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How to work hulu live on smart tv?

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Answer # 1 #
  • Install the Hulu App on Your TV and Log In. Go to the app store on your smart TV and search for Hulu. Install the Hulu app and log in to your account.
  • Start Streaming. Find what you want to watch and start streaming Hulu.
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Answer # 2 #

Hulu is well known for its on-demand library of shows and movies, but the streaming service also gives members the option to add live TV networks to their subscription. Hulu + Live TV plans start at $70 a month and include over 85 channels, as well as access to Disney Plus and ESPN+.

Instead of waiting until the next day to watch new episodes of "The Bachelor" or "What We do in the Shadows," Hulu + Live TV lets you stream shows as they air. This can make Hulu + Live TV a convenient alternative to cable and satellite packages that cost more.

Hulu + Live TV starts at $70 a month. This plan includes ad-supported access to Hulu's entire streaming catalog, over 85 live channels, and full access to ad-supported Disney Plus and ESPN+.

If you want ad-free access to the Hulu and Disney Plus on-demand catalogs, you need to upgrade to Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV for $83 a month.

Hulu + Live TV offers more than 85 channels. The lineup features local networks in many markets, including ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC.

Hulu also has live sports, news, and entertainment via major networks like ESPN, FX, CNN, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Bravo, Paramount Network, History, Discovery, Food Network, and more. Though the service includes most popular cable stations, there is one notable exception: Hulu + Live TV does not support AMC.

Check out our roundup of Hulu + Live TV channels to see a full list of networks that are included.

All Hulu + Live TV users now have access to unlimited cloud DVR at no extra cost. With unlimited cloud DVR, you can record as many episodes of your favorite TV shows as you want.

Each program you record will be available for on-demand playback for up to nine months after the recording date. Playback for recordings includes the option to fast forward and rewind.

Hulu + Live TV also includes support for streaming on two screens simultaneously. For an extra $10 a month, you can upgrade to Unlimited Screens, which allows you to watch Hulu on as many screens as you want, as long as the devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network you've designated your "home network."

With the Unlimited Screens upgrade, subscribers can also stream on up to three mobile devices on-the-go, or outside of the home Wi-Fi network.

If you're not already subscribed to one of Hulu's on-demand plans, signing up for Hulu + Live TV is a simple process. Here's a rundown of how to sign up:

If you're already an existing subscriber to one of Hulu's on-demand plans, upgrading to the Hulu + Live TV service is also very simple:

As of December 2021, all Hulu + Live TV memberships now include Disney Plus and ESPN+ as part of a subscription. Subscribers no longer need to pay any extra for the bundle.

Hulu + Live TV offers add-on channel bundles, in addition to premium channel add-ons.

For an extra monthly fee you can add streaming access to a premium network. All of these add-ons come with movies and television shows that are exclusive to each service:

For $8 a month, you can add access to these 16 channels:

For $5 a month, gain access to seven Spanish-language channels:

For $10 a month, you can watch hours of sports with:

Most smart TVs and media players support the Hulu app , so once you sign up online you'll be able to stream instantly. You can also stream the service through the Hulu mobile app or the Hulu website.

You can find a full list of devices that support Hulu + Live TV on Hulu's website.

The Hulu + Live TV subscription avoids the need for an antenna. You will not need any additional external equipment other than a supported streaming device like a smartphone or smart TV.

With the Unlimited Screens add-on ($10/month) you can watch live TV on an unlimited number of devices at home and three on the go.

Yes, Hulu + Live TV subscribers will be able to take advantage of Cloud DVR.

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