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what is euwing lovebird?

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Answer # 1 #

Hello friends, still feel excited to learn about the Lovebird mutation?? If the truth is in the right place.

In this blog, I will publish an article on learning about Lovebird breeding, mutastions Lovebird, and certainly caring for Lovebird. I used to write at least once a week.

So you guys can visit this blog every week and get the latest articles to read. Talking about the Lovebird mutation, of course, there are many kinds of types

sometimes we are often confused to know one by one of the Lovebird mutations. One of them is what we will discuss now.

The Euwing mutation or in the genetic term Eumelanin On Wing is one of the high mutation types in the Lovebird mutations list.

There is no certainty when this lovebird mutations was first discovered. The obvious mutation is very pretty with a gradation pattern on feathers.

In this article now I will not explain how to get this bird from a bird pair. However, I will only explain a few about the characteristics of the Euwing Lovebird.

The Euwing mutation will always be sought to widen the variety of the new type of mutation.

We take an example of the Opaline mutation that continues to develop its type. Certainly requires a Euwing mutation to obtain the results of the Euwing Opaline mutation.

Euwing can also be combined with Pale Fallow to increase melanin levels, so it will appear darker when a combination of Euwing Pale Fallow occurs.

But not only that, Euwing is a type of mutation that is very suitable combined with any mutation.

Provided that we do not pair with the Mutations Pastel, DEC, DECino, and all mutations that exist in the category of Melanin Mutations.

Because it will only worsen the appearance of euwing mutations.

In the Euwing mutation, there will be color gradation on the wings, gradation yellow for mutation Euwing Green Series.

And the gradation of gray color is a mutation of the Euwing Blue series.

It can look narrow to a single factor (SF) and will look wide for the Euwing double Factor (DF) mutation.

When you notice the eyelashes on the Euwing mutations the visible is the yellow color for the Euwing of the Green Series mutation.

And it will appear white on the Euwing mutation Blue Series.

It would look vaguely for the Euwing single Factor mutation (SF) seen in the greenish Green Series, for the Blue Series to look slightly bluish. And it will look bright for the Euwing double Factor (DF) mutation.

Some euwing mutations show pattern marks on the edges of the fur, adjusting to the color of the base mutation, especially in Single Factor Euwing.

The history of the lovebird euwing It is said that he said lovebird euwing was first discovered by Piet Verhijde from the Netherlands. This discovery was in his lovebird breeding in 2004.

Piet arranged a standard green lovebird with a lovebird lutino.

Previous Lutino breeders of the Fischeri type. From the standard green marriage with Lutino, Lovebird came out that was different from before.

I hope this info can help Lovebird Lover

ldmb Abdul
Answer # 2 #

I first came across the Opaline Euwing mutation in the Fischer LoveBirds from an article posted by Dominique Veeckmans in 2016. He was the president of BVA (Belgium Lovebird Association).

He shared that he was able to breed Opaline Euwing Fischer LoveBirds using a breeding pair of Opaline Green Fischer mated to a Euwing Green Fischer.

Let us try to understand the source of his breeding material.

The Opaline Fischer LoveBird is a mutation which is characterized by the facial mask extending fully to cover from the head up to the shoulders (full hood) of a Fischer LoveBird.

The Euwing Fischer Lovebird is mutation that is characterized by its pretty looking gradation pattern on its wings and patterned tails.

When these two mutations are paired together (Opaline x Euwing), the result becomes very interesting, because both factors affect the pigmentation (color) and gradation pattern on the feathers.

Here is an excerpt from an article about the Opaline Euwing mutation, written by Dominique Veeckmans, President of BVA (Belgium Lovebird association)

The result of this breeding pair of Opaline Green Fischer mated to a Euwing Green Fischer is an Opaline Euwing LoveBird. The Opaline Euwing mutation will definitely be a favourite and will still evolve to produce much more beautiful offspring and widen this mutation. Breeding further therefore will evolve in very special color combinations and gradation patterns.

Watch out for more Breeders sharing their beautiful breeding results!

This gallery provides you with some samples of the Opaline Euwing Fischer LoverBirds.

This is still an evolving mutation.

Reference: Opaline Euwing mutation

Photo Credits: Jun Aviary, Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines.

Selvaraj Raidutt