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Why is ctv regina off the air?

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Bradlyn Oakes is a meteorologist CTV Regina. Oakes has recently announced her resignation from the network, where she has been working since January 2021.

The meteorologist is a science communicator and prefers to talk about weather, climate, fun facts and science. Similarly, Oakes loves traveling and is a travel blogger as well.

Bradlyn is an author and presenter who also host the podcast. The Canadian presenter started gaining fame after arriving at the CTV News station.

Before this, Oakes worked in CBC’s Northbeat and radio program. She pursued her career as a lifeguard and swimming instructor at Strathcona County.

Throughout her professional career, she has worked with Apple as a specialist, where Oakes learned expert-level computing skills and exceptional customer service skills.

CTV Regina meteorologist Bradlyn Oakes is leaving the network by the end of this week. Show anchor John Lee announced her departure along with Morgan Compell, who praised her work and journey with the team.

As soon as the news went out, fans and viewers were excited to know about Oakes’s further journey and kept asking where is she going after leaving the show.

Oakes is leaving CTV Regina to pursue her next adventure. However, she hasn’t announced it on her social media handles or sites.

Oakes started her journey at CTV Regina on January 2021, and her journey with the team for over two years is memorable as the show anchors recalled her memory and wished her the best for her future.

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Bradlyn will be missed, and the viewers and the teams highly appreciate her presence on the show. Oakes has a professional in journalism, and she is one of the skilled hosts who has worked with multiple teams and fields.

No, Bradlyn Oakes hasn’t yet resigned from CTV; however, as mentioned earlier, this Friday will be her last day at the show as she is pressuring her career in another field.

Oakes hasn’t officially mentioned her resignation on any media platform yet, but she is confirmed to leave the network. She has been working with the news channel since 2021, and before this, she worked for multiple networks and teams.

Oakes is a talented and experienced news anchor, and she has been interested in pursuing a career in the weather, climate and science since a young age.

The show’s hosts, John Lee and Morgan Compell, announced her resignation on a live telecast where they also wished her the best and warm wishes for her future.

The Canada-based TV host, Bradlyn Oakes, is originally from Sherwood Park, Alta. According to her LinkedIn Bio, she attended University of Alberta and received her Bachelor’s degree in Science (B.Sc.)Earth and Atmospheric Science.

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