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When does vht pay dividends?

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Answer # 1 #

VHT has a dividend yield of 1.37% and paid $3.33 per share in the past year. The dividend is paid every three months and the last ex-dividend date was Mar 24, 2023.

Brad Kihn
Station Head
Answer # 2 #

Last Update: 30 April 2023

The Vanguard Healthcare ETF (VHT) ETF granted a 1.24% dividend yield in 2022.

The most recent Dividend Yields of Vanguard Healthcare ETF (VHT) ETF are represented below:

Period: January 2022 - April 2023

(*) Dividend Yield is calculated only for a portion of the year

In the following table, Capital Growth details (with and without dividend reinvestment) are represented.

If you are not interested in a periodic income and you need a strategy with a dividend reinvestment, please refer to the Vanguard Healthcare ETF (VHT) ETF: historical returns page.

Column meaning:

Which are the global returns of the last periods? In the following table, the Effective Return considers the received (and not reinvested) dividends. Total Return is calculated assuming dividend reinvestment.

Dividends are essential for the investor who needs additional periodic income. When dividends are not reinvested, how much is the real ETF return over the years?

What would have been the annual Dividend Yield received by investors if they had invested in the Vanguard Healthcare ETF (VHT) ETF over the past years?

E.g. If you had bought it 3 years ago, how much would be your actual dividend yield today?

Gagandeep Mughal