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How to find up and coming crypto reddit?

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Reddit is a well-known social news aggregation and discussion platform that is based in the US, but accessible around the world.

Many traders and investors congregate on the Reddit platform to discuss the most recent trends and find potentially profitable cryptos to invest in. As such, the platform can be very revealing.

This guide reveals the best Reddit crypto to buy in 2023.

We’ve analyzed multiple crypto projects, including those likely to be the next big cryptocurrency on Reddit. We ranked these projects based on how much potential they have to grow, use cases, and more.

Below is a list the overall best Reddit crypto to buy in 2023.

According to our research, some of the above-listed projects are likely to be the next big cryptocurrency on Reddit, and others are already blowing up.

As noted earlier, the cryptocurrency projects that follow have been ranked based on numerous factors such as the roadmap, use cases, tokenomics, and upside potential.

Read on to learn more about 10 of the best Reddit crypto to invest in now.

Meta Masters Guild is a new project on the P2E (play-to-earn) scene. Its native token MEMAG is bound to be the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2023 according to Reddit. This project is aiming to become the biggest crypto gaming guild of its kind.

Furthermore, it’s the first blockchain project to target mobile gaming, whereby the quality isn’t compromised to focus entirely on the player earning crypto. Instead, players can enjoy the games they play on their cell phones and will still be able to earn whilst doing so.

The first title to be released by the MEMAG team has the potential to be one of the best crypto games for mobiles. The game is called Meta Kart Racing. Each character is represented by an NFT with different skills.

Players will be able to choose the NFT avatar they like best. Not only that, but players can also pick up upgrades, resources, and various other rewards on the race track. Rocky the Apeman is the standout NFT character, and he is tasked with racing to free his family.

Other characters include a punk, a rockstar, and a female robot. The team will release more characters later on. Another P&E game that could propel this project into the Reddit cryptocurrency newsgroups is Raid NFT.

This is a fantasy fighting game, which is a hugely popular market. There will be different modes to choose from when playing Raid NFT. This includes PVP (player vs player), which will take place in the metaverse arena.

In a nutshell, this means it’s possible to play against other real-world gamers. Alternatively, players can choose to play solo. There isn’t a full whitepaper yet as the project is still in the development stage.

However, this project’s roadmap includes key advancements such as an NFT store launch, character and feature expansion, MEMAG giveaways, and more. MEMAG costs just $0.01 for each token as of writing, as it’s in stage two of its presale campaign.

This offers a huge discount when compared to future stages of the presale and the eventual exchange listing that will follow. The MEMAG litepaper will shed more light on why we believe it is the overall best Reddit crypto to buy right now.

Visit MEMAG Presale

Fight Out is combining fitness and blockchain technology to create a new era for P2E gaming. This new trend is called M2E (Move to earn). The Fight Out ecosystem will include rewards, professional athlete ambassadors, the metaverse, an app, a virtual gym, and more.

The digital currency powering the ecosystem is FGHT. Tokens are on sale for $0.0166 each at the time of writing. When listed, FGHT will be priced at $0.0333 each. The campaign has already raised over $3 million.

Furthermore, the Fight Out team has placed a $15 million hard ceiling on the presale. This is due to stronger than anticipated development progress. With success at such an early stage in the campaign, there’s no reason that FGHT won’t be the best crypto to buy on Reddit in 2023.

FGHT holders will be able to take part in competitions against others to earn crypto. They can also access courses on footwork, combat, and sports nutrition. This is in addition to having access to personalized workouts and one-on-one training sessions.

The team is developing an app to assist users in advancing their fitness, whilst rewarding them in digital tokens. The reward token is called REPS. Both FGHT and REPS can be used to make in-app purchases to either personalize the soulbond NFT avatar (for instance with cosmetics like tattoos) or to buy nutrients to advance their fitness.

Fight Out has introduced bonus tiers to its platform. Individuals that purchase more than $500 worth of FGHT tokens and choose a 35% bonus can get a 24-month subscription, avatar cosmetic drops, and other benefits.

On the other end of the scale, an investor can buy $10,000 in FGHT tokens and select a 45% bonus. After meeting these criteria, they will receive 100,000 REPS, a lifetime Fight Out membership, access to master classes, and many other perks.

Investors can join the team on social media platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and the Fight Out Telegram group. Fight Out posts about crypto giveaways, meme competitions, updates, and more on these mediums.

Visit Fight Out

Those researching Reddit crypto investing shouldn’t overlook the latest green presale project, C+Charge. This project is looking to disrupt the EV market. One element of the team’s plan is to allow drivers to earn tokenized carbon credits.

With the help of green project funding, a holder of carbon credits can lessen their adverse impact on the environment. C+Charge users will be awarded carbon credits in the form of GNT. This is simply for charging their vehicles using EV charging stations within the project’s network.

The token used for payments when charging will be CCHG, which can also be utilized to buy carbon credits. As such, the native utility token, CCHG, is one of the best future cryptocurrency projects for climate-friendly investors.

As of writing, investors can place an order to lock in CCHG tokens at a price of $0.013 each. Tokens will go up in the next round of the presale campaign, to $0.0165 each. The overall best crypto according to Reddit changes all the time.

However, there is no doubting this project’s potential in the tokenized carbon credit space. With increasing concerns about the damage traditional vehicles have on the environment, there’s no reason C+Charge won’t be a trending crypto on Reddit 2023.

Read the C+Charge whitepaper for further information about this project.

Visit C+Charge

RobotEra is showing potential to be the best Reddit crypto to buy for fantasy P2E gamers. This isn’t a fantasy-fighting game as such. Instead, players are transformed into tokenized and tradable robot characters and must build and find resources.

The underlying crypto asset is called TARO. At the time of writing this guide on the best crypto to invest in on Reddit, TARO is still on presale. RobotEra’s native tokens only cost $0.020 each. TARO tokens can also be used to buy land in the game.

When playing RobotEra, gamers can add structures to the land they buy. It’s also possible to make robot companions to help them in their missions, using the platform’s editing tools. The player's creations of characters or structures produce matching digital NFT assets that may be exchanged in the marketplace.

As such, this represents a chance for players to earn as they rebuild the RobotEra metaverse. The ecology of RobotEra will alter as a result of TARO investors' involvement, and the roadmap will also be adapted according to votes.

As it’s in stage one, investors who believe TARO could be the best crypto on Reddit still have time to grab a bargain. RobotEra will enter other presale phases before its eventual listing on an exchange. For instance, in the second presale stage, TARO will be priced at $0.025 each.

Investors can check out the whitepaper for more information surrounding the RobotEra ecosystem.

Visit RobotEra

Calvaria is a P2E gaming platform that harnesses blockchain technology to entertain and reward players. All cards within a deck are represented by NFTs with varying traits. The game is called Duels of Eternity.

Players will go on an adventure and enter a realm influenced by Mexican mythology. After choosing one of three factions, they must assemble and prepare their troops (NFT cards). They will then begin engaging in combat with other players in the campaign.

Furthermore, Calvaria has its sights set on entering the esports market, making it one of the best Reddit cryptos to invest in right now. The esports space has increased year-on-year since its inception and is already a billion-dollar industry.

The skill-based and competitive nature of Calvaria makes it a great fit for esports. According to the whitepaper, the team will continue to preserve the growth of the Cavaria project and its user base by evolving.

Calvaria will eventually provide a number of seasonal tournaments with significant prize pools. Additionally, the team will hold other contests from partners as well as sponsors. As of writing Calvaria’s token - RIA, is over 90% into the final stage of its presale campaign and has so far raised over $2.8 million.

As such, investors will need to move quickly to buy RAI at a discount before its first exchange listing.

Visti Calvaria Presale

Lucky Block will be the best cryptocurrency to invest in on Reddit for sports betting and/or casino fans. It started out by holding a hugely successful presale in 2022 for its crypto and NFT competitions platform, before recently launching a crypto casino and betting site backed by the LBLOCK token.

We found that there are over 30 sports to bet on at Lucky Block, as well as almost 5,000 slot games from numerous high-caliber software providers.

This is in addition to live dealers, table games, provably fair, dice, and more. Players can also access bonus buy titles at Lucky Block. Popular options include Madame Destiny, Sugar Rush, Book of Shadows, and many others.

Bonus buy games allow players to pay a premium in order to have instant access to exciting features and rewards.

There are many shady gambling sites in the crypto space, however, Lucky Block does not fall into this category. The casino holds a license from the Curaçao Gaming Control Board and offers instant sign ups and payouts.

In 2022, LBLOCK was one of the quickest crypto assets to reach a market capitalization of $1 billion. The market capitalization of Lucky Block’s native token is over $5.7 million as of writing. As such, many would argue that LBLOCK is heavily undervalued.

Visit Lucky Block

Tamadoge is a project that could also be the best Reddit crypto to buy for fans of P2E and meme coins. This project is in the beta testing stage of games that offer a nostalgic nod to the arcades of the past.

What sets these arcade games apart is the use of blockchain technology, crypto rewards, and a range of NFT pets. Each NFT Tamadoge pet has different traits and can be sold or traded in the marketplace.

Players can train, breed, and compete with their Tamadoge NFTs to try to get to first place on the leaderboard each month. According to the platform, gamers will have the freedom to mint any ‘doges’ they choose.

Pets will be able to play with their friends in the Tamaverse when the project has successfully extended P2E options to incorporate AR (augmented reality).

The P2E ecosystem is backed by TAMA tokens. The presale campaign for this cryptocurrency project raised a massive $19 million. As of writing, Tamadoge carries a market cap of over $20 million.

Visit Tamadoge

Dogecoin was developed in 2013 as a comical response to the large influx of new cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, it grew a huge devoted following in the years that followed. Its popularity has helped it remain a top trending crypto on Reddit.

Despite being a meme token, Dogecoin has far lower transaction costs than many proof-of-work cryptocurrencies and can be utilized as a speedy online payment method. Even some crypto casinos, such as the aforementioned Lucky Block, accept DOGE.

The Dogecoin community on Reddit has over 2.4 million members. As a result, Dogecoin is one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies among new investors. This might help raise the price, not just in 2023, but also for a number of years to follow.

As of writing, Dogecoin has a market cap of over $11 billion. This Reddit crypto investing favorite is ranked the ninth biggest digital currency in terms of market capitalization at this time.

Buy DOGE on eToro

Developers are able to create scalable, user-friendly, low-fee dApps using Polygon. In short, this is a decentralized and highly secure Ethereum scaling platform. Polygon has forged multiple strategic partnerships to encourage the growth of the project in recent years.

Polygon focuses on the web3 space and has entered partnerships with Starbucks, Meta, VC Plays, Reddit Avatars, and Mastercard, to name a few. The ‘Mastercard Artist Accelerator’ initiative uses Polygon to connect upcoming artists with opportunities.

The idea is to aid them in building their brands both domestically and internationally. The network’s crypto asset is MATIC. This is the best Reddit crypto for NFT fans. Reddit's polygonal NFT avatars are owned by around six million different investors.

As such, it's clear that the Polygon-centric Reddit Avatars marketplace is highly popular. As of writing, the market capitalization of MATIC is nearly $9 billion.

Buy MATIC on eToro

Cardano is a completely open-source decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. This smart contract platform aims to offer more sophisticated functionality than any protocol it precedes, making it a regular in Reddit cryptocurrency news.

The native crypto token is ADA. Cardano enables ADA holders to take part in the protocol's security and they are given rewards. Investors in ADA are eligible for rewards for staking their tokens.

Investors can use the calculator on the Cardano platform to work out how much they might earn for locking up ADA. There are various subreddits dedicated to Cardano. One of the most popular is Cardano_ELI5.

This specific group was created to aggregate frequently asked Cardano-related questions along with brief, well-researched, clear, and welcoming community responses.

Due to ongoing advancements in the Cardano ecosystem and the market as a whole, Cardano is likely to continue to be a contender for the best Reddit crypto to invest in for years to come. Cardano carries a market cap of nearly $12 billion as of writing.

Buy ADA on eToro

It's hardly surprising that digital currencies are one of Reddit's most frequently discussed subjects.

Over the last decade or so, the discussion platform has seen the creation of thousands of cryptocurrency-related subreddits. Each with a unique size, purpose, and level of moderation.

Players should check out the following groups when researching the best crypto to buy right now according to Reddit in 2023.

The r/CryptoCurrency group was created in 2013 and has six million members as of writing. As such, this is one of the first places that many investors will go to find the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2023 according to Reddit.

r/CryptoCurrency uses Moons, which can be exchanged for premium features, as community points. In a nutshell, moons are given to popular members as payment for their work.

This is an ERC-20 token and Reddit members can earn them by leaving comments and upvoting posts on the r/Cryptocurrency group. Moons are now being sent to users who have registered Vaults through the Reddit app.

r/CryptoTechnology is a forum for serious and technical conversations about cryptocurrencies. Members can engage in in-depth discussions without being exposed to advertisements or other low-quality content in this subreddit.

This Reddit group is highly monitored to make sure it only contains top-quality and useful content.

Another place to potentially discover the best Reddit crypto to invest in for 2023 is the group r/CryptoMarkets. At the time of writing, this group has 1.3 million members.

This crypto subreddit has a strong focus on pricing action. Members of r/CryptoMarkets will discuss the future direction of Bitcoin and other crypto assets from an analytic perspective, This includes projections based on technical indicators such as the RSI, as well as fundamental developments surrounding the industry.

The r/Bitcoin group has 4.8 million members as of writing and focuses on the original crypto asset - Bitcoin.

This subreddit provides investors with the most recent Bitcoin news, advice, and updates. The daily discussion thread on r/Bitcoin is another place where individuals can talk about Bitcoin's current activity in the crypto market.

Furthermore, resources are accessible on r/Bitcoin to assist new users in beginning their journey with digital currency investing.

The r/CryptoMoonShots subreddit group has over 1.9 million members. The main topic of conversation is the best cryptocurrency to invest in on Reddit with a low market capitalization.

Freshly launched cryptocurrencies with the potential to blow up are also covered by this group. According to the community description, this group is not recommended for newbie crypto traders.

This guide on the best crypto to buy right now according to Reddit has analyzed a wide range of projects to suit everyone. We’ve also talked about some of the most popular subreddits dedicated to crypto assets.

We found that the overall best Reddit crypto to invest in is MEMAG, which is a P&E project. The platform will offer players high-quality games and rewards specifically developed for mobiles. MEMAG is on presale for just $0.01 per token.

Visit MEMAG Presale

The best Reddit crypto to buy in 2023 is Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG). This is set to be the largest crypto-centric play and earn gaming guild for mobiles. The token MEMAG is available on presale for just $0.01 right now.

This guide found that the best crypto to buy right now on Reddit is MEMAG. This is the native token of Meta Masters Guild, an exciting mobile play and earn initiative on the blockchain. Early investors can buy MEMAG tokens at a discount of $0.01 on presale.

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Crafted by cryptocurrency experts, we believe our ability to accurately parody the industry and bring laughter will attract significant attention. The crypto space is ripe with entertainment and plenty of material to poke fun at.

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