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How to power tv with solar?

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100W TV connected 4h, 400Wh/day, 5W bulbs connected 4h.

The daily productivity is 2280 Wh/day.

The number of suitable solar panels will be calculated by taking the lowest value in peak sun hours throughout the year, which is December and January, the months with the least radiation. It can be estimated at around 3 HSP for the peninsula, and 4 HSP for the Canary Islands.

We divide the daily consumption between the estimated and the minimum needed to find out how much power is required.

We chose to use the highest power solar panels available, 200W, because the photovoltaic power is low and the consumption is not large.

760W / 200W is the number of panels required.

We would need at least 4 200W panels.

We will use the daily consumption value from 2280 Wh/day to calculate the battery capacity.

We divide the daily consumption by the voltage of the battery bank to get the necessary battery capacity.

The battery should not be discharged more than 50% of its capacity because it would quickly lose its usefulness.

This capacity is similar to a battery with a single day of autonomy. If we are looking for a higher level of independence, we will simply increase its capacity by the days we are looking for it.

The connection of the panels, series or parallel will affect the choice of the appropriate regulator. If the panels are connected in parallel, the maximum output current of 11 A * 4 is added, which is the same as the value of Imp.

We chose a 50A charge regulator because we needed to be higher than this value.

Palaksi Patel
Product Development Scientist