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Whose husband died in desperate housewives?

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Answer # 1 #

Victor Lang was the mayor of Fairview and Gabrielle's ex-husband.

He was killed during the Fairview tornado in 2007.

Born into a very wealthy family, Victor was destined to greatness at a young age. He later married a model, Samantha, but their marriage only lasted a few years.

Victor, who is running for mayor of Fairview, tells his chauffeur to intentionally rear-end Gabrielle's car so he can meet her. He tells Gabrielle he wants to make it up to her by taking her to dinner, and she accepts. After dinner, she tells him that they will never see each other again, to which Victor responds that he one day will marry her.

After noticing how the females around look at Victor at his rally for mayor, Gabrielle decides to have sex with him in the back of his limousine. After 24 hours of waiting for Victor to call, she makes him jealous at his rally by kissing another man. Later, when Gabby refuses to answer him after a number of calls, Victor visits her house and confesses his love for her.

After spending the night together at Victor's house, Victor asks Gabrielle to marry him. She doesn't give him a straight answer but it remained obvious that she was still shaken up by her divorce from Carlos. After a violent press conference emerges from comprising photos of Victor and Gabrielle in an elevator, Gabrielle comes to Victor's rescue and accepts his proposal.

After Edie Britt announces to Gabrielle that she was dating Carlos, she put her school tactics to use and tells Lynette Scavo and Susan Mayer to stay away from her. But Edie gets revenge by inviting Lynette and Susan to Travers's birthday party. Gabrielle threatens to end her friendship with Lynette and Susan, but Carlos intervenes and throws her out of the party. After she tells him she's in love with Victor, Carlos reveals to her that his relationship with Edie will never change.

After being given a parking ticket by a meter man, Gabrielle is told by her caterer that she won't have to pay for anything else if Victor Lang is elected mayor. Later she is arrested for kicking the meter man. Victor angrily scolds Gabrielle for making a big spectacle for his image as the newly elected mayor. After being shown Gabrielle's bruised wrist from her fight with the meter man, Victor hires two men to go and beat the meter man to a pulp.

When Susan announces that Mike proposed to her and the wedding is back on she calls around, telling everybody the wedding is back on, and that she plans to have the same arrangements as with her and Ian’s wedding. She tells Gabby of their plans but Gaby tells her she's now booked her own wedding for that day. Susan learns she’s taken the exact wedding she and Ian were supposed to have, which leads to an argument. They apologize to each other and Gaby cancels the flowers but leaves the same date. While talking, Gaby and Susan come up with the idea of sharing the wedding day, but the next day they realize they don't want to. To spare Gaby's feelings, she tells her Mike disapproves with the idea. When Gabrielle discusses it with Victor, she’s shocked to learn the press will be at their wedding and that most of Victor’s efforts is all about his image. Gabrielle becomes worried that marrying Victor will be a mistake.

In the season finale episode "Getting Married Today" Victor's father was introduced on the evening before their wedding. It was revealed that Victor drives himself in hopes of receiving respect from his father (which his father holds off to continue pushing his son). It his Victor's father's hope that Victor will eventually become Governor, despite Gabrielle's direct opposition. Victor and Gaby, temporarily, break up after an argument but reconcile on the morning of their wedding. Shortly after they wed, Gaby overhears Victor and his father talking. In the conversation Victor reveals to his father that he only married Gaby so that he could win the Latino vote and that he plans to run for Governor.

In the fourth season, Gabrielle tells Victor that she is not happy and most know where she stands with him and she suggests they go away for a week together however Victor can only give her a week in April and Gabrielle becomes disappointed. In the third episode of Season four "The Game" Victor attends Susan's small games party and Victor learns from an argument Gabrielle has with Katherine Mayfair about the affair Gabrielle had with her teenage gardner John Rowland and Victor later tells Gabrielle that this matters greatly to him and asks Gabrielle if money would keep John quiet. Later in the episode Victor questions Carlos to how he reacted when he found out about Gabrielle sleeping with the gardner, Carlos tells him that they're all human and everyone makes mistakes however Victor tells Carlos that if Gabrielle ever did that to him then he would "take care" of the man and make him "vanish" due to him being extremely wealthy. This seems to startle Carlos as he is currently sleeping with Gabrielle.

Edie soon discovers Gabrielle's and Carlos's affair and shows Victor pictures. Victor then tells Gabrielle they can go on a boat for a day and Gabrielle is unaware that Victor knows the truth. Out at sea however Carlos informs her he knows and when Victor confronts her he goes into his bag, Gabrille persaumes it's a gun and she hits him over the head with a rowing stick and he falls overboard and she then drives the boat back to shore and she rings Carlos. The pair of them go back to get Victor and when they get him abroad Victor punches Carlos and picks up a knife to stab him, however Gabrielle hits him again with a rowing stick and he once again falls overboard. However, when Carlos and Gabrielle looked over the side of the boat, Victor is gone. The two of them searched for him for hours, but failed. They decided to leave the boat out at sea so that it would be framed as sucide.

It turned out Victor was alive and was being treated in hospital, he tells police officers that he does not remember what happened to him. However, when alone with Gabrielle, he tells her he remembers everything and that he is going to need to get his strength back. Soon after Carlos and Gabrielle decide to leave Fairview. However, a tornado hits the lane and Gabrielle is forced to take shelter with Edie.

Victor confronts Carlos in Gabrielle's house and shoots at him. However, Carlos escapes. Victor chases Carlos outside while the tornado hits at its worst and the two men fight. The gun is destroyed and Victor chases Carlos. Victor picks up a lead pipe to hit Carlos with to kill him. However, a fence post impales Victor through the chest and he falls and dies.

Gabrielle attends Victor's funeral. Milton, Victor's father, tells her about the affair she was having with her ex-husband, Carlos, and that she's not getting any money. He also tells her that everything that Victor had is in Milton's own name. He finally tells her to leave because if she doesn't, he will be telling all the people about her committing adultery. Gabrielle leaves the funeral without incident.

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Answer # 2 #

Dr. Rex Van de Kamp is a fictional character on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. He is portrayed by Steven Culp, and is the first and late husband of one of the series' protagonists, Bree Van de Kamp (portrayed by Marcia Cross). Culp was part of the main cast only during the first season due to Rex' death in the season 1 season finale, but made numerous guest appearances for the rest of the series.

Steven Culp was series creator Marc Cherry's first choice for the role of Rex, but he was unavailable when the original pilot was filmed. The role was then offered to Michael Reilly Burke. In June, ABC called for three starring cast members to be recast, Burke included, and Cherry offered Culp the role of Rex again. However, Burke can be seen in the background of some scenes in the final cut of the episode.

Culp was not surprised when his character was killed off, stating that he had a suspicion that someone was going to die in the first season finale. Producer and writer Kevin Murphy explained the reasoning for killing off Rex: "As we neared the end of season 1, our plan was that each woman would enter a new life chapter, and Bree would become a single woman. We either had to have Rex divorce her or die."

Rex Van de Kamp is a doctor, the first husband of Bree, and the father of Andrew and Danielle. Rex and Bree first met while attending Lake Forest College at a meeting of the Young Republicans. In Season 6, it is revealed that Rex had a son that was conceived before Rex had met Bree. This son is named Sam Allen and appears in a multi-episode arc during mentioned season.

Rex asks Bree for a divorce during the pilot episode, saying that he could no longer "live in this detergent commercial", although the true root of their marital problems lies in Rex's failing to ask his wife to sexually dominate him. Due to Bree's inability to sexually satisfy him, he begins seeing local homemaker and prostitute Maisy Gibbons (Sharon Lawrence). Rex suffers a near-fatal heart attack while having sex with Maisy. When Rex is in the hospital, Bree discovers his affair with Maisy, and she threatens to eviscerate him. After Rex has a second heart attack, the couple decides that they should be nice to one another in the time they have left. Bree starts dating local pharmacist, George Williams (Roger Bart), to hurt Rex, until she and Rex give their marriage another try, and Bree agrees to take part in S&M scenarios with him. The marriage strengthens when Andrew admits he is gay. However, George falls obsessively in love with Bree. George begins tampering with Rex's prescriptions, which leads to Rex have another heart attack. Rex dies thinking Bree has been poisoning him, and in his final moments, he writes Bree a note saying that he understands why she has poisoned him and that he forgives her.

Rex's funeral takes place during the second season premiere. Culp himself does not appear, but provided his face for the open casket scene in the season premiere, which saw the producers create a life mask of the actor. Culp returns as Rex in flashbacks in the season finale "Remember". The flashbacks include the Van de Kamps' 1994 move to Wisteria Lane and the first time they meet Mary Alice Young. Another flashback shows Rex and Bree at George's pharmacy in 2001, buying hair dye to get rid of the pink highlights Danielle has put in her hair.

In "My Husband, the Pig", the sixteenth episode of Season 3, Rex takes over the role of narrating the episode from beyond the grave, instead of Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong, the regular narrator). The episode focuses primarily on the men of Desperate Housewives (Carlos Solis, Tom Scavo, Mike Delfino, Orson Hodge, and Ian Hainsworth).

Rex appears in flashbacks in the 100th episode, "The Best Thing That Ever Could Have Happened". When Bree complains about her erratic stove, Rex tells her that he cannot afford to buy her a new one, suggesting that maybe she should get a job of her own. As a reaction to this, Bree begins compiling recipes to make her own cookbook. Rex patronizes Bree, calling her idea foolish. Disheartened, Bree throws away her notes. This conversation is overheard by handyman Eli Scruggs (Beau Bridges), who is in the midst of fixing their sink. Eli later retrieves Bree's notes and returns them to her after Rex's funeral, suggesting that she go ahead with the idea.

Rex briefly reappears in the season premiere "Remember Paul?" during a flashback, chatting with Carlos.

Rex returns in "Women and Death" during one of Bree's flashbacks back to how she has a "mask" and will not let Rex know how she feels. Rex gets offended by this and goes to bed. Rex appeared amongst other deceased characters in the series finale, watching over Susan and her family as she leaves Wisteria Lane.

While reviewing the first season finale, Frazier Moore of USA Today theorized that Rex's death was a ruse, writing: "Reminder: The audience saw no death scene and no body. When has Desperate Housewives exercised restraint without an ulterior motive?" This theory was proved itself wrong in the second season premiere. Ann Hodgman of Entertainment Weekly was negative in her review. She wrote that Rex's death did not come as a surprise, noting: "Just as a TV or movie cop is inevitably shot after he announces that he's about to retire, we know it's over for Rex the minute Bree rests her head on his feeble chest and promises him he'll make it."

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Answer # 3 #

Dr. Rex Van de Kamp is a fictional character on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives. He is portrayed by Steven Culp, and is the first and late husband of one of the series' protagonists, Bree Van de Kamp (portrayed by Marcia Cross).

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Answer # 4 #

From natural disasters to murder cover-ups and replacement children, Desperate Housewives, had some of the most jaw-dropping storylines on TV.

Here are the 10 most shocking from Desperate Housewives' eight seasons:

Karen McClusky was Lynette's neighbourhood nemesis-turned-beloved babysitter, but in Season 3 became memorable for another reason. She had been keeping her husband's dead body in a freezer. Once discovered, Mrs McClusky was reported to police. However it turned she had nothing to do with Gilbert's death itself. She had come home to find him dead and didn't report it so that his pension checks kept coming to her instead of his first wife.

It was Christmas on Wisteria Lane when a light plane crashed on the street, sliding right into the festivities. The passengers on board the plane were random couple Jeff and Daphne Bicks who were arguing during the ill-fated flight. Also arguing were Lynette and Gabrielle, as well as Bree's husband Orson and Susan's ex-husband — and Bree's divorce lawyer — Karl.

Bree, Orson and Karl were all in Santa's Workshop when the plane smashed into it. Karl ended up dead, as did local Mona Clarke along with Jeff and Daphne. Lynette managed to save Gabrielle's daughter Celia by pushing her out of the way, however she lost her unborn son in the process. This disaster had the highest body count in the entire series.

Angie Bolen moved to Wisteria Lane with her husband Nick and son Danny in search of a fresh start. Before Danny was born she was involved with eco-terrorist Patrick Logan, Danny's father. Years later Patrick found out where Angie was living and held her and Danny hostage in their house. He asked Angie to make him a bomb but when he went to detonate it, Angie ran free leaving Patrick in the car with the bomb, which she had planted in the detonator.

Betty Applewhite arrived on Wisteria Lane in mysterious circumstances but the truth about her family was far more disturbing. During Season 2 she kept her intellectually- disabled son Caleb locked in the basement because she believed he'd murdered a teenage girl. However, her other son Matthew had killed the girl and blamed it on Caleb. After Matthew tricked Caleb into sneaking into Danielle's room, Betty decided to poison him until Caleb revealed Matthew was behind it. So Betty then locked Matthew up in the basement until Danielle set him free. Soon Betty realised the truth about the murder and Matthew was killed by police.

Carolyn Bigsby spent most of her time on Desperate Housewives trying to convince Bree that Orson was a bad man. But Carolyn is remembered for a more shocking storyline in which she held customers, including Lynette, in a supermarket hostage after finding out her husband had an affair. During the chaos, Carolyn shot Nora and Lynette became enraged. Just as Carolyn shot Lynette, Art Shepherd threw a can of soup at Carolyn and the bullet ended up only grazing Lynette's shoulder. Carolyn was then shot dead.

When Katherine Mayfair and her daughter Dylan returned to Wisteria Lane after years living elsewhere, Dylan had no memory of the place. That's because the real Dylan died when a wardrobe fell on top of her, so Katherine adopted a child from a Romanian orphanage and convinced the lookalike girl she was Dylan. Both Dylan and Katherine's first husband got suspicious about the truth of Dylan's parentage, and Katherine was eventually forced to reveal the truth.

As if there weren't enough man-made disasters happening on Wisteria Lane, natural ones wreaked havoc as well. A tornado blew through the street, demolishing Mrs McCluskey's house with Lynette's family inside. Lynette and Mrs McCluskey had ran out of the house after Ida Greenberg's cat. They later found out Lynette's family was OK but Ida died.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle's second husband Victor was attempting to shoot her ex, Carlos, when Victor was impaled by a piece of debris from the fence. Another piece of fence struck Carlos in the head resulting in blindness.

He arrived at the beginning of Season 1 but Mike Delfino didn't make it the entire series without adding to the body count. Mike had caught loan shark Donny sneaking into Renee's house and destroying the place. So Donny vowed revenge. Just as Mike and Susan were having a heartfelt conversation Donny shouted Mike's surname and Mike pushed Susan out of the way as Donny shot him. Flashbacks of Mike and Susan's relationship were shown before Mike was revealed to be dead.

Mary Alice narrated Desperate Housewives from beyond the grave after taking her own life. The very first neighbourhood mystery the women ever looked into was who was behind the blackmail that drove Mary Alice to make that fateful decision. It turned out Mary Alice and Paul — whose real names were Todd and Angela Forrest — had bought their son Zach from a former patient at the rehab facility Mary Alice worked at. Mary Alice, Paul and Zach moved to Wisteria Lane and changed their names. When the patient came back for her child, Mary Alice killed her. Later, neighbour Martha Huber discovered what they had done and blackmailed Mary Alice.

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Answer # 5 #

“Desperate Housewives” will finally sign off with a two-hour finale on May 13. But before the women of Wisteria sign off for good, counts down the top 10 most surprising moments in “Desperate Housewives” history!

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10. 'It’s in the Detonator' (Season 6)

Angie Bolen (Drea de Matteo) and her family were the focus of Season 6’s mystery. In the season finale, Angie and her son were taken hostage by her ex, Patrick Logan (John Barrowman). In an effort to hurt Angie, Patrick placed a bomb Angie made in the house where her son was held captive. However, unbeknownst to Patrick, Angie placed the bomb in the detonator — instantly killing him.

9. A Lil’ Lady Love! (Season 6)

Girl-on-girl action was introduced to the lane in Season 6. Fresh out of the loony bin, Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) begins to struggle with her sexuality when a stripper moves in with her. This comes as a surprise since Katherine spent a many of moons obsessing over her former lover-- Mike Delfino (James Denton). She stabbed herself and blamed it on him –fatal attraction gone wrong.

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8. A Deadly Christmas Story (Season 6)

More than snowflakes were falling from the sky during Wisteria Lane’s annual Christmas party. The story line was a major cliffhanger in Season 6. Viewers were left wondering who died after a small plane barreled into an adult-sized gingerbread house. In the end it was discovered that Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi) died in surgery from wounds he sustained from the crash.

7. A Whirlwind of Emotions (Season 4)

Destroying homes and lives, a massive tornado touched down on Wisteria Lane. Mother nature took no mercy as she tore through suburbia, interrupting and negatively influencing the lives of each “Housewife.”

6. Hook, Line and Sinker (Season 1)

Feeling neglected in her marriage, Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) begins a scandalous affair with her underage – aka jailbait – gardener (Jesse Metcalfe). Gabby only meant to add a little excitement to her boring suburban life. But she got more than she could bargain for once she discovered she was pregnant and unaware of the child’s father.

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5. An Icy End to a Dysfunctional Marriage (Season 1)

The sanctity of the Van de Kamp marriage was jeopardized the moment Bree Van de Kamp (Marcia Cross) discovered Rex (Steve Culp) was sleeping with the neighborhood prostitute. Bree quickly showed what a cold woman she could be, when she opted to continue tidying up her bedroom while her husband suffered from a heart attack downstairs. The marriage ended tragically when Rex’s pharmacist, who was madly in love with Bree, tampered with his medication. As a result, Rex died in the hospital thinking Bree poisoned him.

4. The Time Traveler’s Housewife (Season 5)

Season 4 of “Desperate Housewives” ended once Katherine Mayfair’s secret was exposed. In solidarity, the women of Wisteria Lane lie to the police to protect Katherine. Season 5 picked up five years later. The leading ladies still look flawless, but their personal lives were far from it. A tragic car accident forced Mike and Susan Delfino to divorce, and Edie Britt returned to the lane with a new husband who had an unbridled anger and an unusual secret – he was the father and husband of the family Mike and Susan crashed into, prompting him to seek revenge.

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3. Tales from the Crypt (Season 1)

Serving as a catalyst for the entire show, Mary Alice Young’s suicide (Brenda Strong) coined the dark nature “Desperate Housewives” became known for. As she narrated from beyond the grave, viewers, as well as her neighbors, struggled to uncover what provoked her to take her own life. Mary Alice was the most mysterious housewife because only portions of her story were ever told. But later, it was unveiled that this devoted and loving mother killed her illegally adopted son’s mother and stuffed the body into a toy chest. Commit a vicious crime. Clean up a murder scene. That’s not a typical routine for your average housewife – but pretty standard fare for Wisteria Lane.

2. Mike Delfino’s Death (Season 8)

Wisteria Lane’s studly handyman, Mike Delfino (James Denton), took many physical, mental and emotional beatings over the years. In Season 1, the search for his missing girlfriend ended with the discovery of a son he never knew he had. In future seasons, Mike spent six months in a coma, suffered from an addiction to pain medication, and underwent a series of male ego-hitting financial problems. Just when you thought vindication was near, the nice guy finishes last. Delfino was shot to death outside of the home he shared with Susan (Teri Hatcher).

1. Edie Britt’s Death (Season 5)

Beginning the series as Susan Mayer’s (Teri Hatcher) enemy, Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan) quickly became the man-eating character we all loved. However after a series of witty exchanges, sabotage schemes, blackmail, and suicide attempts, in Season 5 Edie was unexpectedly killed from an electric shock during a car accident. Edie said it best: “She died just the way she lived. The complete and utter center of attention.”

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