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How shock advertising?

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Answer # 1 #

What is the purpose of advertising?

Advertising helps educate consumers about the brand, thus creating positioning that is unconsciously becoming the number one option in their minds, as you can see.

When advertising is executed well, what happens?

Marketing and advertising teams must work hard so that consumers pay attention to the message they want to convey. You win when the images are stimulating and the texts are creative.

It is important that before and after launching any advertising campaign, research is done with a small group of consumers to find out how advertising affects them. The repercussions for the brand can be twice as dangerous if advertising is executed poorly.

UNILA has a study plan for the Bachelor of Advertising in CDMX that is perfect for you.

Jayanan Nag
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Answer # 2 #

It's important that we know what advertising is.

Philip Kotler defines advertising as a non- personal and burdensome communication of promotion of ideas, goods or services carried out by an identified sponsor, that is, that is made known through some means of communication those that you offer.

Understanding that the main objective of advertising is to inform, persuade and remember, and that you always have to consider the objective you want to achieve, is what makes advertising worthwhile.

Advertising impact is the effect of advertisements that are designed to capture the attention of the person who receives them

The advertising impact is the reason for advertising, it has an impact on the social and is made up of strong images and mainly tries to highlight something.

To achieve the objective of advertising impact, its correct design is of vital importance, which ranges from the study of the colors to be used, the age of the target audience, the images to cause the emotional effect, socioeconomic level, etc. In addition, to cause the desired impact it is necessary to study a series of factors that are very important to deliver the message effectively.

To stay in the market, a product or service needs to be sold, so it's important to create various strategies to reach potential customers. Advertising can create different reactions to the public because it is difficult to get new customers.

Effective advertising has its raison d'ĂȘtre, and that is that to be effective it has to be updated on the topics of interest that the public needs, being able to optimize the processes in the advertising strategies for the company and thus guarantee new sales and keep customers, Some of the requirements are as follows:

It should draw attention to itself. For example, use a logo with funny messages.

We don't want to cause a negative economic impact on the company, but if brochures are used as a medium, they must be well prepared and of good material. We send a psychological message to the receiver that our product is of good quality.

It's important to know which group of society you want to reach with advertising. Write the message that can have the best impact if you know their needs.

It is necessary to take into account the needs, preferences, customs, and habits of the target audience to define it.

We have options in digital media such as Facebook, and others.

The launch of the advertising campaign will be important in order to have a high impact and achieve success with advertising, as well as the duration of the campaign.

It needs to be clear, easy to understand, fluid and easy for the recipient to comprehend.

S.Navkanth Kakarala
Answer # 3 #

The question is about the image. The products are complex, indistinguishable from their components and technical features, and soon will be matched by the competition. Purchasing decisions are made by people.

Digital and conventional marketing have a large influence.

Commercial advertising is responsible for a number of today's social men: consumption, human objectification, racism, impulse purchases, sexism or racism.

This is a good example of this. Advertising has many benefits to the consumer and society. It improves choice, simplifies purchasing and stimulates commercial innovation.

Advertising improves choice, simplifies purchasing processes and stimulates commercial innovation,

The appearance of brands, advertising communication, digital marketing and other marketing elements make it possible to distinguish products and choose them with greater knowledge of their composition, function and attributes. If the product is liked, it's easy to find it again in the store and choose it again. The principle of online marketing is to strengthen links between brands and their potential or real audiences.

Advertising addresses emotions.

Rational arguments that help justify purchasing behaviors later are true, but the battle takes place in the human heart. It offers stimulating images, positive messages, beauty, satisfaction, happiness and good vibes associated with the advertised products. Those who identify with these concepts will want to enjoy the brand. He will become a loyal customer if he likes it.

Advertising on the Internet began to be massive after the popularization of the internet. Banners' effectiveness was greatly reduced, making their messages not exert any influence. New formats and strategies that seek not just a click, but to build lasting relationships have been favored by users in order to attract their attention.

Content marketing is an example. This discipline tries to attract users with valuable content instead of selling them something. More and more brands allocate part of their budgets to the generation of content that resolves doubts and provides relevant information for their potential customers.

Arianne Valderrama