day. The heat of the oven makes the combination of flavors and texture different.

Feta cheese is a delicacy because it turns sweet and juicy. It's fresh out of the oven, and you have good bread at your side.

Feta cheese with vegetables en papillote is a recipe.

We could spend a lot of time looking at this delicious dish, but the smell that comes from it makes us want to get our hands on it. When we saw this cake in the New York Times, we wanted to try it immediately.

There is a link to the recipe for salty spinach, Feta and potato tarts.

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