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who left ktla news recently?

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KTLA-TV Channel 5, whose broadcasts of local news for decades have been an essential part of daily life for many Los Angeles viewers, became the news this past week, after the departure of one of its high-profile news anchors, Lynette Romero, and the firing of another, Mark Mester.

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It’s been a year of retirements, layoffs and exits from local TV by journalists who have found something that either pays better or gives them more time to spend away from work.

We’ve also seen crimes and bad behavior committed by and against local journalists in 2022, but nothing seemed to catch your attention more than Los Angeles station KTLA and how it handled the leaving part.

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4. Lynette Romero Leaves KTLA After Nearly 24 Years

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2. KTLA Anchor Mark Mester Fired After On-Air Goodbye to Co-Anchor Lynette Romero

Answer # 3 #

"I know that a lot of you are asking a lot of questions. Why did I leave? How is Mark? All of those things." she said in a Facebook Live on Friday. "I will tell you that Mark and I talk every day. I'm respecting him. He's respecting me and our privacy and all those things."

Mester was fired from KTLA shortly after criticizing how the station's executives handled his co-anchor's departure.

Romero, who left KTLA in September, told her fans: "We will talk about all these things at some point. This is not the time or the place so I know you guys will respect that."

Although the video was intended to be a tour of her new workspace at KNBC, she made sure to tell followers that Mark is "well and taking care of himself, and he's going to be doing amazing things. I'm sure of it because he's an amazing person. We will always be friends, and we will talk about all of those things later."

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While showing off her new office, she admitted that she's a little scared to start her new job — anchoring the Today in LA morning show, starting October 10. She joins co-anchor Adrian Arambulo, meteorologist Belen De Leon and traffic anchor Robin Winston as the newest member of the show's weekday crew.

"I don't want to screw up. I want to do a good job," she said. "You want to be worthy. I'm going to work really hard for you guys and these guys. Put me in coach. I'm ready."

Renee Washington, Vice President of News at KNBC, said Romero "has the right combination of journalistic experience and genuine warmth that comes across on the air and in person."

"She is a dynamic anchor with an upbeat approach to help our viewers kick-start their day," she added in a press release. "And I am happy to welcome her to the NBC4 family."

Romero was a member of KTLA for nearly 24 years. According to The Los Angeles Times, her final day on air was supposed to be the same day her contract expired: Sept. 18. But her departure was announced Sept. 14.

KTLA executives were criticized for how they handled Romero's exit, including the decision to have entertainment reporter Sam Rubin break the news during a 40-second segment.

The network's spokesperson Gary Weitman previously said Romero suddenly asked to go on vacation during the final week of her contract and could have said goodbye on the air, according to the Times.

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Mester went off-script during a live segment when he apologized to viewers for the announcement of Romero's departure, which he called "unfortunate" and "inappropriate."

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