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How to ejaculate in cs go?

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Concerning changes include foul-smelling semen, pinkish or greenish semen, or exceptionally low (and even exceptionally high) semen volumes. In cases like this, you may be well served to speak with your healthcare provider or a specialist of the male reproductive tract called a urologist

This article answers some of the common questions about what healthy semen should look, smell, and even taste like. It also describes changes that warrant investigation by a healthcare provider.

Semen is the cloudy, white fluid that is released from the penis you ejaculate ("cum"). It consists of sperm cells (called spermatozoa) and a sticky, syrupy liquid called seminal fluid. The role of seminal fluid is to transport sperm and provide them with nutrition and a stable environment so that they can several for up to five days to enable fertilization.

With every ejaculation, about 100 million sperm cells are released from the penis.

Sperm cells are produced in the testicles ("balls"). From there, the cells enter a coiled tube called the epididymis where they are stored and mature under the influence of hormones from the testicles and pituitary gland.

Thereafter, the sperm cells migrate to a long, muscular tube called the vas deferens where they mix with seminal fluid secreted through passageways called the ejaculatory ducts. The end product is semen.

The seminal fluid itself is composed of fluids from three organs:

During ejaculation, powerful contractions of the bulbospongiosus and pubococcygeus muscles propel semen out of the penis through a long tube called the urethra.

The volume of semen that is released during ejaculation can vary. A 2012 review of studies published in the Journal of Andrology suggests the average volume is 3.4 milliliters (mL). This is roughly two-thirds of a teaspoon.

Semen volume may impact male fertility. Research suggests having a higher-than-normal semen volume corresponds with a low lower sperm count. This is due to the dilution of sperm cells.

On the other hand, a lower-than-normal semen volume (less than 1.5 mL) also corresponds to a lower likelihood of fertility. Consistently low semen volumes may be due to a condition such as retrograde ejaculation in which semen flows back to the bladder rather than out of the body.

Low semen volumes may also be a sign of other medical conditions. A 2014 study in Fertility and Sterility evaluated over 9,000 males with an average age of 38. They found that people with low semen volumes were nearly two times more likely to have high blood pressure or heart disease than those with normal semen volumes.

Low semen volume is not always a sign of infertility or illness. It can also be a sign of dehydration or recent ejaculation.

Semen is typically more alkaline than acidic, an environment that sperm cells thrive in. With semen, a healthy pH balance (anywhere between 7.2 and 8.0) corresponds to a more ammonia-like or chlorine-like smell.

At the same time, organic chemicals called amines are largely responsible for the smell people associate with semen. The amines found in semen include putrescine, spermine, spermidine, and cadaverine.

In terms of taste, semen tends to be slightly sweet due to its high fructose content. With that said, a more alkaline pH can make semen taste salty or bitter (or a combination of sweet and salty).

Certain foods can alter the taste and smell of semen, making it more bitter, pungent, or musky. These include:

Other foods are thought to make semen smell or taste milder or sweeter, including celery, parsley, and pineapple. Taking multivitamins can also give semen a more metallic or mineral-y taste.

Smoking tobacco can also alter the taste or smell of semen. Cigarette smoke can also reduce the quality, count, and motility of sperm and make it harder for you to conceive.

Another factor that can influence the smell or taste of semen is an infection. These include urinary tract infections (UTIs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis.

Normal semen is generally an off-white or slightly yellow color. The consistency should be similar to that of egg whites or slightly jelly-like. There may sometimes be jelly-like globules in the semen, which is normal if you are dehydrated or have not ejaculated in a long time.

Changes in semen color or consistency are usually of little concern, but certain changes may suggest a health concern.

Semen can sometimes be watery and pose no particular concern. It may be that you have ejaculated recently or frequently, consumed large amounts of water, or overheated your testicles (such as by wearing tight underwear and exercising vigorously). In cases like this, the wateriness may be temporary and nothing to worry about.

A zinc deficiency can also sometimes cause thin, runny sperm.

At other times, watery sperm may be an indication of oligozoospermia (low sperm count). This occurs when there are fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen. Watery sperm is characteristic oligospermia, the condition of which may be caused by:

If your semen has a red or brown color, it may be a sign of blood. While this may seem alarming, the condition (called hematospermia) is usually not serious. Most of the time, it is caused by tiny blood vessels that have ruptured in the seminal vesicles or prostate gland during an erection or ejaculation.

Other causes of hematospermia include:

The good news is that most cases of hematospermia clear on their own without incident. Rarely is blood in semen a sign of cancer.

Semen with a pronounced yellow or green color may be a sign of an infection. There are other possible causes as well, including:

Semen is typically off-white or slightly yellowish with a consistency similar to egg whites. It often has a slight ammonia scent and can vary in flavor from sweet to salty to bitter.

Amitava Sonie
Answer # 2 #
  • Open the console. Launch CS:GO, then go to “Settings” Go to “Game” Search for “Enable Developer Console” and change it to “Yes” Click “~” to open the console.
  • Type bind “playerradio deathcry moan”
Sahir dgjixcrb
Answer # 3 #

Usually, the CS:GO console is for serious players wanting to set up binds for convenience and more efficient setups. So things like setting up crosshairs, radars, and anything that increases performance in-game are by far the majority of reasons people use the CS:GO console.

But, those not interested in leveling up their game have figured out ways to use the console for fun. One of the most popular ones members of the community have learned to do is to make moaning sounds freely.

Here is how you can set up your binds so you can moan in your next Counter-Strike game.

In-game characters at times make noises while things are happening throughout the game, like taking shots or getting kills. Funnily enough, characters make moaning noises when they die. And now people have figured out how to make this a regular occurrence.

This can be done by setting a specific keybind and pairing it with a command to play the sound effect at will. When this is done, the radio command of the moaning sound will be played.

Since it is a normal radio command, the entire CS:GO team will be able to hear the sound whenever the command is activated.

For the “” tag, this is where you will be able to put any bind you want in place of the keys. So if you want your bind to be “Q”, then yours will look like bind Q “playerradio deathcry moan”.

Unfortunately, Valve has disabled the command in normal matchmaking, so these moaning sounds will only be able to be done while sv_cheats is on. So, for those unsure of how to turn on sv_cheats, the following steps are how you would make that happen.

Once this is all finished, players will finally be able to spam moans in their next custom CS:GO game and it is one that is sure to garner a few laughs amongst friends.

Hiromasa Doren
Psychiatric Nursing