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How to connect cdj to laptop?

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Answer # 1 #
  • Connect the CDJ-3000 to your PC/Mac using a USB cable.
  • Press the [SOURCE] button, then press the [CONTROL MODE] button.
  • Start your DJ application.
Moura Cortés
Answer # 2 #

If you’ve been spinning with a laptop and a DJ controller, you may encounter situations where you’re asked to play at a venue that doesn’t have space in the DJ booth for any other gear apart from the CDJ / DJM set that it has. If you’ve got a tiny controller (like the DDJ-WeGo4) you may be able to squeeze your kit, but if you’ve got a bigger controller like the DDJ-RX or larger, you’re going to run into logistical issues.

Instead of hauling a folding desk or bugging the bar staff for a cocktail table, you can still spin with your laptop using the CDJs. The CDJs essentially become your controller – this is known as HID Mode. There are a bunch of ways to connect CDJs / XDJs to your laptop in HID Mode, and this video will cover off one of those ways.

The following Pioneer DJ media players come with HID Mode baked in:

Pranav Latiwala