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How to mine in prison star citizen?

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Answer # 1 #

Klescher Rehabilitation Facility is a automated correctional facility located on the moon Aberdeen and operated by Klescher Rehabilitation Facilities on behalf of the UEE. Players will be placed in the prison if being killed in UEE monitored space while having a Crime Stat. The duration of the sentence is depending on the committed crimes and can reach from minutes to many hours, it is possible to reduce the sentence by mining ore, completing contracts or receiving Merits from another inmate. But it is also possible to escape from the prison through a cave. This will then require to travel to a security station and erase the criminal record.

Klescher Rehabilitation Facility was revealed during CitizenCon 2949 and implemented to the Persistent Universe with patch Alpha 3.9.0.[1][2]

Upon arrival in a prison cell a new inmate is welcomed by the following message on the screen in the cell:

The duration that has to be spend inside Klescher can be viewed in the center of the complex at one of the terminals, the duration is dependent on the amount of crimes committed and the Crime Stat.

Leaving the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility is possible by three different pathways, by hand mining in the work mines and trading in the collected ore at the mineral deposit kiosk in return for a reduction of prison time, by paying Merit that can be earned by completing contracts or traded between players and by escaping from the prison but that also requires to erase the criminal record at one of the security facilities.

The working mines are directly connected to the main complex and extend over three very complex tunnel systems, Three different types of mineable ore deposits are placed at random locations that can be handed over at the exit in exchange for Merits. Aphorite is the most commonly found and next to Dolivine the only mineral that can be found at the beginning of each tunnel. Any mineral not being traded-in after leaving the mines is automatically being confiscated.

Merits can be acquired through depositing mined ore, completing a Prison related contract or through a transfer from another inmate. Using merits as a payment to pay off the prison sentence is debited from the credit upon using the elevator. This can result in leaving the prison while still carrying a Crime Stat, if the amount of Merit's in possession were not enough because they were spend on the commissary or had been transferred to anther player.

Any remaining Merits in possession after leaving the prison will disappear.

It is possible to escape from the prison through a cave that starts behind a ventilation shaft. To begin the escape the ventilation system has to be powered off with a code that is displayed on a monitor in the security office near the commissary. After successfully getting though the cave, a Ursa Rover can be taken from one of the two garages that has to be unlocked with a code displayed on a monitor inside a security office close to the end of the cave before climbing over a door through a air duct.

However, it is recommended getting help to escape from Aberdeen, because the next possible location to retrieve a small size ship is a long distance away.

After successfully escaping from Aberdeen it is necessary to travel to one of the security stations with a working terminal connected to the Imperial Criminal Database and hack into the system by using a cryptokey and erase all criminal records.

Merits can be traded at the commissary for a variety of items.

The commons area plays one of these quotes every couple of seconds:

Shayar Thiess
Mechanical Engineer
Answer # 2 #

Follow the signs in prison from the main area to the mining cave. Players can use their multi-tool here to mine designated rocks. By picking these up and depositing them at the mine exit, players will quickly reduce their sentence time.

Rakeysh Nosseck
Software Developer
Answer # 3 #

The Star Citizen 3.18 Update is just around the corner and it will go live at the end of January or the start of February 2023. There are tons of new things like Salvaging in Star Citizen 3.18, New Ships, and many other 3.18 Update exciting additions.

Along with all this, the Crime System is also getting a lot of changes in the new Star Citizen 3.18 updates as well. If you were suffering from Prison Life before, now it will be much worse.

You can’t obey the law every time and expect yourself to not visit Prison. At certain times you could be there for various other reasons. In our Guide on How to Escape Prison in Star Citizen 3.18, we will also share with you a few ways to escape this Hell Life of Prison and get back to the Space Journey. Let’s get started with the guide without wasting any more time.

It is quite obvious, but serving your sentence in the prison is the logically best way to leave this place. But, how do you know when the Serving Sentence is ending? For that, Star Citizen allows you to hop out of your Prison Cell and take a few steps toward the Centre Console.

After the interaction, you will find out what the period is. It might be low or high depending on your crime. On average the time is around 12 hours. The good thing, however, is that when you go out of the game and log out, the time still runs.

So, you can commit a crime before sleeping and after your Prison time starts, you can go to sleep, logging out from the game. Yes, it might sound a bit too hacky, but it works flawlessly. The other thing would be to simply go through the Mining Loop in the Prison till the time runs out.

If you are like us or other hard-core gamers who just can’t stand the sight of running down and waiting on the Sentence Time to run out, then follow on through our Guide to Escaping Prison in Star Citizen 3.18.

If you don’t like serving the Sentence in Prison of Star Citizen, no worries. Because you can just break out of it. We know that every hard-core gamer loves to just do the exact opposite of what games want them to do.

Here in Star Citizen 3.18, you will face some severe consequences for doing this, but if you were brave enough to commit a crime, then why not commit another one and break out of prison in Star Citizen 3.18?

For Breaking Out of Prison, you will need to have someone with you on the exact same server you are playing on. The other player should be able to give you a ride back to the planet, but in case this doesn’t happen you are in a tricky situation here. So, how do Break Out of Prison you ask? Follow on with the Guide to know how…

Just before the mine shaft inside the Prison, you will find a code. After entering, you need to keep an eye out on the right side. At the back of the service room, you will see a screen.

The code is right there and it is around 4-digit. This code is the key to Getting out of Prison in Star Citizen 3.18, but only from the main area. After having the code, just go back to the main area and search for the broken fan. It will be somewhere near the wall.

Remember the code? Well, enter it after going up to the Vents. Using it, the Fan will stop spinning around and you will have an exit. There is a cave system underneath and you have to go through this cave system to the surface.

Never waste time there exploring around because you are at a place where Oxygen is quite low and you will lose your chance. Before reaching the surface, you will find on your left a Service Room. This room has dual codes and you have to remember them.

When you reach the Rover Bays, there are Torrents everywhere and these Codes we mentioned are your way out of there. Reaching the input pad requires some time.

Follow the path till you reach Rover Bay. Be quick there because Oxygen is running out quickly. You will find a location to enter your Code in and nearby, simply get into another pod. It is a safe environment where you need to stop the vital warning or the oxygen depletion.

Travel a few KM away from the prison and communicate with your friend. Remember when we mentioned you need a friend to Break out of Prison in our Escaping Prison Guide? Well, this is exactly what we were talking about.

If you take the meeting in the area of Prison, then the Torrents will destroy the other player. When the Player is safely at your location, you need to get the Ship and run away from the Planet.

The best thing about Escaping Prison in Star Citizen 3.18 Update is that you can also store your Hover from Prison and that Hover will be in the Prison even when getting out of your account and logging off. So, the next time you are in Prison, you don’t need a friend by your side.

Yes, you heard that right! You can also do Mining to reduce your Prison Time in Star Citizen 3.18 and as a result, you get out early. In the Prison, you will find a ton of signs that lead you to the Mining Area.

In our Guide to Escaping Prison in Star Citizen 3.18, we already mentioned a few times that the Prison is built on a Cave System, meaning there is quite a lot of stuff to Mine underneath. If you follow the signs, you will be led to the Mining Caves.

You can use the Multi Tools to mine rocks there, picking them up afterward and placing them at the Mine Exit point. Through this, the Sentence time is reduced considerably. But, how much time is reduced?

Honestly, if you Mine for around 10 to 20 minutes straight up, you will reduce the time from hours to minutes. This does sound kind of worth doing in Prison but you don’t get a share of any Mining you do, rather it only decreases the time.

There are three methods we mentioned in our Guide to Escape Prison in Star Citizen. The Mining one might sound the best but It is not worth a shot in 3.18 and our recommendation in all the techniques on How to Escape Prison in Star Citizen 3.18 would be simply taking the Breaking Out of Prison route.

Birgit Raffo
Chief Brand Officer.