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How to stream obs in discord?

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But OBS is far from intuitive, and rightly so, if you need to create great streams, you need a lot of customizable options. So if you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon, and would like to start your own Discord server where you stream content, then you might be wondering how you can do so? Well, we have the perfect guide for you. Here’s how you can use OBS to stream to Discord.

You can choose to simply stream your screen, your screen with your camera feed, and even include Discord overlays alongside your stream. This gives you the additional perks of keeping up with your community while displaying vital stats like conversations, new members, and more right on your screen. Use the steps below to set up and use OBS to stream to your Discord server.

You can set up OBS using this post from us. OBS offers tons of customizable options as well as various scenes that you can use to easily transition between customized stream setups. OBS also allows you to capture and display almost any source in your stream, including open windows, full-screen apps, browser sources, media files, and much more. Once you have your OBS set up and ready for streaming based on your preferences, you can use the steps below to stream to your preferred Discord server.

Now that you have created scenes and capture sources for your stream, you can now add the Streamkit Overlay offered by Discord. This will allow you to view your voice or text chat activity as an overlay in your Discord stream. It will also allow you to view other Discord stats like the number of users online and more. Follow the steps below to help you add the Streamkit Overlay for Discord to your OBS setup.

Note: Ensure that you’ve installed Discord and logged into it on your PC before proceeding with the guide below.

Open the Discord app.

Then, open a browser app like Chrome or Edge and visit the Discord Streamkit Overlay page at Next, click Install for OBS.

You will be automatically redirected to the Discord app with the Streamkit asking for your permission to authorize it. Click Authorize.

Now switch back to the browser window, and you can now customize and add widgets to your OBS setup. Follow one of the sections below depending on the widget you wish to add to your stream. You can choose to add multiple widgets as well.

Ensure STATUS WIDGET is selected at the top and click the drop-down menu for Server. Select the server for which you wish to display stats.

You will now be shown a widget preview on your right. You can use this preview to customize the looks and information displayed in your widget. Turn on the toggle for Display Online Count if you wish to display the number of users currently online.

Turn on the toggle for Display Server Icon to view your server’s custom icon in your widget.

Use Display Invite Link, so other users can invite someone to your server and stream.

Click the drop-down menu for Invite Channel and select the channel for which you wish to display the invite link.

Click the drop-down menu for Discord Logo and choose the preferred color for your logo.

Under text settings, you can change the look of the text displayed in the widget. Click the text box for Text Color and select a preferred text color.

Use the slider for Text Size to adjust the size of the text in your widget. This will, however, only control the size of your server name and the users, online count.

Click the text box for Text Outline Color and choose a border color for your text if you wish to add one.

Now use the Text Outline Size slider to add and choose the size of your text outline.

Similarly, Shadow Color will help you add a custom shadow to your text. Click the text box and choose your preferred color, as we did earlier.

Now use the Shadow Size slider to control and adjust the size of the shadow applied to your text.

Click the text box for Background Color and choose your preferred widget background color.

Now use the slider for Opacity to adjust the widget’s transparency. This can come in handy if you wish to display the widget over your source content, like a game feed or a video.

Use the Shadow Color text box to choose your preferred shadow color for your widget.

Now use the Shadow Size slider to adjust the size of your widget shadow.

Once you are happy with the look of your widget, copy the link under your widget preview.

Additionally, note down the sizes displayed under your widget.

With the link copied, switch to OBS and click the + icon under sources. You might need to select the scene where you wish to add the widget if you have multiple scenes set up.

Select Browser from the list on your screen.

Enter a name for your widget, so it helps you easily identify it.

Click OK once you’re done.

Now paste the copied link beside URL.

Similarly, click the drop-down menu for Widgth and Height and dial in the values for your widget size you had noted down earlier.

The other customizable options are irrelevant for the Status Widget. But you should check the box for Refresh browser when the scene becomes active. This will help ensure you get updated information each time you switch scenes.

Click OK once you’re done.

Now use the red corners to resize your widget to fit your stream.

Click and drag the widget to reposition it on your screen as needed.

And that’s it! You will now have added a Status widget for your server to your stream in OBS using the Streamkit for Discord.

To add the Chat Widget to your stream setup in OBS, click and switch to the CHAT WIDGET at the top.

If you’ve added a Status widget, your color preferences will automatically be carried over to the Chat Widget. Click the drop-down menu for Server and choose the server for which you wish to display the chat in your stream.

Now click the drop-down menu for Text Channel and choose the preferred channel whose chat you wish to display.

Use the slider for Fade Out Chat to choose how long it will take for the older chat to fade out.

Now use the Text Color text box to choose your preferred color.

Use the Text Size slider to adjust your text’s size. This option will affect the text size of incoming messages and not the text size of your text channel name at the top.

Similarly, use the Text Outline Color option to choose your preferred outline color for text in your widget.

Use the Text Outline Size slider to adjust the size of your text outline. You can turn this down to zero to disable the text outline.

Shadow Color will help you choose the color of the shadow added to your text.

The slider for Shadow Size will help you choose the size of the shadow applied to your text. You can keep this set to zero to disable text-shadow.

Use the Background Color option to change your widget’s background color.

Use the Opacity slider to adjust the transparency of your widget.

You can also add a shadow for your widget. Use the Shadow Color option to choose a preferred color.

Now choose the widget shadow size using the slider for Shadow Size.

Once you are happy with the look of your widget, click and copy the link under the widget preview.

Note down the width and height values displayed under the link as well.

Now switch to OBS and click the + icon under Sources.

Select Browser.

Enter a name for your widget at the top.

Click OK once you’re done.

Paste the URL we copied to your clipboard beside URL.

Now enter the values you noted down for widget width and height beside Width and Height.

Check the box for Refresh browser when the scene becomes active.

Now click OK.

Change the size of your widget using the red corners.

Now click and drag the widget to reposition it on your screen.

And that’s it! You will now have added the Chat widget to your stream in OBS.

Here’s how you can add a Voice widget for your voice channel in Discord in your OBS setup using the Streamkit. Follow the steps below to help you along with the process.

With the widget link open in your browser, click VOICE WIDGET at the top.

Click and choose your server using the drop-down menu beside Server.

Now choose your preferred voice channel by using the drop-down menu for Voice Channel.

You can now turn on or turn off the following toggles based on your preferences.

Click the text box for Text Color and choose your preferred text color.

Now use the next slider for Text Size to adjust your text size based on your preferences.

Click Text Outline Color and choose your preferred outline color.

Use the slider for Text Outline Size to change the size of your text outline.

Next, choose your Shadow Color by clicking the text box.

Choose the size of your text shadow using the slider for Shadow Size.

Next, click Background Color and choose your preferred color for the background of your widget.

Use the Opacity slider to adjust the transparency of your Voice Widget.

Like we did before, click Shadow Color and choose your preferred color for the widget shadow.

Use the last slider for Shadow Size to adjust the size of your widget shadow.

Once you are happy with your design, click and copy the link under your widget preview.

Additionally, note down the width and height of your Voice Widget.

Now open OBS and click the + icon under Sources.

Select Browser.

Now enter a preferred name for your Voice Widget at the top.

Click OK.

Now paste the URL we copied beside URL.

Enter the width and height you noted down earlier beside Width and Height.

Click and check the box for Refresh browser when the scene becomes active.

Click OK once you’re done.

Now use the red corners to adjust the size of your widget. Click and drag the widget to reposition it on your canvas as needed.

And that’s it! You will now have added the Voice Widget for your Discord voice channel in your OBS setup.

You are now a few steps away from finalizing and initiating your stream. Use the steps below to help you stream to Discord on your preferred server.

Open OBS and ensure that all scenes and capture sources work as intended. Launch all the necessary apps and games that you will need to capture for your stream. Ensure your webcam feed is working as intended if you’ve added one.

Now as discussed above, we will use OBS Virtual Camera to stream your entire setup to a channel in Discord. However, Discord auto-mirrors your camera feed whether you use a webcam or a virtual camera. Thus we will need to flip all our elements in OBS. This is a bit inconvenient but only involves a few steps. Click and select your capture source.

Now right-click on it and hover over Transform.

Note: Ensure you have the red border visible around your source. You might have to click twice to properly select a source in your setup.

Select Flip Horizontal.

Your capture will now be flipped. In some cases, you might need to reposition the captured source on your base canvas. Repeat the steps above and flip all your elements on the base canvas horizontally.

Once you have verified your setup, click Start Virtual Camera under Controls in the bottom right corner.

Now open the Discord app and click the Gear () icon beside your username in the bottom left corner.

Click Voice & Video in the left sidebar.

Click the drop-down menu for INPUT DEVICE and choose the microphone you wish to use in your stream.

Similarly, select your preferred OUTPUT DEVICE using its drop-down menu.

Click Let’s Check and speak into your microphone. You should be able to monitor and check your voice input for any noise, glitches, or errors.

Click Stop Testing once you’re done.

If you find your mic volume to be too high, you can either adjust it using the INPUT VOLUME slider in Discord or use the dedicated slider in the Audio Mixer section of OBS.

Scroll down to Video Settings and turn on the toggle for Always preview video.

Now click the drop-down menu for CAMERA and select OBS Virtual Camera.

Once selected, click Test Video in the preview window at the top.

If all worked correctly, your stream will now be visible in the preview.

You can now scroll down and customize advanced audio settings according to your liking. Discord offers various post-processing effects and more to help enhance your conversation experience. Depending on the equipment you use, these settings can improve or decrease the quality of your stream.

Once customized, close settings by pressing Esc or by clicking the X in the top right corner.

Now click and select the server where you wish to stream from the left sidebar.

Click and select the Channel where you wish to stream.

Now initiate a voice chat.

Your call will now be displayed on your right. Click the Camera icon to turn on your camera.

Your OBS Virtual Camera should now be selected by default.

Click Turn On Camera if you can view the preview and everything is working as intended.

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Answer # 2 #
  • Step 1: Set up OBS for your stream.
  • Step 2: Add the Streamkit Overlay for Discord to OBS.
  • Step 3: Finalize and initiate your stream.
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Answer # 3 #

With so many different options for streaming, content creators don't have an easy time deciding which software to start streaming with. We've already shown you how to use OBS to stream with Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, but we're not done yet, as you can also use Discord for your live streaming.

You may know Discord as the app for voice chatting with your friends while playing your games, but Discord also allows you to share your games or screen natively.

Discord is a free instant messaging and VoIP, video, and chat software. At its launch on May 13, 2015, few expected that in a short time it would end up being the VoIP application of choice for gamers and streamers around the world. Such is its success, that during the pandemic they have reported having 140 million monthly active users and over 300 million registered accounts.

Discord is very versatile and, today, many companies use it as if it were their official forums and to communicate with their community. Over the last few months, Discord is also trying to get companies to use it and choose it over other applications such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. Anyone can create a Discord server for free and invite their friends or followers to join and participate in text and voice channels.

It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

There are three ways to stream through Discord depending on whether we are on a PC or Mac, or if we want to do it from our smartphone and tablet.

On PC we can share our games or screens using the free official Discord app. This will allow you to stream your game window or capture what is being viewed on your entire monitor (without audio).

he first thing you need to stream on Discord is to download the Discord application. You will also need a PC or smartphone/tablet and have a Discord account created. With this you will be able to stream on Discord natively.

If you want to stream in Discord from your console, you will need a console, a capture card and, surely, OBS.

In the following point we will show you how to create a Discord account, how to download Discord for your PC and even everything you need to stream Discord using your phone.

As we have already mentioned, Discord will allow you to stream your monitors and games without external programs. This option is fine if you just want to show the game to your friends, do not stop reading until point 4 or 5 of this guide.

Go to the official Discord website. Here you have to create your account by going to the top right, where it says Log in, and click on Register.

Then, go back to the Discord home page and right at the top, click on Download and download the client for your operating system. For this tutorial, we will use the Windows client.

Once downloaded, open the .exe and install the program. Choose the installation path and click Next until it finishes.

It is already installed, now open Discord and the first thing it will ask you for the data of the account you just created (if you didn't have an account before). Enter them and you will be inside. If it is the first time you create a Discord account, you will have neither friends nor servers on the left. If, on the other hand, you already used Discord before, on the left you will see a list with all the channels you have created or joined before.

Let's assume that the account is new and you don't have any server, so now it's your turn to create a new server. To do this, you must look for the "+" sign on the left side of the program, click on it, and choose the type of server you want to set up. In the latest versions, Discord allows you to use default templates according to the use you are going to give to the server, and allows you to choose between: Games, Study Groups, Clubbing, Local Community...

After choosing the type of server, it will ask you if it is a server for friends or to set up a large community. Choose the option that fits your needs and it will be time to put a photo and a name to the server.

Depending on the option chosen, the server will automatically appear with several default channels. If you have chosen to create a server for a Gaming community, you will see 2 text channels and two voice channels. Don't worry about them as you will be able to edit them and even add more voice and text channels, using the "+" next to each of the categories.

Streaming with Discord is very simple. There are not many options to configure, since the program configures itself and unlike others it simply allows us to stream our screen or window of the chosen game.

To start your stream in Discord, you simply have to enter a channel on your server and click on the "Screen" button, at the bottom left, just above your profile picture. When you click on the button, a window will open asking if you want to stream a specific window or if you want to share the whole screen.

Once you have chosen the window or screen you want to share, you will get a window that will allow you to choose the quality and FPS. By default we will be able to stream at 720p at 30FPS, if we want 1080p and 60FPS we will have to purchase the Nitro version of our Discord account for $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month. More information about Discord Nitro here.

If you want your Discord stream to be as professional as the one you could do on Twitch, Facebook or YouTube, it's not enough to simply share the screen in the Discord application. You need a video source to which you can add your webcam, overlays and all those graphic elements that separate a good stream from a normal one.

Unlike streaming with Discord without OBS, to stream in Discord using OBS as a source, we need the OBS Studio plugin: OBS Virtualcam.

Open in your browser and choose the client according to your operating system. This time we will use Windows, but you will see the download as soon as you open the web, Windows, macOS 10.13+ and Linux.

Go to the download folder and start the OBS installation until the process is complete. Click "Next", "Next, select the installation folder and click Install to start the installation. When the installation is complete, you can click "Finish" and OBS Studio will start immediately.

The first time you open OBS Studio the program will automatically configure itself. If you are streaming, click "Optimize for streaming" and click next. If you have a good computer, choose a resolution of 1920x1080 and 60FPS. This time, since we are going to broadcast on Discord, you don't have to choose the Twitch or YouTube platform. Just finish the configuration and you are ready to add the sources and scenes to your stream and install the OBS Virtualcam plugin.

If you plan to use only one scene and want to start streaming now, you have to add a new source. This will allow you to share your screen, game or window. Go to the Sources window and click "+", and choose a "Game Capture", "Screen Capture" or "Window Capture".

In order to send the OBS Studio signal to Discord you need the OBS VirtualCam plugin. Thanks to it, you will create a virtual webcam whose signal will be your OBS scene and you will be able to select it in Discord as your main webcam.

Close OBS Studio, if you had it open, and go to the plugin page, OBS Virtualcam and download the plugin. You can download it using the white "Go to download" button at the top right.

Once downloaded, install the plugin and choose the folder where you have installed OBS Studio. If you did not change the installation path when you installed OBS Studio, you don't have to change anything now either.

Now, re-open OBS Studio and follow these steps:

From this moment on, everything that is happening on your OBS screen will be automatically sent to the OBS VirtualCam and you will be able to use it in Discord or any other application that allows you to use a webcam (Skype, Zoom...).

Want to make your Discord stream look professional and add an overlay or graphic elements to your signal? The solution is very simple. This can be a hassle for many people, but don't worry, there is a very easy way to set it all up.

If you want to add an overlay, or change your overlay in two clicks, we recommend downloading the OWN3D.Pro plugin. The first thing you have to do is log in and create an account on OWN3D Pro (on the "Join Now for Free" button), connect and link your Twitch account and download the plugin here:

Once you have downloaded and installed the OWN3D.Pro plugin, go to "Tools" and open click on the plugin. Then a window will open with all available overlays and alerts. Click on any overlay you like and click install.

All users have up to 5 free overlays available to try, but if you want to enjoy more than 900 quality overlays and alerts, and a lot more extra functions and features, you have to subscribe to OWN3D Pro Premium.

To start the live, instead of choosing "Screen", you have to choose the "Video Call" option. It is the camera that appears just to the left of "Screen". Click on the camera and the stream will start in a moment.

If you want to stream your console games on Discord, you will need a PC, a video capture device and the OBS VirtualCam plugin.

Step-by-step guide to stream on Discord with OBS and your console

HDCP is short for "High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection" standard and is an encryption created in 2003 for the transmission of video and audio, through DVI or HDMI cables.

Some capturers are not compatible with this standard and therefore will block the signal coming from the console.

If you want to remove the HDCP on your PlayStation, you must go to Settings > System > and remove the HDCP verification. Very easy.

If you want to learn how to set up OBS Studio, go back to point 4.1 of this tutorial. There you will see how to add different scenes and sources, as well as a webcam or microphone.

The most important thing to be able to stream from the console, using OBS, is to add, as a source, the video grabber to OBS Studio. If you do not add it, it is impossible for your computer to be able to receive the signal that your console is sending, and therefore, it will be impossible for OBS VirtualCam to send it to Discord.

To do this, you have to click on "Sources" and add "+" a source. Select "Video capture device", name it as "Console" and click OK. Next, we can choose the device we want to display, in this case, we will select the video capture device to which our console is connected.

If you want to add several design elements to your stream from the console, you can read how to do it in point 4.2 of this tutorial.

To start the live, instead of choosing "Screen", you have to choose the video call option. It is the camera that appears just to the left of "Screen". Click on the camera and the stream will start in a moment.

As of today, April 2021, the Discord application for Android and iOS only allows us to share the screen and does not let us share games automatically. However, we know that the screen sharing mode on smartphones and tablets is in a testing phase in the Discord app for Android and iOS.

To install the iOS version of the Discord application on your iPhone, please visit the App Store de Apple. from Apple. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you will have to do the same but from Google Play.

After installing the application, the first thing you will need to do is to log in using your Discord account. If you don't have a Discord account, you can create one from the application itself. Fill in your details as we showed you in point 3 of this guide and you are ready for the next step.

Log in the app and Discord will connect to your account. If you had already created a server or you were joined to several Discord servers, they will appear in the application. If you are coming from scratch, you will need to create a server and the voice and text channels on it.

Open the Discord mobile app on your iPhone.

In the menu on the left, tap the + icon.

Tap Create a server and enter the name you want to give your server. Finish creating it by tapping "Create server".

Next, the app will ask you to invite friends to join your server. You can skip this part by clicking the X.

The application will take you directly to your new server, where you should start creating channels and configuring them.

Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen. These are the three horizontal lines.

In the main part of the screen, you will see the existing channels on your server. By default, there is a text channel (#general) and a voice channel (General).

Click on the General voice channel (or the voice channel where you want to stream).

A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm this action, so click "Join Voice". Discord will ask for permission to access both the microphone and your phone's camera and speaker, say yes to everything.

You will now be joined to a voice channel and, if there are more people in that channel, you will start to hear them and you will be able to talk to them. To talk to one of your friends privately, you have to click on their name and select the camera icon (video call) or the phone headset icon for a voice call.

Now that we have explained how to talk to your friends, it is time to show you how to share your screen or your mobile camera with them.

It is as easy as, being inside a channel, clicking on your user name inside the channel and choosing the icon corresponding to what you want to do. If, for example, you want to share with the Discord channel the camera of your mobile, you have to click on the first icon that appears below, the camera icon.

If you want to share the screen of your phone or tablet, you will have to choose the second icon that shows a mobile with a protruding arrow. When you click on the icon, you will get a confirmation message and when you click on it, the stream will start and your friends who are on the channel will be able to see the screen of your mobile. To end the stream, go back to the application and press the "Stop streaming" button.

You have already created your Discord server, but it is very basic, a voice channel and a text channel. To have a Discord community as professional as possible we recommend you to create several voice channels, separated, for example, by games or activities, and also add some Text channels. In all Discord channels, there is a basic channel, the AFK channel, for people to move there when they are going to be away from the computer for a few minutes.

This way, you can have a specific chat channel for your stream and even a dedicated voice channel for streaming. You can set it up so that only you can talk and the other participants can only listen. The options are endless.

Finally, you can also add bots to your Discord server that will help you manage your community and even automate actions such as sharing news about games, sharing your tweets, and even notifying all users when you are streaming. You can read more about this topic in the official Discord guide.

Why can't I stream on Discord Mac?

You can stream/share your screen on Mac, but no games or audio natively. Audio is only supported on Windows 10.

Why is my stream on Discord black?

This may be because of your Discord configuration, but it also could be because the video you are trying to stream is protected.

Go to Settings > Voice & Audio > Screen share and turn off “Use our latest technology to capture your screen”. If that option is turned off, try turning it on.

Why when I stream on Discord there is no sound?

If you are using a Mac, sadly you won’t get any sound. Discord's official app won’t let you share the sound apart from your microphone.

If you are having this problem on Windows, go to Settings > Voice & Audio > Screen share and turn off “Use an experimental method to capture audio from applications”. If that option is turned off, try turning it on.

Why can't I stream on Discord mobile?

Check that your Discord app is up to date and if you gave the app the required permissions.

What games can you stream on Discord?

You can stream all your games in Discord, using the “Window sharing” option or the screen option (with no sound). Checkpoint 3 on this guide for more information.

What is stream mode on Discord?

The streamer mode is the solution Discord implemented to Discord for not being disturbed while you stream. The software will recognize that you are streaming with OBS, for example, and mute all your alerts and notifications. This way, if someone writes you a private message on Discord, it won’t show up live during your stream. Also, this Stream Mode will hide your invite links, mute all sounds and hide personal information.

What movies can I stream on Discord?

If you live in a country where streaming movies is illegal, then it is illegal to do it. But Discord lets you stream movies to your chat channel or even on a private call. It is your call if you want to take the risk or not. Some platforms like Netflix have a security system that makes your stream go black to prevent you from streaming movies and TV shows on Discord.

How to stream on Discord without lag?

If you are having trouble with lag on Discord this may be a problem of Discord servers it selves. Also, check if your Internet connection is working fine, or restart your router, terminate the unnecessary programs, update your drivers, and clear Discord cache files.

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Answer # 4 #

In 2020, people spent over 482 billion hours on mobile live-streaming apps. This astronomic figure spreads across different apps, and Discord is one of them.

Discord is many gamers' favorite choice for sharing live action of their gameplay. They use the app to chat about what's latest in the gaming multiverse. Aside from gamers, YouTubers, artists, and other Discord users enjoy live streaming on the app.

There are several software to improve your live streaming experience. We researched and found one popular software, the OBS Studio. Read on to find out how to live stream on Discord with OBS studio and an alternative platform.

Here's how to use OBS Studio on Discord in five steps:


OBS (Open Broadcast Software) studio is a free streaming and video recording tool. It's available on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems (OS).

The open-source software provides several features to improve Discord live streams. These include:

Scenes are digital templates that allow you to add texts, images, and other elements to your screen.

Adding the OBS virtual camera to Discord connects it to the OBS studio. It provides seamless screen capture and is available on a desktop only.

Let's learn how to use OBS Studio.

Step 1: Download the OBS Studio

Visit to download the current version of OBS Studio. Ensure the package you download is compatible with your OS (i.e. Windows, Mac, or Linux).

Step 2: Install and launch the software

Run the .exe file and launch the program. The OBS dashboard appears, containing tools to edit the screen.

Step 3: Connect the webcam

Set a preferred webcam as your source device. Here's how to do it:

Step 4: Launch the Virtual Camera

Select the OBS Virtual Camera in the "Device" options. This activates the webcam. Aside from the Discord server, it functions on other apps that support webcam. This includes Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and more.

Step 5: Select the OBS Virtual Cam on Discord

Link OBS virtual cam to Discord in these steps:

OBS Studio is also available on Mac. Download the latest version on the platform's website and install the app. Here's how to run the OBS virtual cam on MAC:

The OBS virtual cam allows you to share your screen on Discord. Plus, you can connect it to your Twitch account and other platforms that support a webcam.

Gamers can connect OBS to the console and PC to stream on Discord. To do this:

Is there any other way to stream on Discord besides the "OBS Discord" combo?

Let's consider Streamlabs.

Streamlabs is free software for live streaming and recording. Here's how to live stream on Discord via the Streamlabs desktop:

You can upload "Diagnostic Reports" under the Get Support in the users' setting for more technical errors. This will update the support team on your Streamlabs status and system issues.

You should receive help for an itch-free stream.

We've covered streaming on PC. Let's see how you can share those cool TikTok videos on the Discord mobile app.

Step 1: Join a voice or video call.

Join a call in a voice channel or connect with friends on Direct calls.

Step 2: Click on the "Screen Share"

Click the phone icon with an arrow pointing outwards to share your screen.

Step 3: Enable recording

Click on "Start Now" to enable recording. This gives Discord access to your screen.

Step 4: Share window of your preferred app

Minimize Discord and launch an app for friends to see your activity.

Here are some frequently asked questions about

Yes, you can connect OBS to Discord.

Kalpataru Rege