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What is cbq questions?

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If you are preparing for a job interview there’s a good chance the interviewer will ask you competency-based questions (CBQs). Your success at the interview will hinge on how well you are able to respond and structure your answers.

CBQs are used by companies to see how you have acted in certain situations that might be common in the job you’re applying for. Afterall, if you were asked if you work well under pressure, you would probably just say yes. But that doesn’t tell the interviewer much at all. So they could rephrase this as a CBQ and ask you to give an example of a time you were under pressure at work, and how you handled the situation.

Different companies will use CBQs at different stages of their interview process. For example, Amazon have 14 Leadership Principles which they proudly share on their careers page. They hire future ’Amazonians' based on these principles. If you happen to apply for a job with them, your final-stage interview will be a CBQ interview where they will ask you to give examples of where you have demonstrated qualities that echo their leadership principles.

Some common examples of CBQs are:

Knowing the question is half the battle, but the bonus points come into play with how you structure your answer. To guide you in answering a CBQ, use the following format:

Situation: Give a brief description of the situation. Action: What action did you take? Result: What was the outcome? Learning: What did you learn from this all, and would you do anything differently next time?

So let’s see how a response would look to one of the above examples:

Interviewer: Talk me through a time when you had to deal with a difficult client or customer.

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Answer # 2 #

Termed competency-based questions, the questions in the CBSE board exams will include multiple-choice questions (MCQs), case-based questions and source-based integrated questions, as per the circular released on April 22.

Armour Makati