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When can i use my our pass?

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Q: What is Our Pass? A: Our Pass offers eligible 16–18-year-olds free bus travel on most local bus services across Greater Manchester, making it easier to access education, work, training, culture and leisure in the city-region. Our Pass also provides access to a range of exclusive offers, discounts and experiences for 16–18-year-olds in Greater Manchester (“Exclusives”).

Q: Am I eligible for Our Pass? A: Eligibility criteria for the current 2022-2023 intake means applicants must have been born between 1st September 2004 and 31st August 2006.

If you’re 16 and still at school you will be eligible when you leave school and start college, sixth form, an apprenticeship or your first job. Our Pass is designed for what would be the equivalent years 12 & 13 to ensure that young people can make the decisions about what to do after school without travel being a financial barrier to that decision. Our Pass eligibility starts when igo eligibility expires, full information can be found at

Q: Am I eligible to apply this year? A: To be eligible to apply for Our Pass as part of the next intake for 2023-2024, an applicant must: · be resident in Greater Manchester · be aged at least 16 and under 18 on 31 August 2022, which means that their DOB is between 01/09/2005 and 31/08/2007

Those eligible for Our Pass in 2023-2022 can apply from Tuesday 2 May and can start using Our Pass from Thursday 1 September. Those applying from 2 May 2023 will not receive their travel card through the post until late August 2023, to be used from the start of September.

The travel card is valid until 31 August after their 18th birthday (or until their 18th birthday, if this is 31 August)or until the end of the pilot scheme, whichever come first. They can continue to use their igo card until they become eligible for Our Pass. Igo cards expire on 31 August after their 16th birthday.

Q: What does Our Pass cost? A: There is a one-off application fee of £10. If you lose your card there will be a £10 replacement fee. These costs cover things like administration and postage of the card.

Q: Is Our Pass permanent? A: In February this year, Greater Manchester Leaders agreed to make the Our Pass scheme permanent, subject to an annual review.

Q: How do I apply for Our Pass? A: You can apply online at To apply you will need a passport style photo to upload, proof of your date of birth and proof that you live in Greater Manchester. You will also need a credit or debit card to pay the application fee. You can find more help and instructions here: Once received you’ll need to activate your account at for access to Exclusives.

Q: I travel by tram, is the scheme only for free travel on buses? A: Our Pass members are able to access half price, off-peak 1-day and weekend Travelcards for Metrolink at as part of the scheme. Metrolink tickets must be purchased in advance.

Q: Which bus services will I be able to use the Our Pass card on? A: You will be able to use your Our Pass on all registered bus services within Greater Manchester, including the new Bee Network buses. You will need to pay for any part of your journey outside of the city-region. There are no time or day restrictions to use Our Pass for travelling by bus.

Q: What documentation do I need to provide to prove my age and residency? A: In order to apply you will need a passport style photo, proof of your date of birth and proof of residency in Greater Manchester. Proof of your age can be a copy of your:

Proof of your address can be one of the following:

Or one of the following if issued in the last three months:

* If you aren’t able to provide any of these items, you can request a confirmation letter from your school or college that confirms your home address and current age and date of birth.

You can find more advice and instructions about how to upload proof of age and where you live at

Q: Why do I need to prove that I live in Greater Manchester? I go to college in GM but live outside of GM, why am I not eligible? A: Our Pass is funded by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, which covers the ten Greater Manchester Districts. If your local council is not one of these, you will not be eligible for Our Pass. Your local Council may offer support with travel costs for 16-18 year old students; you can find out more information here:

Your school or college may also offer support with the cost of education, you can check your eligibility here:

Shelly Fyvolent
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