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This message may appear when there is an issue with your device. To resolve this problem, you can use another device that is signed in to iCloud to approve the iPhone.

If you are unable to approve the iPhone from another device, your only remaining option is to reset your end-to-end encrypted data.

You will learn in this guide:

End-to-end encryption is a security feature that encrypts information on the device so that it can only be accessed with a key generated from the device and device passcode.

According to Apple:

This means that only the user can access their sensitive and personal information with a key on trusted devices that are signed in with their Apple ID.

Moreover, end-to-end encryption requires two-factor authentication for the Apple ID to verify the user’s identity on another trusted device.

If the user is unable to sign in with two-factor authentication, they will receive a message indicating such. In such a scenario, the user will need to either turn off two-factor authentication or reset their end-to-end encrypted data.

If you are prompted to reset end-to-end encrypted data on your iPhone, rest assured that it will not delete all of the data on your device. Your photos, music, and other personal items will remain accessible to you. According to Apple, the data that will be reset is as follows:

All this data you will lose with the reset.

End-to-end encryption employed by Apple secures the majority of your confidential iCloud data to be decrypted only on your trusted Apple devices where you have signed in with your Apple ID.

This guarantees that even in the event of a cloud data breach, your data remains secure and inaccessible to anyone, including Apple, except you.

With the introduction of iOS 16.2, iPadOS 16.2 and macOS 13.1, Advanced Data Protection is now an option for securing the majority of your iCloud data, even in the event of a cloud data breach.

This feature increases the number of data categories that use end-to-end encryption to 23, including important data such as iCloud Backup, Photos, Notes, and more.

The following additional iCloud categories are covered by end-to-end encryption through Advanced Data Protection:

Advanced Data Protection for iCloud does not cover some important categories such as Mail, Contacts, and Calendar due to the need for compatibility with global email, contact, and calendar systems because of the need to be compatible with global email, contacts, and calendar systems.

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