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why am i getting 13 lp?

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The League of Legends patch 13.4 features about 28 balancing changes. Support income has been tweaked, jungle precise speed time has been lowered, various champions have been buffed and nerfed, new chat features have been added, and adjustments to ranked LP gains/lost have been made.

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games globally, with millions of players competing in ranked games across several regions daily.

It is undoubtedly the most competitive game mode for players in League of Legends, where they may compete against each other and climb the rankings to become better players.

Given the continuously developing meta, regular patches, and highly competitive gameplay, playing ranked in League of Legends necessitates acute game knowledge, champion mastery, mental power, and the technical ability to accumulate LP (League Points) consistently.

Riot Games mentioned in their patch notes that they acknowledge that ranked progression after the season's start becomes comparably tough because a huge number of player bases struggle to show development in their rankings.

Riot Games want to make it simpler for the League of Legends community to navigate up and down the rankings, making their ranked journey more enjoyable.

They know that many of their players are frustrated with their ranking experience since moving one's rank may frequently seem like dragging a rock up a slope.

Their objective is to make it a more engaging experience if a player performs well. With no significant changes to Ranked, Riot Games has mentioned that they are receptive to input and may make further changes.

As a result of patch 13.4, the LP win and loss amount when one's visible rank roughly matches their MMR (Matchmaking Rating) increases from 15 to 22. In lay terms, all gains and loss values have now increased.

Riot Games is also mildly nerfing the duo queue in ranked. This is because, in a ranked game, having a duo gives players a significant edge over solo players.

To address this issue, duo players will now be placed in games with more competent players. In other words, the skill ranking in matchmaking for duo players in Ranked Solo/Duo has increased somewhat.

With advancing in League of Legends season 13 being somewhat tricky, the LP gains/losses shift is widely appreciated as excellent players will be rewarded. In contrast, less skilled players will be penalized much harsher.

While it is encouraging to see Riot Games address the overly powerful duo queue issue, the update does not appear to be sufficient since duo queuing remains far more potent than solo queuing. Seeing how the community responds to these adjustments after a few ranked games will be fascinating.