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What is eemua standard?

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Answer # 1 #

The Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA) develops standards for process and power plants, utilities, offshore platforms, storage terminals and other industrial facilities. EEMUA specifications are used for technology management and developing workforce competency.

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Answer # 2 #

EEMUA exists to improve and promote efficient and safe use of industrial engineering equipment and materials – by supporting people in engineering as they work to benefit businesses, people and the environment.

‘By Industry, for Industry’

EEMUA achieves its purpose by sharing knowledge and influence with the engineering community – wherever they are (on-site, on-call, off-site), however much time they can afford, and whatever way they find best.

Demanded and specified by industry’s leading corporations and recognised by regulators and safety bodies as good practice, EEMUA’s resources cover each industry competency level to focus on individual engineering disciplines, roles, tasks and industrial assets, and enhance understanding across multi-disciplinary teams.

EEMUA’s focus areas and specialisms include: inspection and integrity management, with resources for corrosion prevention, offshore construction, potentially explosive atmospheres, and more; electrical engineering, with resources for control rooms, alarm systems, ageing assets, and more; storage tanks, with resources such as EEMUA Publication 159 Above ground flat bottomed storage tanks - a guide to inspection, maintenance and repair; process engineering, covering designing process plant for specialised duties such as storage of refrigerated gases or pressure vessels.

Focused on practical tasks in engineering

Good practice guidance publications, forums, task checklists and other tools have all been developed and verified by EEMUA’s community of industry experts to provide immediate practical support for engineers in their every day and less common tasks.

EEMUA training courses (online, blended, in-house, e-learning and classroom-based), Seminars, Webinars and other activities refresh, consolidate and extend engineers’ know how.

Many EEMUA courses have accreditation and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) approval from independent industry and professional bodies – assuring recognition for businesses’ and individuals’ investment in improving their own and industry’s standards. Robust examination on EEMUA courses brings certification for multiple years that satisfies regulatory bodies’ requirements of engineers in some activities.

EEMUA makes many of its products and services available to non-members, while EEMUA’s resource base is entirely open to members, with discounts and free access to much of its resources range. All resources are accessible 24/365 through EEMUA’s online portal – empowering engineers in real-time to leverage the experience of engineering colleagues throughout the world and throughout eras.

Supporting engineers in regular and changing times

EEMUA’s collaborative approach has been proven over more than 70 years to help engineers contribute to safe and prosperous economies, environments and societies by sharing knowledge across different disciplines, geographies, generations, technologies, industries and times.

EEMUA’s approach is increasingly important as new industries face challenges of safe and efficient design, maintenance, storage of hazardous substances, management of ageing equipment (and many other matters) that traditional industries have already addressed.

A not-for-profit organisation, EEMUA has seen the engineering industry’s need and the role that EEMUA should play in and for the future and EEMUA is already playing its part. Please get in touch with us at ask@eemua to discuss how to make EEMUA’s resources work best for you.

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