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can laughing kill you?

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Death can be caused by various diseases. The pons and the medulla oblongata can be damaged. Laughing causes the body to shut down from lack of oxygen.

Laughter can cause a lot of problems, such as lethargy and collapse.

Also see laughter-caused syncope, cataplexy, and the Bezold-Jarisch reflexes. There may be a reason forelastic seizures. Emotional lability may be a sign of an acute condition, rather than the actual cause of death. The cerebellum has been associated withelastic syncope.

Calchas was the first person to die of a laughing fit.

Calcante would not get to taste the wine from his grapes, according to a soothsayer. When the grape harvest arrived, Calchas invited his rival to drink, but when he repeated the prophecy, Calchas laughed so hard that he suffocated to death.

Zeuxis is said to have died laughing while painting a comic scene. He died laughing when an old woman asked the painter to use her as a model in a painting of Aphrodite.

In the third century B.C. C., the Greek philosopher was killed by laughter after giving his donkey wine to drink, and seeing how the animal tried to feed itself with some figs.

Martin I of Aragon died from a combination of indigestion and laughter in 1410.

Some authors claim that Pietro Aretino died of a suffocation from laughing too much, after his sister told him an erotic story.

He fell into a fit of laughter that caused him to have a stroke.

According to some sources, the King of the Kingdom of Burma laughed himself to death when he was told that Venice was a free state.

The first translator of Rabelais into English is said to have died laughing when he heard that Charles II of England had ascended the throne in 1660.

Miss Fitzherbert had a fit of laughter when she watched The Beggar's Opera. She had to be taken out of the theater when she had a fit of laughter when Charles was performing as Peachum. She passed away the next morning after she continued to laugh throughout the night.

The Cuban writer and poet Julin del Casal is an example. He died suddenly at a dinner party at the home of Dr. Lucas de los Santos Lamadrid when one of the diners told a joke that made him laugh. The laughing fit was accompanied by bleeding and the death of a brain arteriovenous malformation.

Sadat Vidya